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Spey Clave Women
The girls are back this year for the World's Largest Women's Spey Casting Event.
May 13 all on-the-water casting & fishing demonstrations are enacted by females. Below are a few of the ladies who are taking part in Women's Day at the Sandy River Spey Clave.
Mia Sheppard
Mia Sheppard
Mia has always had a great fondness for the natural world and finds every reason to be in the outdoors. Born in Tennessee, Mia grew up in the mountains, rock hopping along the river banks and spending hours with her sisters playing in the mud, catching crawdads, and hooking trout with line and worms. Mia is now a sophisticated fly angler who specializes in two-hand casting & fishing. Last year Mia won the women's distance trophy at Spey-O-Ramma. This year Mia has basically assembled "Women's Day" as a turn-key event, which is a huge project, and a job much appreciated by all of the crew at The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon (the event sponsor). Thanks Mia, we probably don't say it enough.
Adrienne Comeau
Adrienne Comeau
Adrienne grew up the product of a free spirited family in Sointula (direct translation “place of harmony”) BC, a tiny community nestled on an island off the northern coastline of Vancouver Island. Surrounded by water and subjected to an outdoor upbringing, she later found a deep appreciation for the elements and made the natural transition into fly fishing. She in now a very respected fishing guide. When you see her cast, you will know she takes her skills very seriously. This will be Adrienne's third year as a presenter at "Women's Day". When Adrienne sent in her bio, it was accompanied with an impressive collection of pictures of her holding many very large steelhead.

April Vokey
 April is a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor and fly-fishing columnist. She is the Steelhead columnist for Fly Fusion magazine and the Canadian field editor for Chasing Silver magazine. Her works and photos can also be found in Salmon Trout Steelheader (STS), Field and Stream, Fly Fisherman, Flyfishing and Tying Journal and several other international publications.

Katherine Hart
Katherine Hart got her fishing start at an early age at her family home just outside Portland, Oregon where they had a small lake with bass and bluegill for her to practice on.
The family would take their summer trips to Central Oregon, where she found her métier in the rivers and lakes of that lovely region. Her passion eventually took her to Alaska, where she met Tim Rajeff. Katherine and Tim traveled to the Kola Peninsula of Russia in 1990 where they started the Ponoi River Lodge. Both of them along with a great team they put together organized, built, and managed the Fly Fishing Lodge on the Ponoi River in Russia for 5 years.
Katherine has been teaching with Tim Rajeff and the Rajeff Fly fishing School since the start of the school. She was the third women in the nation to have qualified as a Masters¹ Level Certified Fly Fishing Instructor by the Federation of Fly Fishers.
Besides fishing, teaching, and bird watching she spends her time working at Rajeff Sports. Tim and Katherine started Rajeff Sports in 2001, they have their own line of Echo Rods and are distributors for various other Fly Fishing products.
Marcy Stone
Marcy Stone
A guide & fly fishing instructor at The Fly Fishing Shop, Marcy also deals with public relations for FlyFishUSA.com. She has been featured many time in the weekly online newsletter, The Fly Fishing Shop Insider. Marcy has elected to give up the spotlight on Women's Day in favor of helping beginners at the Simms sponsored free casting school.

May 13 Women's Day Programs
9:00 - 9:30am
Mary Ann Dozer 
“Nuts and Bolts of Spey Casting”
Mia Sheppard
“Fishing Lines & Leaders"
9:30 - 10:00am
Judy Graham
“Spey Basics”
Katharine Hart
"Switch Rods"
10:00 - 10:30am
 Adrienne Comeau 
In’s and Outs of Skagit Casting
Nicole Darland
“Basics of Spey Casting Reinforced”
10:30 - 11:00am
April Vokey
“Swinging Flies For Steelhead”
Anne Tattam
"Wild Fish Handling
11:00 - 11:30am
Jennifer Mitchell
"The Take & Fighting The Fish"

5:00pm - after dark
Pot Luck and PowerPoint
Bring your favorite dishes
& join the party
11:30am - 12:00am
All The Female Presenters
Free Casting Help On The Beach
FREE Lunch

Rental Waders & Wading Shoes Now Available
New stock of Rental Waders and Boots available NOW! 
The Fly Fishing Shop now has a complete set of Gore-tex chest high waders and AquaStealth sole wading shoes for rent. We can fit most sizes of adult male anglers with top quality wading apparel. Waders with boots rent for $30 per day for a set. This service will be of special interest to the casual angler, as well as the travelling angler who doesn't want to carry wet gear home on an airplane. Call for reservations.
Please have ready for disclosure your shoe size, height, inseam and weight. 

