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Sandy River Spey Clave 2005  (last up-dated: 05/08/05)
May 14 - 15, 2005     At: Oxbow Park      On: The Sandy River   How to get there.
That is next week end !!!
Last Minute Announcements !!!

The North Santiam Spey Casters
This new Spey Casting Club has graciously offered to help with the Sandy Spey Clave (SSC) this year by manning a canopy at the Clave entrance.  This year every attendee gets a name tag.  Club members will help you with your name tag (which they are supplying) and hand out our information regarding the schedule of events for the Clave.
They will also hold their monthly meeting Sunday after the Clave. 
"We welcome you guys with open arms", FFS Staff.

Clackamas Fly Fishers
Their membership, spearheaded by current president Lane Hoffman is
lending a big hand with logistical support.
"We promise not to work you guys very hard, and let you see all of the shows. 
Thanks for letting us be part of your club all these years", MB & PB.

Free Saturday Afternoon Barbeque
G. Loomis company is sponsoring a free outdoor barbeque featuring chicken and fish.  This dinner will be served to all in attendance.  Please join us for this festive occasion.

Schedule Is Set
Our program schedule offers an outstanding assemblage of some of the world's most in-demand spey casting demonstrators and instructors.   Our hope is to expand everyone's knowledge of spey casting by presenting a story that starts at the beginning.  Ron Lauzon and Leroy Teeple will aquaint you with the most basic elements of the cast. Juro Mukai will then take you to the next step. Simon Gawesworth will will help you find the roots of the sport.  George Cook will bring you up-to-date by demonstrating casts that have been recently developed close to home.  Andy Murray will take you back across the Ocean to the source.....by now you are probably figuring out that there is a pattern to it all....and if you attend, you are going to learn a whole lot about spey casting in a fairly orderly fashion.  Things are shaping up to be one heck of a good time on the river doing what we like to do best....playing with spey rods !!!  If that ain't enough, day-two starts where day-one left of by defining the three most popular spey casting styles used in the world today.... and how knowing how to use all three has to make you a better fisherperson. 
Yes, women are especially welcomed !!!

More Info

Salmon Fly Hatch - ultimate dry fly fishing !!!

Little Stones
Realistic Big Stones
Clark Stones
Traditional Big Stones

...freshly hatched...
hatching Golden Stone…Deschutes

In our region, stone flies hatch from January through August. There are at least two dozen species which are important in the adult stage to the trout angler. These range between the tiny Winter Blacks (3/8") to the giant Salmon Fly (over 2").

The Salmon fly hatch on Oregon's Deschutes in May/June, is arguably the best dry fly fishing the Pacific Northwest has to offer. The hatch starts at the mouth of the river in the first week of May.

By May 25th there are usually a few Salmon Flies at Warm Springs. The first week in June is peak for the best fifty miles, between Maupin and Warm Springs. The hatch trickles off through June and there are scattered salmon flies around Pelton Dam most years until nearly the first of July.

A dense hatch of golden stones and several smaller, lesser-known, but very important species accompanies the Salmon Fly hatch. Early in this sequence fish will be keyed on Salmon Flies and Goldens. Later in the hatch, especially in places where the trout have been worked over hard, trout can become very picky. They often ignore the best-tied and presented big dry patterns. Instead they will select out caddis, alder flies, may flies and very often, smaller stones. These are most often size #12 to #14 Olive Stones.

As the salmon fly hatch comes to a close, these smaller stone fly species tend to linger on, and through July are replaced with even smaller ones. These summer stone flies are usually bright yellow and are size #14 to #16.

Spring Is Here!

