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Sandy River Spey Clave 2018

Ten Mile Dawn: Ron Bonacker

Veteran Casting Instructors!

Day One (Friday, May 18) is Beginners Day, which features programs for beginning Spey caster/anglers. All presentations on Friday are designed to give the learning angler a foundation of good basics. Day Two (Saturday, May 19) expands on what Day One has taught you.

The Power of Olive

Intruders Part 2: Propping Materials.

Tying technique, material, and how to properly structure the prop for an intruder. 

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Royal Wulff Ambush Lines

March Brown Mayflies

Western March Browns (or simply March Browns) are your first "easy-to-see" mayfly hatch of the new season.

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Epoxy Mono Crab-Shrimp Eyes

Special Spey School May 21-22

Immediately following the 2018 Sandy River Spey Clave!

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Bead Head Caddis Larva

Fly Tying Scissors

A high quality pair of scissors may be the most essential tool for tying high quality fishing flies.

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