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Fly Fishing for Chinook Salmon

Fly Fishing for Chinook Salmon With Mark Bachmann

With Mark Bachmann

Spring Chinook are a bit like summer steelhead because they enter the river a few months before spawning. They are the strongest salmonids in our area, averaging 14 to 25 pounds, and they can exceed 40 pounds. Some years, 30 pounders are quite common and when you hook one of these brutes, be prepared for a fight. Book a trip with legendary guide Mark Bachmann, Call 1-800-266-3971

G Loomis PRO4x Fly Rods

G Loomis PRO4x Fly Rods

G. Loomis Pro4X fly rods are economically priced, but meant for playing in the big leagues. There are a lot of specialized models to put you on even terms with the largest and most athletic fish.

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Top Spey Rods For Kings

Top Spey Rods for Kings

Ocean bright kings are the toughest, brawliest of the Pacific Rim salmonids. You might not have to have special tackle to fish for them, but it can be mighty handy if you do. Your average seven weight steelhead rod will prove wimpy for the job. Some of these brutes will go fifty or more pounds and will have no respect for you or your gear.

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Royal Wulff Ambush Line

Chinook Flies

These are the proven patterns for spring Chinook salmon. Give yourself a better chance to hook into one of these monster kings.

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Simms Foam Boat Patch

RIO InTouch Level T 30'

These lines come in two configurations for your convenience: 30' coils looped at each end, and 500' spools. The new InTouch Lines offer significant advantages over older designs. First, each weight is color coded so that it is much easier to quickly identify which weight you are dealing with. The new lines also have a core, which allows individual anglers to customize their own loops with heat.

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