Last week Caddis, Stone Flies, Crane Flies and Pink Alberts provide a smorgasbord of hatches that tempted trout to the surface of the Deschutes River.  In spite of rainy and often blustery weather, the afternoon fishing was very consistent.  In first-light hours of the morning the air was calm and there was a sparse micro-caddis hatch that brought a few fish to the surface.  Pursue this hatch if you are really gung-ho.  We chose to listen to the rain on the tent roof while sleeping late our last morning.  Mid-day fishing was dull.  Probing with nymphs and soft hackles proved that brunch was a better

option. As the water temperature rose in the afternoon the surface activity picked up.  The insects became energetic and the fish responded to them.  There was a mix of hatches.  Thursday afternoon I watched Dave Osgood land many very nice trout.  They came to a varied selection of dry flies.  Some came to small brownish caddis.  Others ate tiny crane flies.  Still others selectively fed on PMDs.  The last part of the day a small Olive Stimulator was the key.  Individual fish seemed to be selecting their own preferences in diet.  Individual hatches seemed to come in waves.  Several times there was a burst of crane flies that only lasted a few minutes.  Then there would be a mini caddis hatch which would disappear and then reappear several minutes later.  In the mean time PMDs came and went and were followed by little Olive Stone flies.  We adapted to the conditions and changed flies often.

BOAT FOR HIRE: CALL Mark Bachmann  1-800-266-3971

Field Test: T F O SPEY ROD  8 wt 12’ 6”
Guide Marty Sheppard completed an on-the-river test of the budget priced TFO-081264P. Marty has had a lot of experience fishing the Sage 8126-4 spey rod so choosing him for this particular "rod-test" was no coincidence.  The fact that he was the top producing local winter steelhead guide working out of The Fly fishing Shop during the though 2004/2005 season is further evidence of his qualifications.
TFO's spey rods are all in the Pro Series.   Pro Series rods are finished in matt black, have hard anodized/machined reel seats, good cork handles and premium fittings.  They are designed for the guide industry as top-performance "loaners".  They are practical,  multi-piece single-handers that come with a sock, but no case and sell for $139.95 to $224.95.  This series of rods has proven to be very popular with guides and non-guides alike.  The four spey rod models each come with a nice rod tube for $249.95. 
The rod was tested with the Rio Windcutter 7-8-9 multi tip line and then with the newer Skagit 550 line with a 15’ type 6 tip.
The first impression when casting this rod is a good one, with the rod throwing nice tight high line speed loops. Our tester was on river left with a good upstream wind, easily throwing snap T’s and single spey casts. Using an underhand type of cast gives this rod a good bit of power, although the rod can be overloaded by an over zealous top hand during the course of any cast. Switching to the type III and VI (3&6) tips allowed effective casting of Marabou and bunny leech type of flies. Bigger and/or weighted flies really require a good deal of precision in the timing of the cast, and is not really something this model likes to do easily. Switching to a lighter line weight or perhaps another type might be helpful, although all day aggressive casting can be somewhat of a chore when having to “push” a spey rod all day. 
Using the Skagit 550 line with the 15 type IV tip enabled the rod to throw bigger flies with ease to about 65 feet (measured beyond the rod tip), (if we weren’t so honest I would have said 95 feet). Longer distances are quite possible with this rod when you get everything just right. Spending a bit more time with the rod would fix that. This line would be a good choice for the average winter steelheader working average size streams. 
Twelve-and-a-half foot long rods can take a tighter stroke to hit its “sweet spot” than do 14-foot rods. This can be a real advantage in tight brushy areas, also landing steelhead and when casting with a lot of wind. A tight, compact back-cast is all it takes to load this rod properly. When you get used to finding the “sweet spot” with this rod it develops a high line speed that cuts through the wind easily.
This is a good all around rod, and when combined with the T F O large arbor reel it is a very cost-effective combination that is well balanced for most winter/summer conditions. Both rod and reel are fully warranted by the factory and the T F O folks have not been difficult to deal with in any manner.   Purchase Rod       Purchase Rod/Reel Combo

Temple Fork Two-Handers

Equipment is an important part of any professional guide service.  Every job is done better with the right kind of well maintained high performance equipment.  Nearly every guide would rather have you fish with your own rod and reel.  He has enough to do without having to maintain a stable of rods & reels.  You would rather fish with our own rod & reel to because you are more familiar with it.  However every guide knows that people sometimes forget to bring things or tackle gets sent to the wrong destination by the airlines. Bottom line is that every fishing guide needs some rods for clients to use.  Lefty knows this.  He's fished with a lot of guides.  So he designed the perfect series of "Professional Guide" rods.  They are all multi-piece to the travel and store easily.  The actions are crisp, but easy to time.  They are very durable and N0-Fault Warranteed!

