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Redington Wader Rebate

1. Purchase any qualifying Redington wader models between April 1, 2015 and September 11, 2015

2. Go to www.redington.com/waderrebate and download the rebate form

3. Send in the complete rebate form along with proof of purchase
before September September 25, 2015.


$50 VISA CARD: SonicDry Fly, Sonic-Pro Stocking Foot Wader

$25 VISA CARD: Palix

TFO Pandion Series Two-Handed Rods
The Pandion Series two-handed rods series was designed by renowned expert Nick Curcione primarily for fishing from beaches in saltwater or large lakes. It turns out that The Pandian Series are also regarded by some experienced anglers (such as Al Lind pictured above) as the ultimate skagit casting tools for steelhead and salmon. Pandion rods are light in the hand yet extremely powerful, delivering extreme distance with minimal effort. Whether you are launching flies into the surf, or you're knee deep in your favorite steelhead run, these rods let you cover more water—putting your fly in front of fish that you couldn't reach with your single hand rods. Pandion rods are built with TFO's Kevlar Axiom technology making them incredibly smooth with remarkable distance and damping qualities.
Pandion rods are emerald green with rich blue wraps and highlights and finished with Flor grade cork with stylish burled accents. The rods feature an anodized aluminum reel seat with a matching woven graphite insert. Titanium oxide stripping guides and chromium impregnated snake guides further adorn this handsome blank. Available in 6-, 8-, and 9-weight.
Pandion Series Two-Handed Rods Pandion Series Chart
Model Line Length Pieces Weight (OZ) Grain Weight Price
TF 06 129-4 P 6 Wt. 12' 9" 4 8.4 400 - 500 $379.95
TF 08 133-4 P 8 Wt. 13' 3" 4 9.2 500 - 650 $389.95
TF 09 139-4 P 9 Wt 13' 9" 4 10.1 700 - 750 $399.95
Item Description Price To Top
TF 06 129-4 P TFO Pandion Spey Rod, Length 12-feet 9-inches, for line-6, includes rodc case $379.95 Sale Ended
TF 08 133-4 P TFO Pandion Spey Rod, Length 13-feet 3-inches, for line-8, includes rodc case $389.95 Sale Ended
TF 09 139-4 P TFO Pandion Spey Rod, Length 13-feet 9-inches, for line-9, includes rodc case $399.95 Sale Ended
Water Boatman Flies
Skip Morris' Water Boat Man

Skip Morris does a lot of lake fishing.
Here is what he says about his Boatman pattern:
In spring and fall, water boatmen and backswimmers (which look and act the same and really are the same as far as trout are concerned) fly out in swarms to nose-dive into lakes and drive trout wild. The Morris Water Boatman fly includes all the right parts combined in all the right ways to imitate these important trout-lake insects: a metal bead to hold the fly just underwater like the naturals, a realistic mottled back, a glossy body flashing light as the insects' bubble-encased bodies flash light, and lively rubber paddling legs.
Have Skip Morris's Morris Water Boatman on hand so you can get in on the action when it comes on your favorite trout lake.

Item Description Size Price To Top
SKB265 Water Boatman Fly, Morris' 14 3 for $6.75 Sale Ended
Water Boatman, Burke's
Water boatmen are reported to occur in fresh water through out most of the world. In certain local ponds lakes and reservoirs they occur in dense populations. In the edge water of many local rivers with habitats as diverse as the spring fed Deschutes to the glacial fed Sandy River, water boatmen populations can be very prolific. When other aquatic insects are still dormant from the cold of winter, water boatmen can be very active. Water boatmen have the hind two pairs of legs fitted with hairs and the outer joints of the hind legs are oar-shaped which allows them to paddle and swim. Adults range in length from 3/16 to 3/8 inch long and are usually dull colored brown or olive. Water boatmen often swim in open water where they are easy prey for trout. They are comfortable in cold water and often a good choice for an early season trout fly in lakes. Water Boatmen are strong swimmers. Retrieve your fly with quick six inch strips. Water boatmen are often prolific in lake edge-water when the lake levels are high in early spring. The best line for fishing these areas is the Teeny 5' Phantom Tip.
Item Description Size Price To Top
14072 Water Boatman Fly, Burke's 12 3 for $6.75 Sale Ended
Bugs Of The Underworld - Essential Knowledge For Trout The Trout Fisher
Ralph & Lisa Cutter
Ralph & Lisa Cutter Cal School of Fly Fishing, June 2007
Subject Category: Trout Fly Fishing Videos
Binding Type: DVD
Retail Price: $29.95 ISBN: 0-RLC-10 UPC: 880414009994
11 years, 8 cameras, 3 countries, countless breaths underwater. Extraordinary underwater footage follows the life cycles of mayflies, stoneflies, caddisflies, & other amazing bugs. Flyfishers will gain valuable insights as they see how insects behave & what they really look like to trout! 40 min.
Item Description Price To Top
Travis Johnson To Present at The Sandy River Spey Clave, May 16, 10:30-11:00 AM

Travis Johnson began his fly fishing career at the ripe old age of 12. He was that kid who could not learn enough about anything and everything to do with fly fishing. Travis landed his first Deschutes red-side at age 14 and his first summer steelhead at age 16. His passion for fishing with a fly has taken him all over the world and his wisdom of fishing the western United States surpasses most young men his age. Having guided the Sandy, Clackamas and the Deschutes Rivers for over 11 years, Travis has learned how to find even the toughest of fish with success, while bringing an infectious energy to the game that will leave you invigorated and inspired. As for the fly side of things, Travis offers a fresh perspective on style, size, color and water type stemming from a literal library of knowledge and countless hours behind a fly rod and guiding people into fish. His passion for double handed rods started at 19, and continues as he tries to push the edeg of the speycasting world with two world champoinships, and the current world record holder.


Jon Hazlett To Present at The Sandy River Spey Clave, Sunday May 17. 9:00-9:30 AM

"Jon worked as a full-time guide for fifteen years at venues including Alaska, Colorado, NorCal, and Southern Oregon. Jon first picked up a spey rod in 1999. Since then, he has dedicated to the craft of two-handed casting and angling. He has taught hundreds of fly-fisherman the merits of two-handed casting through guiding, Sage endorsed clinics, private instruction, and regular appearances at the Sandy River Spey Clave. He is a contract fly designer for Solitude Fly Company which includes the "Dirk Wiggler" and "Deuce Wigalo" flies.
Jon currently guides his local waters on a part-time basis and works at The Ashland Fly Shop, where he teaches classes, does private instruction, writes articles, and performs various other shop duties. He resides in Medford, OR with his wife Jamie, two dogs, Romeo and Jr., and Sookie, their new kitten."


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