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Spey Schools Continue Into Chinook Season

Spey schools continue and are very successful

Our Customers Learn!

Mark and Hawkeye are excellent instructors. I give this school and the instructors the highest of recommendations. We learned more than we anticipated, had so much fun hanging out with Hawkeye on the river and everytime Mark spoke we absorbed every word he had to say. Mark is like like that Veteran when he walks in a room and says something, you had better be paying attention because it's like "gospel." Hawkeyes energy, positive attitude and desire to make you the best fisherman you can be is contagious. They were a great duo and I hope to attend more courses and fishing trips with them. Great times!!!!

Ken Hansen, Grangeville, Idaho

Sculpzilla flies in trout mouth


April is a good time to fish with streamer flies. Use a sinking tip line. I used a Skagit or Switch Shooting Head and 7 1/2' to 10' of T7 to T8 sinking tip. The Sculpzilla flies have done best in the spring for trout: all colors, but especially Olive in size #8

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Morell fly box filled with flies

Morell Fly Boxes ON SALE!

Morell fly boxes are easy to open and close, are nearly unbreakable, and they float. They may be the lightest weight fly boxes manufactured today. Made entirely of multi-density foam with a soft pliable skin of nylon satin on the outside, these boxes are soft to the touch, but protect and organize your flies. On Sale until April 1, 2017 

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The Complete Cast DVD

The Complete Cast DVD with Lefty Kreh & Ed Jaworowski

The tackle used and the manner of delivering an artificial lure to game fish separates fly fishing from every other fishing method. Legendary fishermen Lefty Kreh and Ed Jaworowski will demonstrate, explain, and teach the elements common to all casts with a single-handed rod.

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Pro Sportfisher UV Resin Thin Flex

Pro Sportfisher UV Resin Thin Flex

This NEW UV Resin has many properties that make it easy to use and unique in both the bonding and coating fields. That is because it has an unusually long strand molecule structure. If used properly, Pro Sportfisher UV Resin Thin Flex is a total game changer when it comes to installing eyes on large saltwater flies. It will bond tightly to all different materials and it retains just the right amount of flexibility.

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