Spey Basics: Tackle & Technique
This little handbook makes two-hand fly casting easier by outlining the most basic techniques, so that every reader can develop a foundation on which to build a dynamic skill-set. It contains 16-pages of useful information for any angler who fishes in flowing water. Though designed with the steelhead/salmon angler in mind. The information contained in this book is suitable for any angling situation, where rapid and efficient changes of direction are need for precise fly presentation.
Subjects covered include: preferred casting stance, how to grip your rod, how to load your rod, achieving a perfect anchor, executing a perfect "D" loop, swivel to the key position, the 180-degree principle, on the parallel, how to choose functioning components, 4 favored outfits, the flies we fish, leader materials, leader designs and formulas, a comparison of modern spey lines, just to name a few. There is also information on fly fishing schools and guided fly fishing trips.
"Spey Basics" can be obtained exclusively from The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, OR.
Get yours Free
at The Sandy River Spey Clave 2011.

Simms Patch Fly Box
A unique foam fly box with a hook back to quickly attach the box to your vest, your waders or your rain jacket fly patch. Quick, easy & so convenient.

  • Same high-density foam found in other Simms Foam Fly Boxes
  • Durable, non-absorbent, non-delaminating texture
  • Magnetic closure
  • Features hook on box back to adhere to your vest, pack or wader
  • Loop on front to accommodate the Simms Super-Fly Patch for more convenient fly storage
  • Made in the USA
  • Simms  Patch fly Box
    Good looking practical fly box that sticks to any Velcro loop surface with hook patch on the box back to adhere to your vest, pack or waders.

    This type of fly patch appears on many Simms products.

    The Simms Fly Patch Fly Box attaches to Simms Fly Patch securely with Velcro hooks.

    The Simms Patch fly Box becomes a great "working box" or a good place for temparary storage for flies that have become wet during use.
    Item Description Size Price To Top
    AFB3102410 Simms Patch Fly Box 2.5" X 3.5" $19.95 SALE ENDED

    Redington Wading Apparel
    Palix River Waders Sonic Pro Zip Waders Skagit Wading Boots
    Our testing on the water discloses that Redington is making some very reliable wading apparel that sells for less money than comparable brands. Check out their new Sonic Welded Seams next time you're in The Fly Fishing Shop, or simply order yours now on the Sonic Zip Pro Waders.
    Redington's new logo. 

    Redington Palix River Waders     Buy NOW!

    A cut above in Redington waders. A feature rich, dependable and durable ally on the water.

    *100% nylon, 3-layer DWR coated wader fabric reinforced 6-layer lower leg
    *Opposing buckles for easy conversion to waist high*High density neoprene bootie
    *Chest pocket with drain holes*Flip-out pocket with YKK zipper
    *Belt loops with wading belt included
    *Integrated gravel-guards
    *Double layer-knee
    *Fleece lined hand-warmer pocket

    We actually field tested these waders during the summer of 2010. They gave outstanding service, far beyond what the low price would indicate.


    Mark Bachmann on the Deschutes river testing the new Redington Palix River Waders...
    Item Description Size Price To Top
    5-WD00735501 Redington Palix River Waders Small $149.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WD00735502 Redington Palix River Waders Medium $149.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WD00735503 Redington Palix River Waders Medium-Long $149.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WD00735504 Redington Palix River Waders Medium-King $149.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WD00735505 Redington Palix River Waders Large $149.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WD00735506 Redington Palix River Waders Large_Long $149.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WD00735507 Redington Palix River Waders X-Large $149.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WD00735508 Redington Palix River Waders XX-Large $149.95 SALE ENDED

    Redington Sonic Pro Zip Front Waders     Buy NOW!

