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G. Loomis Venture Reel
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Deschutes Opener D.O.P.A.P. All pictures are Mouse-over.

A back yard barbeque will be served from noon to 2:00. 
Win a G. Loomis fly rod.  Casting contests & raffles.

Everyone is welcome!

G. Loomis Venture Fly Reel

Our assessment: G. Loomis Ventures are best fly reels on the market for under $100
Front showing Quick-Release Spool.

These reels feature machined from aluminum alloy bar stock construction combined with a very smooth adjustable disc drag and gold anodizing for the looks and performance of reels costing as much as three times the price.  These reels have proven themselves to be reliable for all freshwater and light duty saltwater use.  Venture reels can be purchased by themselves or as a combination package that comes loaded with the right size Rio MainStream fly line and Micron Backing to fit your rod.  These custom

combos offer professional installation of the line and backing so that all the knots are smooth and strong. 
They save you time and money.

Click for MainStream Fly Fishing Line.
Back showing Ajustible Dreag Knob. Inside showing Fine Craftsmanship.
Model Diameter Capacity
Venture 3 2.8" WF3F + 100 yd. *
Venture 5 3.0" WF5F + 125 yd. *
Venture 7 3.4" WF7F + 150 yd. **
* = 20 pound test Micron     ** = 30 pound test Micron     *** = 50 pound test TUF Line XP
Item Description Reel Size Price To Top
54995 G. Loomis Venture Reel 3-Reel $99.95

54996 G. Loomis Venture Reel 5-Reel $99.95

54997 G. Loomis Venture Reel 7-Reel $99.95

54995-WF3 G. Loomis Venture Reel
With MainStream Line & Backing 
3-Reel + WF3F $129.95

54995-WF4 G. Loomis Venture Reel
With MainStream Line & Backing
3-Reel + WF4F $129.95

54996-WF5 G. Loomis Venture Reel
With MainStream Line & Backing
5-Reel + WF5F $129.95

54996-WF6 G. Loomis Venture Reel
With MainStream Line & Backing
5-Reel + WF6F $129.95

54997-WF7 G. Loomis Venture Reel
With MainStream Line & Backing
7-Reel + WF7F $129.95

54997-WF8 G. Loomis Venture Reel
With MainStream Line & Backing
7-Reel + WF8F $129.95


Item Description Reel Size Price To Top
54995 G. Loomis Venture Spool 3-Spool $59.95

54996 G. Loomis Venture Spool 5-Spool $59.95 Buy
54997 G. Loomis Venture Spool 7-Spool $59.95 Buy

Wind Right or Left?
Please specify which hand you prefer to wind your reel with, 
so we may set the retrieve direction for you.


Please specify if you wish us to install a fly line on your new reel or extra spool.  Then make your selection from
Fly Line Section. We will install the proper size
and amount of
Micron Backing at no extra charge.



Florida Keys Fishing Report 4-24-05


The Ocean side of the Keys are seeing the first pushes of big migrating tarpon.  The last 5 days we have been getting shots at schools and strings of tarpon on the ocean side of the island chain. Some schools have been as big as 50 or 60 while many are from 6 or 8 up to 20 or so. We have had good luck with deer hair head type flies in several colors mainly chartreuse, red/white and also purple. Some days the fish have been picky, but most days  

they consistently ate the first fly that was presented properly within the strike zone.
For those of you who have never fished the Keys this time of year, basically you are in a flats skiff waiting for the fish to come to you. The guide will make his best guess as to where the fish will push through based on tides and his experience the previous days and years past. The water is generally very clear and you can see them coming several hundred feet away. The guide then does what he can to position the boat so you have the best casting angle then you present the fly as best you can.

A good presentation involves dropping the fly in their path then doing a slow long strip as the fish approaches the fly.   What a sight to see when one of these oversized Herring peels off from the school to track your fly. It makes you feel very small to see this fish which average well over 5-feet in length heading toward you with his sights set on


your 3 inch streamer fly.  The take is anywhere from a subtle sip followed by a down-turn to a sudden burst which may break his head free of the waters surface. The take my friends, is what its all about, no matter how many times I see it, I cannot wait for the next time.  The spring tarpon run generally lasts though late June or the second week of July.  Summer time is great for tarpon in the Keys.  There are also many tarpon  in the waters on the west side of the Keys.  The normal size of these "Back Country" tarpon is  generally smaller. You may actually get to use your 10-weight rod that time of year but you should definitely still bring a 12-weight along since some schools could contain fish well over 100-pounds.
When fishing for big tarpon, it is best to have two outfits rigged up in the boat.  One outfit should have a full floating line and the other should have a clear slow sinking tip line.  In recent years the sink-tip has proven to be very useful. The Bermuda Triangle Taper Lost Tip line has proven to be especially effective.
If you want to test your skills with tarpon plan a trip to the Keys in spring or Summer. I would love to take you out.

