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Sandy River Spey Clave 2017, More about Friday

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The Second Three Programs, To Deepen Your Spey Casting Knowledge

During the second three sessions Tom Larimer, Jeff Hickman & Brian Styskal will provide more insights into techniques that will build even more line speed, accuracy and control.

Lesson #4: Economy Of Motion - A compact stance and body mechanics saves energy and results in repeatable casting moves that saves energy and increases efficiency, and cuts casting fatigue.

Lesson #5: Preserving Casting Accuracy - Accuracy is as important as distance. Only one end of a fish eats. It is better to place your fly in front of that end. Jeff will explain and demonstrate moves that enable you to cast with great precision.

Lesson #6: Adding Distance - "You can only catch fish you can reach", is one of the few provable statements about fly fishing. Brian will share his knowledge acquired as a tournament distance caster so that you too will be able to cast long lines.

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American Opossum Fur

American Opossum under-fur has long been regarded as the best natural substitute for harp seal dubbing fur. The thick lustrous mid-length fur is the best for this purpose. Recently, Scandinavian fly tiers have found that American Opossum is a perfect winging material for Atlantic Salmon style flies.

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Pro Sportfisher Generation 3 Jungle Cock Eyes

These synthetic jungle cock eyes are hard to tell from the real bird feathers, except they are all perfect and real ones rarely are. These are the third generation of hyper-realistic jungle cock eyes from Pro Sportfisher, and every generation keeps getting more durable, better looking and easier to tie with.

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Bugs floating on water

Veevus Fly Tying Thread

VEEVUS, based in Denmark, has created a range of light, strong fly tying thread with a wide selection of colors. All VEEVUS thread has breaking strength twice above comparable sizes of all other companies, in some cases by substantial margins. Nice to tie with and splits easily for dubbing!

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The Fly Fishing Shop's huge selection of fly tying material and tools

Fry Flies

All Pacific salmon spawn in the fall. Their eggs hatch during late winter and early spring during March, and April, sometimes even into May. Runs of Chinooks, Chums, Pinks, Cohos, Sockeye and Kokanee Salmon create egg drift and flesh drift, but what often goes unnoticed is the super hatch of fry emergence, which happens months later.

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