    With Redington's Sonic-Pro waders, thousands of stitch holes found in traditional waders just vanished in the blink of superior technology. As Redington's premier wader, they feature seams welded with sound, not sewn with needles - the latest technology in waterproof waders.

    • 100% nylon, 5- and 3-layer, DWR coated wader fabric
    • 5-layer fabric on lower leg and seat for added durability
    • High-tech Ultra Sonic Welded construction (no sew) and double taped seams throughout
    • Ergonomic hand warmer pockets lined with brushed micro-fleece
    • Laser cut exterior pockets with YKK water resistant zippers
    Custom designed features include:

    • 2" stretch wading belt with Redington buckle
    • Gravel guards with custom moulded lace hook
    • Hemostat clamp d-ring
    • High density, ergonomically shaped neoprene booties
    • Articulated seams for increased mobility
    • Refined fit
    • Mesh carry bag

    Amazingly tough, good-looking, reliable zip-front waders at half the price of comparable brands! Can you believe it?
    Troy Bachmann, Store Manager at The Fly Fishing Shop  (shown here) is known as a fairly aggressive guy. He is a very athletic wader, even in big gnarly steelhead rivers.
    If Redington Sonic Pro Zip Front Waders work for him, they will do the right job for most anglers, including fishing guides.
    Troy Bachmann, Shop Manager, FlyFishUSA.com testing a pair of Redington Sonic Pro Zip-Front Waders
    Redington Sonic Pro Zip-Front Waders are tough enough for steelhead fly fishers...and everyone else too!
    We test waders in tough conditions...
    Redington Breathable Sonic Pro Zip-Front waders keep Troy Bachmann comfortable & dry!
    Item Description Size Price To Top
    5-WD01034701 Redington Sonic Pro Zip Front Waders Small $349.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WD01034702 Redington Sonic Pro Zip Front Waders Medium $349.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WD01034703 Redington Sonic Pro Zip Front Waders Medium Long $349.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WD01034704 Redington Sonic Pro Zip Front Waders Medium King $349.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WD01034705 Redington Sonic Pro Zip Front Waders Large $349.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WD01034706 Redington Sonic Pro Zip Front Waders Large Long $349.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WD01034707 Redington Sonic Pro Zip Front Waders X-Large $349.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WD01034708 Redington Sonic Pro Zip Front Waders XX-Large $349.95 SALE ENDED

    Redington Sonic Pro waders feature sonic welded seams and a zipper front entry/exit with interior zipper pockets for storing gear in a secure/handy location.

    Redington Skagit Felt Sole Boots
    Wading boots with full support, comfort features and durability at moderate price.
    • Rubber rand and toe cap for added abrasion resistance
    • Deep draw lacing for improved ankle support
    • Padded collar and tongue
    • Deep draw lacing with moulded, non-corrosive metal hardware
    • Mesh panels for quick drainage
    • Webbing pull loops for easy entry/exit
    • Stud compatible

    Redington Skagit Boots
    Skagit Boots at work. Troy Bachmann photo.
    Item Description Size Price To Top
    5-WS00937107 Redington Skagit Felt Sole Wading Boots 7 $89.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WS00937108 Redington Skagit Felt Sole Wading Boots 8 $89.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WS00937109 Redington Skagit Felt Sole Wading Boots 9 $89.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WS00937110 Redington Skagit Felt Sole Wading Boots 10 $89.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WS00937111 Redington Skagit Felt Sole Wading Boots 11 $89.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WS00937112 Redington Skagit Felt Sole Wading Boots 12 $89.95 SALE ENDED
    5-WS00937113 Redington Skagit Felt Sole Wading Boots 13 $89.95 SALE ENDED

    Vince Hollingsworth
    Plenty of bright steelhead still available for anglers who are willing to work for them. Pictured here is Vince Hollingsworth. If you want to know more, call Vince at The Fly Fishing Shop 1-800-266-3971.

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    Fish long & prosper,
    Mark & Patty