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Fly Fishing Pictures
Rechargeable Light
Simon's New Love
Cortland Western Drifter

Fly Fishing Pictures From Our Customers
It has been said, " A picture is worth a thousand words." Some are worth even more. Our customers live all over the world, and fish the varied waters of our planet.
Here are some of the recent pictures emailed to us by our customers.

The rod rack at Belize River Lodge
From: Lane Hoffman

Lane's 176-pound tarpon, Belize River Lodge.
From: Lane Hoffman

Larry & Dave with a double hook-up on redfish.
From: Larry Williams

One of Larry's redfish, fishing out of New Orleans.
From: Larry Williams

Spey rod tarpon, Costa Rica.
From: Preston Jones

Another spey rod tarpon, Costa Rica.
From: Preston Jones

Barbed hook with skin, barbed hook trauma study.
From: Jay Nicholas

Argentina Peacock Bass
From: Thiago de Mello Zanetti

Giant Trevalle from Dubai
From: A. J. Pretorius

Al & Janine with a Pompano from Dubai
From: A. J. Pretorius

Rechargeable LED Light for Your Vehicle - For your Pocket

This compact spotlight is a convenient solution for when you need some extra light. Whether it's for changing a tire or searching for lost items, the spotlight will always be at its peak power. Due to its clever charging system, the spotlight is always charged, ready to help and easily within reach.


Rechargeable LED Light
This rechargeable LED spotlight plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car or power boat. It glows red while it is charging so you can always find it in the dark. Machined from aluminum bar stock for durability and is water repellent.

Item Description Color Price To Top
RELIGHT Rechargeable LED Light assorted colors $14.95 SALE ENDED

Simon's New Love...Sage 8129-4 Z-AXIS
By Simon Gawesworth
Okay, so I gushed poetically and lyrically about the 7130 VT2 and what a great rod that was. Could Sage make a better rod than that? I doubted it - that is until the launch of the new 8129-4 Z-axis.
Without being too poetic and romantic about a stick of graphite I have to say that this is unbelievably good. It is a rod to be treasured. I don’t want to use anything else - whether it is for 20 inch brown trout, 15lb steelhead, 50lb Kings or even 3” gudgeon… I don’t care - give me a rod that is so perfect and let me snap off my fly and cast. Don’t talk to me, don’t let night fall… leave me with this pleasure!
The smooth taper of this rod is incredible. It tip casts with short Scandinavian lines like RIO’s AFS heads and delivers such a smooth tight loop that a slight giggle of madness escapes one’s lips. It loads with a long belly line and flexes gracefully down to the lower butt section, generating power for distance and controlled casts and it also loads with a skagit line, ripping out the deepest sunk tip and lobbing out big ugly’s with supreme authority. In short, this rod has no equal. Sure you have to use the right line to make it work and of course a 12 ft 9 inch rod isn’t designed for big rivers and long casts (or 50lb Kings… I was just waxing poetic), nor will it be fun for trout and small summer run steelies or grilse, but what the heck…. This is awesome!
While it casts with all lines under the sun and does so with consummate smoothness and ease, this rod combined with the 7/8 AFS head (in any density) and a 10ft VersiLeader is perfection.
Personally, I find this the king of the Z-axis series. The other rods in this range don’t ring my bell like this one. I know George Cook, that great caster, hunter and rep out of Washington calls the 7136 his jewel in the Z-axis crown, but not for me… Long live the King!
Action: 11 out of 10
Cosmetics: 10 out of 10
Line Rating: Skagit: 550 grains, AFS: 7/8, WindCutter 7/8/9, PowerSpey: 7/8
Ideal Line: AFS 7/8 – an insane combination….
Overall: 11 out of 10
Footnote. While I am as accurate as I can be with my summaries and line recommendations, please note that I do like faster action rods than many casters. Some people will prefer to step up one line size from my recommendation.

8129-4 Z-AXIS

Length: 12' 9"     Line: 8     Pieces: 4

Super tactical spey rod.  From Kings in Alaska to winter steelhead in the Pacific Northwest, don't be fooled by the short length.  Long casts come surprisingly easy with minimum effort.
George Cook's Line recomendations:
Line Match:
8/9/10 WindCutter, AFS 8/9, Skagit 600 w/out Cheater.
Sinking Tip:
15' 150-grain type 3, 6, & 8 as well as T-14 in 9' to 13' lengths.
Reel Matches: Tibor Riptide, Nautilus 12, Ross CLA 6, Sage 3500D.
Rod weight:  7 3/8 Ounces

Line Wt
Action Handle Price To Top
8129-4 Z-AXIS 8 Fast F $765 SALE ENDED

Cortland Precision Western Drifter Field Test

Greg Snider, our Cortland rep dropped off the new Western Drifter DynaTip fly line and said, "You've gotta' try this new floating line. It's designed to load quick and shoot long, and the tip floats under the most extreme conditions." I loaded it on one of my favorite Abel trout reels and took it to the Deschutes. Three days of fishing redsides with both wet and dry flies convinced me that this line does perform as stated. The Mango (peachy orange) color is easy to see and the line performed on the Sage, Winston, Burkheimer, and Thomas & Thomas rods I tried it on. Best of all the white color tip floats exceptionally well.

The modified Rocket 2 taper loads with a minimum of line for easy pick-ups and quick shots to those fast water pockets, but will also reach out with ease for longer casts. An oversized running line section allows easy mending and better line handling and Cortland's special core and jacket formulation means almost no “memory” for reduced coiling. Easy-to-see Mango color helps you track your drift and the specially formulated 3’ “Dyna-Tip” keeps the line tip floating for less drag, easier strike detection and better hook sets. Whether you’re drifting a pair of bead heads under an indicator, fishing dries in the pockets or swinging a streamer, the “Western Drifter” is the new go-to line for big “water anglers” everywhere.
Color: Mango with 3’ White Tip

Item Description Size Price To Top
468948 Cortland Precision Western Drifter Line WF4F $62.00 SALE ENDED
468955 Cortland Precision Western Drifter Line WF5F $62.00 SALE ENDED
468962 Cortland Precision Western Drifter Line WF6F $62.00 SALE ENDED
468979 Cortland Precision Western Drifter Line WF7F $62.00 SALE ENDED
468986 Cortland Precision Western Drifter Line WF8F $62.00 SALE ENDED
468993 Cortland Precision Western Drifter Line WF9F $62.00 SALE ENDED

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