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Salmonflies and Golden Stones Hatch May/June !!!
Josh caught this Redside on a Salmonfly...
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Fresh hatched Salmon Fly. In our region, stone flies hatch from January through August. There are at least two dozen species which are important in the adult stage to the trout angler. These range between the tiny Winter Blacks (3/8") to the giant Salmon Fly (over 2").  The Salmon fly hatch on Oregon's Deschutes in May/June, is arguably the best dry fly fishing the Pacific Northwest has to offer. The hatch starts at the mouth of the river in the first week of May. By May 25th there are usually a few Salmon Flies at Warm Springs. The first week in June is peak for the best fifty miles, between Maupin and Warm Springs. The hatch trickles off through June and there are scattered salmon flies around Pelton Dam most 
years until nearly the first of July. The so-called hatch occurs when the nymphs crawl out of the water.  The nymphs will usually seek out tree trunks or other vegetation or any solid but porous structure where the claws of the nymphal feet will stay fastened securely so emergence of the adult insect can progress with out interruption.  Since this hatch happens on land, it is of small importance to fishing in comparison to may fly or caddis hatches that happen at the surface of water.  Most of the actual "hatching" happens at night or early in the morning. It can continue in daylight hours on cloud cover days Salmon Fly in the grass.

hatching Golden Stone…Deschutes
or in deeply shaded areas.   It is after the insects have hatched and have become active adults that they become important as trout food.  During the night adult salmon flies become inactive.  Their favorite places to rest or mate is in the streamside vegetation.  Much of this vegetation over hangs the water.  In the mid to late morning as the air temperatures rise, the adults become active and start crawling and flying around.  They are clumsy and some will inevitably land in the water. It is at the river's edge that the best dry fly action usually occurs.  Since the majority of the salmon flies are concentrated around the water, the trout will take up stations under overhanging trees and grass.  Casting your salmon fly imitation up stream under the over hanging
trees has always been one of the secrets to successfully fishing the hatch.  During the warm part of the day there will be a fairly constant rain of fluttering and flopping bugs onto the water.  Pin-point casting accuracy is much more important than delicate presentations.  Real salmon flies are heavy and hit the water hard.  The perfect set-up is a medium fast action six weight rod, and a 6'-7' long leader tapered down to 3X. Salmon Fly with tattered wings at the end of the line.
You need to be able to poke the fly under low hanging branches and through holes in the brush.  In many ways fishing the salmon fly hatch has more in common with bass bugging that classic dry fly fishing. 
Golden Stones, Olive Stones and Yellow Sally Stones are important before, during and after the Salmon Fly Hatch. Little Olive Stones tend to precede the Salmon Fly Hatch by a week or two.  They remain available to fish throughout most of the
 "big" hatch and disappear about the same time as the Salmon Flies.  Golden Stones usually linger on for a while.  They are replaced by Yellow Sallys which bright yellow and are size #14 to #16.

Leaders For The Salmonfly Hatch
Each RIO Powerflex knotless tapered leaders are designed for superb abrasion-resistance as well as high knot and tensile strength. The long butt design provides smooth turnover while the supple tippet gives the fly life-like presentation. The graduated tapers have corresponding stepped butt diameters. Tapers are made with thick butts to turn over heavy flies. From our 40-year experience 3X is the best over-all size for fishing Salmonfly/Golden Stone patterns in conditions, which can be windy. Salmonflies are often chucked up under overhanging tree limbs or under overhanging grass tight to the banks where pinpoint accuracy is crucial to success. Short, heavy leaders help maintain

accuracy, and when you miss, will help break small limbs or grass stalks. Larger than average trout are often encountered. Salmon flies are big mouth-fulls and bring the largest trout to the surface.
Item Description Size Price To Top
6-24612 Rio Trout Knotless Tapered Leaders, Each 9' - 3X $4.95 Sale Ended
6-24604 Rio Trout Knotless Tapered Leaders, Each 7.5' -3X $4.95 Sale Ended
6-24638 Rio Trout Knotless Tapered Leaders, 3-pack 9' - 3X $11.95 Sale Ended
6-24630 Rio Trout Knotless Tapered Leaders, 3-pack 7.5' - 3X $11.95 Sale Ended

Top Ten Rods For The Salmonfly Hatch
There are many different sizes of rods that will work for the salmonfly hatch. Four-weights, and five-weights are popular. Some anglers over-line their rods to give more comfort when casting at close-range targets in the wind. We've tried all of the tricks, and made them all work. However, for the widest range of situations: casting close, casting long, in the wind, in the calm, it's hard to beat a moderately fast action six-weight rod loaded with high performance weight forward fly line. Salmonfly patterns are large flies, because real salmonfies are large insects. A rod/line combination that is comfortable with small bass poppers is going to be pretty comfortable during the salmonfly hatch. The six/six combination is also stout enough to control heavy fish hanging around tight cover such as weeds and limbs. There are some differences between ideal bass and salmonfly outfits though. Bass live in lakes that provide enough open water and open air that straight-line casting is often the rule. The best salmonfly presentations usually require curve-casts and reach-casts to get the fly to act natural on moving water. Longer belly fly lines are more controllable for this kind of work.
Rods that through tight loops are essential for casting into tight places. That means that the perfect action for presenting salmonflies needs to have a fast tip. Keep in mind that your salmonfly-hatch rod may double as your bass rod, your light bonefish rod, and your Alaskan mouse rod.  Noodley, floppy, slow action rods needn't apply for any of these venues. Whereas an extension butt is handy on the flats, it can be a nuisance when casting side arm, under the trees. When attached to six-weight rods, extension butts probably aren't a big deal either way. My favorite bonefish rod has an extension butt, my favorite salmonfly hatch rod does not.