TFO 06 126 4P

Length: 12' 6"       Line: #6/7/8     Pieces: 4   

Summer steelhead spey rod.  Will throw both floating and sinking tip lines. Does a good job in the wind.  Rod weight: ? Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
TFO-061264P Pro 6/7/8 Med-Fast 2†‡ $249.95


TFO 08 126 4P

Length: 12' 6"       Line: #8     Pieces: 4   

A very popular rod for steelhead and Atlantic salmon.  Will handle the full spectrum of spey lines. Rod weight: 8.1 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
TFO-081264P Pro 8 Med-Fast 2†‡ $249.95


TFO 09 14 4P

Length: 14'       Line: #9     Pieces: 4   

The 30-06 size spey rod for steelhead and salmon.  Rod weight: 9.5 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
TFO-09144P Pro 9 Med-Fast 2†‡ $249.95


TFO 10 15 4P

Length: 15'       Line: #10     Pieces: 4   

For big salmon & big rivers.  Rod weight: 11.6 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
TFO-10154P Pro 10 Med-Fast 2†‡ $249.95


TFO Winter/Summer All Around Steelhead/Salmon Spey Travel Outfit
Professional guides need gear that performs.  This gear also has to be rugged and needs to be easily transportable.  Many non-guide anglers seek gear with the same requirements. Everyone needs back-up gear, even for local trips.  This outfit is designed to be the best lightweight steelhead/spey combo for under $600.
Item Description Price To Top
TFO-SPEY-1 TFO-08-126-4P rod with case, TFO 425 reel, 550 gr. Rio Skagit Spey line, 9-weight typ-6 sinking tip, 150 yd. 30-pound test Micron Backing $599 SALE ENDED

Temple Fork Outfitters Large Arbor Fly Reels you better take a look.

...machined from bar stock...

Model  Capacity Diameter Weight
TFO 375 250 yards/20lb./WF8F 3.75” 8.0 ounces
TFO 425 275 yards/30lb./WF10F 4.25” 9.2 ounces
Temple Fork Outfitters reels are precision machined from aircraft grade anodized aluminum, stainless steel and brass. The spools are quickly detachable and easily converted from left to right hand retrieve. A counterbalance precisely offsets the weight of  the Delrin handle. The exposed rim allows the ultimate in fine tuned control when fighting a fish.  The drag surfaces are composite.  Our test reel has worked very well even after being dunked repeatedly in river water. 
Item Description Price To Top
TFO 375 Temple Fork Outfitters Large Arbor Fly Reel $249.95 SALE ENDED
TFO 375 Temple Fork Outfitters Large Arbor Extra Spool $149.95 Buy
TFO 425 Temple Fork Outfitters Large Arbor Fly Reel $259.95 Buy
TFO 425 Temple Fork Outfitters Large Arbor Extra Spool $139.95 Buy

Patagonia Waders

...dry inside...

Patagonia Watermaster Breathable Stocking Foot Chest High Wader are the hippest fashion statement this year.  A huge percentage of the best professional fly fishing guides are gearing for the season with this wader.  This has happened with little sales pitch from the parent company.  It is a grass roots movement.  These waders for whatever reason just appeal to professional guides.  Here are some of the reasons why: 
Patagonia's innovative waders now have a reinforced leg and seat, 21% more puncture-resistant fabric reinforcements and right- and left-specific neoprene feet. They have the most advanced suspension system available. Waist-mounted suspenders allow you to fold down the bib for comfort in warmer weather (and to quickly release water after a spill).  For male anglers a huge advantage during foul weather; not having to take off your rain coat to pee.  (No demonstrations please).
The anatomically contoured crotch and knees let you move freely even when fully layered up. A gravel-guard cuff (with boot hooks and gripper elastic) seals out grit. Built-in adjustable wading belt and field repair kit included. Guides are also very value conscious. All waders eventually wear out.  It's how many dollars per day for use that is the issue.  All indications are that these waders can take it.  And Patagonia takes care of their customers with great warrantee service.

