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Tenkarafest 2014
G.Loomis Pro4X Trout Rods
Cortland 444 Trout line
Cortland Trout Boss Line
Where to Stay at The Clave?

Tenkarafest II
June 07, 2014
 Tenkara is so easy, anyone can do it!
Free Barbeque at The Fly Fishing Shop: NOON - 1:00pm
On The Water Demonstrations at Mt. Hood Village: 1:30pm - 4:00pm
Tenkarafest is sponsored by The Fly Fishing Shop & Mt. Hood Village.
There is no charge for attending Tenkarafest.
Everyone is welcome!

Call for more info: 1-800-266-3971

This year's program is greatly expanded from last year.

Popular Northwest Angling Author, Dave Hughes has been Tenkara Fishing for more than 20 years. Dave will do a comprehensive 45-minute slide show on Tenkara fishing, at Tenkarafest II. Dave will also have a table at the event where he will be selling & signing his books and answering questions.
Jeff Gottfried  from ERA (Educational Recreational Adventures) will do a classroom presentation focusing on traditional Tenkara fishing in Japan and distinguishing this from how Tenkara fishing is being practiced in Japan, and how it is being practiced in North America.
Dick Sagara, Northwest TFO rep was the center of last year's on the water, introductory Tenkara program and will be the Tenkarafest II, Master of Ceremonies, as wel as an on the water Tenkara presenter.

G. Loomis Pro4X Rods

8' - #3 9' - #4 9' - #6
8' - #4 9' - #5  
G. Loomis took a page from their NRX blank technology to develop a new series of fly rods that "new-to-the-sport" and intermediate fly-fishers will learn to appreciate and expert anglers will wonder how this much performance gets packed into such an affordable package. A new taper design along with a noticeable weight-reduction in the upper half of the blank allows G. Loomis to make a fly rod series that is incredibly light, recovers quickly and casts with unbelievable precision. It's the G .Loomis way... reduce as much weight as possible, take total advantage of the materials and create a taper that is dynamic, efficient and user-friendly. PRO4x rods are as beautiful to look at as they are easy to cast. They come in all the right sizes to fit fisheries a widely diverse as spring creeks, farm ponds, black bass, steelhead, salmon and saltwater. These are rods any fly-fisher would be proud to own!!
Have us equip your new PRO4x rods with the highest quality lines available. Be ready for anything! Ship your reels, or buy new ones and we will load each one up with your new PRO4x Promo Fly Line and just the right amount of the right kind of backing (AT NO EXTRA CHARGE). The fly lines listed below are the best match for each rod model.


Length: 8'     Line: #3     Pieces: 4

When the conditions call for small flys, light lines and a stealthy approach, this little 8-foot beauty is just what the doctor ordered! Made to order for small creeks and streams where you don't need to cast a long ways, this rod will make even the smallest trout seem like a monster!

Item Series Line Wt. Action Power Price To Top
11996-01 PRO4x 3 Med-Fast Med Stiff $345 Sale Ended

PRO4x964-4 Length: 8'     Line: #4     Pieces: 4
Sometimes the small streams hold big surprises and you need a little more beef in a short rod. This 8-foot, 4-weight will handle larger trout and panfish, no problem and It's great for fishing brush-lined creeks where you need to make short, accurate casts to be successful.
Item Series Line Wt. Action Power Price To Top
11997-01 PRO4x 4 Med-Fast Med Stiff $345 Sale Ended

PRO4x1084-4 Length: 9'     Line: #4     Pieces: 4
A longer 4-weight for fishing small dry flies and nymphs on bigger streams and lakes. The tip is soft enough to protect light tippets and still handle large fish. There's a subtle power in the lower half of the rod that helps you make longer casts and cover more water.
Item Series Line Wt. Action Power Price To Top
11998-01 PRO4x 4 Fast Med Stiff $360 Sale Ended

PRO4x1085-4 Length: 9'     Line: #5     Pieces: 4

The best all-around size for trout on rivers, small streams and still-waters, this is a delightful casting rod with sufficient power for long-range casts yet it's still light enough to enjoy even the smaller fish. Will fish sink-tip lines and full-sink lines, no problem, but more suited to a floater.