Sage 690-4 ONE Length: 9'     Line: 6     Pieces: 4
Possibly the perfect rod for poking big flies up under the overhanging brush during the salmon fly hatch. This is an incredibly good, all around trout rod where the trout average 2-6 pounds. Sage ONE rods are designed with maximum accuracy in mind. Fishing under overhanging trees takes a high degree of accuracy.
Rod weight: 2 7/8 ounces.
Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
690-4 ONE 6 Fast L $775 Sale Ended

G. Loomis NRX 1086-4 Length: 9'     Line: #6     Pieces: 4

As the trout get bigger, the river wider and the wind stronger, you need a little more power and that's where this dynamic new 6-weight really shines. It will handle large streamers and big nymphs, no problem. Need to get down with a sink-tip? This is the rod. A good choice for fishing larger flies, like big stonefly nymphs or glo-bugs in Alaska, this rod has the versatility you need. If you're looking for the absolute best big trout, big fly, long-distance fly rod, look no further. NRX makes it insanely light and you'll be amazed at the power it generates.

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
11914-01 NRX
6 Fast   $745 Sale Ended
12031-01 NRX
6 Fast   $745 Sale Ended

R.L.Winston 690-4 BIIIX Length: 9'      Line: #6     Pieces: 4

Exceptionally light all-around rods with extraordinarily broad casting range of 25-100+ feet. On big rivers, for big fish, in stronger winds, these rods will provide you everything you need without being too stiff. Although it has incredible power, can generate very fast line speeds, they are designed to give you incredible versatility: Ideal for streamers, nymphs, big water, big winds, yet versatile enough for gentle dry fly presentations up close.
Rod weight: 2 3/4 ounces.

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
690-4 BIIIX 6 Fast Cigar $795.00 Sale Ended

Sage 690-4 Response

Length: 9'      Line: #6     Pieces: 4   

690-4 Response

A popular rod for larger trout & larger flies. Nice crisp action, and well appointed cosmetics. Tracks well for accurate casts.  Most popular size for throwing bass bugs.
Rod weight: 3 1/2 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action   Price To Top
690-4 Response 6 Fast   $395 Sale Ended

G. Loomis PRO4x1086-4 Length: 9'     Line: #6     Pieces: 4

This rod is the best choice for fishing windy conditions. It's slightly more powerful than it's 5-weight counterpart and that makes it a good choice for fishing streamers, large dries and bigger nymphs. It has enough power to handle large fish and provides positive line control at all distances. Made in Woodland, Washington. Possibly the best 6-weight for under $400.

Item Series Line Wt. Action Power Price To Top
12000-01 PRO4x 6 Fast Med Stiff $360 Sale Ended

ECHO3-690 Length: 9'     Line: #6     Pieces: 4

The ECHO3 9’0” # 6 was designed for medium to large rivers or locations that require extra power and distance. The rod is great for throwing large dry flies, chucking buggers, or for fishing sinking lines in rivers and lakes.

Series Item Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
ECHO3 690 6 fast   $349.99 Sale Ended

Sage 690-4 Approach

Length: 9'      Line: #6     Pieces: 4   

690-4 Approach

The Sage Approach series was designed or the entry level angler in mind, but is are rods that you can grow with and even fish with for a lifetime.  This is a good rod for the salmonfly hatch if you are on a budget.
Rod weight: 3 9/16 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action   Price To Top
690-4 Approach 6 Fast   $295 Sale Ended

TFO BVK TF 06 90 4 B

Length: 9'    Line: #6     Pieces: 4

Designed by Lefty Kreh and produced in South Korea, BVK series have moderate action to be most comfortable at normal trout fishing ranges. The 690-4 BVK is one of the most popular 6-weight rods we sell. It is perfect for the salmonfly hatch, and may become one of your favorite Alaska trout too. It also shines as a bass rod for both surface and subsurface work.
Rod weight: 3.0 ounces.

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
TF 06 90 4 B BVK 6 Fast   $224.95 Sale Ended

ECHO CB690 Carbon Length: 9'     Line: #6     Pieces: 4
Echo Carbon Fly Fishing Rod 690

This slick looking rod casts as well as it looks. Can you imagine, a four piece rod for $170 that comes with a case and casts as good as it looks. If your looking for the ultimate budget rod, look no more.

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
CA690 Carbon 6 fast   $169.99 Sale Ended

TFO 06 90 2 Signature

Length: 9'     Line: #6     Pieces: 2   

Big trout rod, salmonfly hatch rod, bass popper rod, cast long in the wind rod.  Only $109.95.
Rod weight: 3.9 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
TFO-069002 Signature Series 6 Med-Fast 1 $109.95 Sale Ended

Fish long & prosper,
Mark, Patty & Crew

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