Now available in both men's and women's versions.

Item Description Size Price  
82258-XS Patagonia Watermaster Waders, Mens XS $335

82258-S Patagonia Watermaster Waders, Mens S $335

82258-SK Patagonia Watermaster Waders, Mens SK $335

82258-MS Patagonia Watermaster Waders, Mens MS $335

82258-M Patagonia Watermaster Waders, Mens M $335

82258-MK Patagonia Watermaster Waders, Mens MK $335

82258-ML Patagonia Watermaster Waders, Mens ML $335

82258-LS Patagonia Watermaster Waders, Mens LS $335

82258-L Patagonia Watermaster Waders, Mens L $335

82258-LK Patagonia Watermaster Waders, Mens LK $335

82258-LL Patagonia Watermaster Waders, Mens LL $335

82258-XLS Patagonia Watermaster Waders, Mens XLS $335

82258-XL Patagonia Watermaster Waders, Mens XL $335

82258-XLK Patagonia Watermaster Waders, Mens XLK $335

82258-XLL Patagonia Watermaster Waders, Mens XLL $335

82258-XXLK Patagonia Watermaster Waders, Mens XXLK $335


Rods & Ribs

...with steelhead...

Saturday, May 21, 10-3
Temple Fork Outfitters Demo Day
w/Dick Sagara
A back yard barbeque will be served. 
Casting contests & raffles. Win a TFO fly rod.
See what happened last year.

Everyone is welcome!

By: J. Morgan Jones

...lining up the cast...

It’s one of those quiet little spots of calm water that sits between a series of boulders. Little bits of foam gather at the head for short moments before drifting through and out into the fast water where they begin the journey to who knows where, perhaps on their way to another back eddy I suppose. It's one of those little places that your eye just automatically goes to when surveying the water. To me it is one of those single (perhaps) fish spots that I mean to try one of these times. Perhaps not worth the trouble go to this particular spot, but if I was already in the water near it.........
Today there is something different. You know what I mean. You don’t actually see anything

specific on the surface, more like you have imagined ...something.... out of the normal ebb and flow of the river, a single musical note out of place in a never ending symphony. I find it curious that after years of fishing and all that it entails, my self-taught fishing wisdom tells me.....to do nothing. Just look.  For what?  Nothing.....just look.
Then I am standing in the current perhaps fifty feet below what I am seeing, no, that’s not quite right, I can’t even say that I saw anything, but.....
There is good water next to me, a wonderful river flowing through one of those high desert canyons. Spring colors decorate the walls and an almost glowing green serves as a living carpet at the floor of the canyon. A spectacular vision. I never tire of it. Regardless, my vision is fixed on that spot, and my mind is quiet, as if waiting for the eyes to send a signal that will put everything in motion. I wait.
I see it this time. Something touching the surface of the water, from underneath. As subtle as a the slightest breeze touching only one flower, and though you cannot see the wind, you can recognize the movement, as do I.
A fifty foot cast into a pool that is maybe four feet long. A tiny island surrounded by a rushing current. Bits of fur and feather bound onto a curved sliver of metal at the end of, well, a string. All that I need to do is to drop my fly into the head of this place, with enough slack in the remaining line to allow the fly to drift freely across this spot without warning the fish in any manner. You would think any of us would know better. It appears I do not.
It is obvious that the task seems pretty much impossible, although “seems” is not the same as absolutely. I begin to strip line from the reel.
I ready that place in my mind that I keep the memories in, ready to record this, if needed.
I begin casting, shooting line, working quietly. There is no hurry to this. No need, really. I do not know if I can do this, but the important thing is - I believe I can.
I will know in a moment.
The line forms that candy cane shape as it drifts though the air, un-rolling and traveling forward at the same time. I am focused on this one place, this one time.
I wait.

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