Item Series Line Wt. Action Power Price To Top
11999-01 PRO4x 5 Fast Med Stiff $360 Sale Ended

PRO4x1086-4 Length: 9'     Line: #6     Pieces: 4

This rod is the best choice for fishing windy conditions. It's slightly more powerful than it's 5-weight counterpart and that makes it a good choice for fishing streamers, large dries and bigger nymphs. It has enough power to handle large fish and provides positive line control at all distances.

Item Series Line Wt. Action Power Price To Top
12000-01 PRO4x 6 Fast Med Stiff $360 Sale Ended

444 Classic
One of the all-time classics, the Cortland 444® “peach” line has set a standard for durability and all-round performance for over 50 years. It’s still one of the easiest handling lines on the market today, as well as one of the most supple in the coldest water. The high-floating, distinctively visible 444 Classic shoots through the guides without hesitation to turn over the longest, finest leaders. Now available with a welded front loop for easy leader rigging. Yes, we were actually able to improve a classic.
Item Description Size Price To Top
403031 Cortland 444 Classic Fly Line, Peach WF3F $54.00 Sale Ended
403048 Cortland 444 Classic Fly Line, Peach WF4F $54.00 Sale Ended
403055 Cortland 444 Classic Fly Line, Peach WF5F $54.00 Sale Ended
403062 Cortland 444 Classic Fly Line, Peach WF6F $54.00 Sale Ended

Trout Boss
The Trout Boss™ is, quite simply, the best trout line Cortland has ever made. Designed with a unique weight-forward taper and 64-foot head, the Trout Boss excels at extreme-distance casting. The longer head includes a 25-foot back taper that allows you to carry more line in the air without overpowering your rod – and also maintain better control of your fly line on the water. Featuring Cortland's proprietary PST™ coating material for reduced friction through the guides, plus an 18-inch high-floating Dyna-Tip,™ this trout line brings out the very best in medium-fast and fast-action rods
Item Description Size Price To Top
467620 Cortland Trout Boss Fly Line, Moss Green WF4F $75.00 Sale Ended
467637 Cortland Trout Boss Fly Line, Moss Green WF5F $75.00 Sale Ended
467644 Cortland Trout Boss Fly Line, Moss Green WF6F $75.00 Sale Ended

Where to stay for the 2014 Sandy River Spey Clave?

The Resort at the Mountain

The Resort at the Mountain is offering a 30% discount to all Sandy River Spey Clave Attendees! This is an amazing place to stay with your family. Derek and his wife Angie stayed here over the holidays last year and he told us it was nothing short of Awesome! He will be staying there for the clave also. Party at his place...lmfao It's only 30 minutes from the clave and the list of amenities are amazing!

Use this link to get the discount: https://gc.synxis.com/?Hotel=11916&Chain...omo=FLYSHP

Or just use the code: FLYSHP while booking your room.

Exciting deal on rooms for Spey Clavers !!!
Provided by: Holiday Inn Express Portland East-Troutdale

Holiday Inn Express offers special rate for Sandy River Spey Clave!
May 15th through May 19th 2012

One King    $85.99 Plus tax
2 Queens   $99.99 Plus tax
Includes Hot Breakfast

Business Services
Business Center
E-mail & Internet
Executive Suites
PC available
Unstaffed Business Center
High-speed Internet Access
Wireless Data Connection

Health and Fitness Center (On-site)
Begin your morning wright by utilizing our fitness center equiped with state of the art machines

Entertainment and Recreation
Indoor Pool

Housekeeping and Laundry Services
On-site Guest Self-Laundry Facilities (washer/dryer)
Hours Of Operation:6:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Daily Housekeeping
Weekly Housekeeping
Dry Cleaning Pickup/Laundry
Same Day Dry Cleaning

For booking please call or email:
Holiday Inn Express
477 NW Phoenix Dr Troutdale, OR 97060
503-669-6500 Phone
e: gmohamud@gorgehotels.com
Troutdale Hotels

This Hotel is 10-minutes from the Spey Clave!

Best Western Sandy Inn
1-day $93.00 plus tax
3-day $84.00 per day plus tax
Reservations: 1-888-882-1214
37465 Hwy. 26
Sandy, OR 97055


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