Thank you for reading the Insider.
Capt. Chris Morrison
Tel (305)743-6948

Big Teeth And Near Misses THE SHARK THAT ATE FLORIDA !!!

There are many reasons to go fly fishing.  The poetic angling authors of the past have already validated most of them.  Fly fishing is a mode of relaxation for most of us.  It combines a search for adventure with light physical exercise in a non-threatening environment.  The act of fly fishing is usually very educational.  If you are a water person, the sport of fly fishing can take you to some of the most visually stimulating places on the planet....like the Florida Keyes. Fly fishing adventures can even take you to


some unexpected  circumstances, like watching your wife hook and play what is potentially a world-record shark.  The trip to Marathon started out as a hunt for giant tarpon.  They were there, but an unfortunate weather change forced the big tarpon off the flats.  So we decided to explore some of the other fisheries the area had to offer.  We caught bonefish, jacks, cobia and bluefish during the day and baby tarpon at night.  Our guide Captain Chris Morrison always has his eye on the IGFA Record Book.  He noted that several women's categories were

within Patty's reach if she wanted to get her  name in the book.  Always ready to meet a challenge, patty agreed it was worth a try.  On the way to the shark fishing area, Chris stopped his Dolphin flats skiff in a shallow bay, got out his cast net and captured about a dozen big mullets.  The next stop was a hole in a huge flat that Chris said was the result of practice bombing during WWII. He started chunking up mullets and throwing the pieces into the hole.  A couple of 5-foot long Lemon sharks appeared almost instantly.  Then Chris backed the boat up onto the flat while coaxing the sharks up into the shallow water with us.  Repeated chumming with chunks of mullet brought the sharks closer and closer.  In a few minutes there were four of them, all about the same size.  Chris rigged a leader for Patty's 12-weight B2X.  Ten inches of piano wire was attached to the 12-pound test class tipped with and Albright Knot and a reddish orange fly made from rabbit hide was attached to the end of it. 


Sharks have very poor eye sight and Chris instructed Patty that they would only bite if the fly was presented right to the end of their noses.  It took several casts ending in refusals to get the range. The first bite resulted in a broken leader just after the hook-set.  This shark was in excess of 40-pounds and we normally use 20-pound test for fish this large.   The second hook-up was a slightly larger shark that made several healthy runs before coming under control.  Patty's 12-weight BIIX and new Abel Super 12 drained the heavy fish of energy.  Right at the boat, it rolled up in the leader and cut itself free with its abrasive skin and was also gone.  Well better luck next time.


The parts of The Deschutes River that borders the Warm Springs Indian Reservation opened for trout fishing Saturday, April 23.  As predicted the fishing was red hot with water flows and temperature the best seen in years. 
Be sure to stop at The Fly Fishing Shop
 on your way from Portland metro.  We open at 6:00 a.m.  The coffee is on, our rest room is clean and our stock of killer flies is huge.  You will be greeted with a warm friendly smile and fed the latest fishing information by
a staff who is on the water a lot.
We will exceed your expectations!
Up-to-date Deschutes River Fishing Report

Streamworks Lighted Nipper Plus


Patented design features a tiny high-intensity L.E.D. for illumination. Sealed, waterproof light focuses through the cutting edges of the NIPPER, illuminating the eye of the hook. Very helpful in any light.  A hook file/eye cleaning tool nests conveniently in the body of the NIPPER and assists in attaching the fly to a leader.  The LIGHTED NIPPER PLUS CLEAR™ uses the latest injection molding technology and is molded in an engineering grade material. Its ergonomic design fits comfortably in all hand sizes, and will never rust.
Item Description Size Price To Top
SWTL02-1 Streamworks Lighted Nipper Plus, Clear one size $15.95


The Distinguished Order of Permit Angling Purists (D.O.P.A.P.)
(D.O.P.A.P.) is an organization founded for and committed to serving the ravaged souls of its membership as a sort of Permit Anglers Anonymous, dedicated to the celebration and preservation of the self-inflicted, obsessive-compulsive, masochistic, delusional, dysfunctional and tormentive addiction induced by the infectious and ineffectual pursuit of Trachinotus falcatus exclusively with fly rod and reel.
Induction Requirement:
To become a D.O.P.A.P. member, one must catch a permit on the flats, on a fly, and have that accomplishment verified by the signature of a witness.


Humor at left is: Capt. Seemore (as in “see more permit”) staking out artificial permit tails just before his unsuspecting clients arrive.  Image was captured from: D.O.P.A.P Report which is a substantial size color newspaper devoted to the pursuit of permit with flies. Subjects include: where to, how to and who did it.
  I joined D.O.P.A.P. after seeing the first issue of the "Report" and eagerly await the arrival of the every one.  Each issue is packed with copious amounts of information on fly fishing for Permit that is hard to obtain anywhere else. -Mark Bachmann
 If you would like more information on:  D.O.P.A.P.

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Fish long & prosper,
Mark Bachmann, Patty Barnes


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