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Fly Fishing Opportunities in April

Fly Fishing for Chinook Salmon With Mark Bachmann

In Our Back Yard...

Two fly fishing related items happened early in the week. On Tuesday, Frank Day and I floated together, each of us landed a steelhead. Meanwhile Tony barnes was hiking, and he landed two by himself. The song goes something like April showers bring May flowers. It was cycles of warm and comfortable, punctuated by bouts of screaming cold wind, and torrents of rain and hail.

G Loomis PRO4x Fly Rods

Plan D Boxes for Articulated Flies

During the 2015-2016 winter steelhead season, the Plan D PACK Articulated Fly Box took the market by storm. Now nearly every steelheader has one (or several) in their boat bag or their waterproof fanny pack.

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Top Spey Rods For Kings

Time for Worms

Worms are a staple in the diet of most fish that live in moving water. Trout in rivers consume worms, especially during periods of high flows when helpless worms are swept from the river bed or from eroding banks. Worms come in a variety of sizes and colors.

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Royal Wulff Ambush Line

Fishing Pliers

Pliers are hand-tools designed to give a mechanical advantage in compressing, holding, and/or bending a wide range of materials. Anglers use pliers for removing hooks from fish, flattening barbs on hooks, and repairing gear.

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Simms Foam Boat Patch

US Balance Digital Pocket Scales

Great for hobbyist of all kinds. This scale weighs in grains which is a favored fly line calibration, and ounces, a favored fly rod calibration. It has a vibrant blue back-lit face for easy reading and a removable plastic lid, which becomes a tray. Automatic tare setting. 5-year limited warranty. Uses two AAA batteries (included).

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