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Super Fat Cat LCS
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Outcast Super Fat Cat LCS
LCS stands for "Line Control System", which incorporates a new apron system held in place by adjustable stays. This allows the angler to raise or lower the apron to individual preference. The apron is more uniformly flat which reduces line friction & tangles, allowing longer, smoother casts. We tested this new boat nearly a year ago and the LCS Apron truly does make a big difference.

LCS allows longer smoother casts by reducing annoying line tangles !!!

Outcast Super Fat Cat LCS, the new standard in float tubes !!!

Outcast Super Fat Cat LCS has lots of room and floats high !!!

At 12-pounds the Outcast Super Fat Cat LCS is easy to pack !!!

Handy storage allows easy access to gear !!!

Comfort, convenience and durability accurately describe the Super Fat Cat-LCS. An inflatable seat and backrest are more comfortable than foam seat float tubes and positions the angler out of the water for a warmer, drier ride. Casting and landing fish has been improved with the adjustable height stripping apron. The conveniently placed gear pockets with beverage holders and behind the seat storage contain gear for a day on the water. The 600-denier PVC bottom resists snags, sharp rocks and everyday wear and tear.   The built in floatation makes the Fat Cat series among the World's safest watercraft. Float Tube Accessories     Float Tube Lakes.

Always wear a life jacket on uncertain water!


Inflated Size

Tube Dia.

Weight Capacity


Ship Size

Su[er Fat Cat

45" X 64"


300 lbs.

12 lb.

20" X13" X 18"

• 1000 denier PVC bottom / Pack-cloth top
• urethane bladder / 1"Halkey Roberts valve
• air seat and air backrest
• NEW large pockets with beverage holder
• NEW LCS stripping apron
• 5-year Warranty
• Available in green, red and willow (light green)

The Outcast Super Fat Cat LCS Line Apron has lots of room !!!

Item Model Color Price To Top
200-000211 Outcast Super Fat Cat Float Tube Green $369 SALE OVER

200-000221 Outcast Super Fat Cat Float Tube Red $369 SALE OVER

200-000231 Outcast Super Fat Cat Float Tube Willow $369 SALE OVER


Bonefish Hotel
Normally we are as far from glitz and glamour as you can get. Welches, Oregon is far from the social center of the Universe. The Andros South Bonefish Camp where we spent a week, is also out in the pucker brush, and that is part of it's charm.  However, in order to make plane connections back to the States an over night stay in Nassau was required and we found ourselves roomed on the seventh floor of the Wyndham Hotel on famous Cable Beach. Cable Beach was famous in the 1960's as a hangout for the likes of Frank Sinatra and some of the other notorious partiers of the era. In the Wyndham each room has a balcony and ours looked down on a shallow, protected swimming area that opened into the ocean. Surrounding the pool were rows of lounge chairs, a restaurant, bar and kids water slide. As we watched from above, we became aware that a school of over a hundred large bonefish were stationed in the deepest area of the pool.  We watched as swimmers paddled through the

school while totally unaware of the fish. The next morning the bonefish were still there. We rigged a rod and caught several before the swimmers showed up. At times while looking off the balcony, we spied on other schools of smaller bonefish as they passed along the beach followed by barracudas and mantas.  The ocean along the Bahamas seems very healthy.

Bonefish Puff

On a recent trip to Andros South Bonefish Camp, we drifted up within casting range of a whitish streak of clouded water. It was being caused by bonefish rooting for food buried in the bottom of the shallow flat. Sometimes bonefish hydraulically excavate food organisms from soft silt by squirting jets of water from their mouths. This results in a cloud of debris which drifts with the current, sometimes for many yards. The cloud is called a "Mud". As we slowly approached the mudding fish, I offered a fly box and asked our guide Fredlon what fly to use.

To my surprise he pointed to a pattern which had been introduced to us by Derrick Muchamp on our first bonefish trip to Belize back in 1982, the Orange Puff. The fly was attached to the leader and cast blindly into the whitish cloud. After allowing time for the fly to sink, several jerky strips got a crisp strike. This and several more medium size bonefish fell for the fly in quick succession. When I asked Fredlon what the bonefish thought the Puff fly looked like, he replied with a big grin, "Pink jelly beans, man! Who can refuse them?"

Pink Puff
This is a variation of the fly attributed to Capt. Neil Bohannon which was first tied in the 1970's as the Mini Puff. The original was light pink in color. Our modification using slightly different colors has proven to be even more productive under many situations.
Item Description Size Price To Top
64207-06 Pink Puff, Bonefish Fly 6 3 for $5.85 SALE OVER


Simms New G4 Jacket

G4 Pro Jacket
The next generation in rain jackets - the G4 Pro Jacket is Simms most technical jacket and features GORE-TEX® Pro Shell fabric for incredible performance and durability.

  • 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell fabric is exceptionally lightweight and offers the ultimate in breathability, durability and extended comfort

  • Heavier nylon face fabric in shoulders for additional durability and lighter weight nylon face fabric in body for packability

  • Bellowed chest pockets with hook & loop closure under storm flap

  • Center-front zipper and 2 zippered chest pockets feature YKK® water-resistant zippers with anti-corrosion sliders

  • Patented built-in retractors and tippet pockets featuring Schoeller®-dynamic stretch fabric

  • The only rain jacket in the Simms line to include pit zips - offering additional ventilation

  • Quick-drying, microfleece-lined hand warmer pockets & adjustable, breathable stretch cuffs

  • Lightweight adjustable storm hood offers superior coverage & protection

  • Large back pocket with vertical water-resistant YKK® zipper

Our Tests In The Field

Over 60-days on the water since October 2007 conclude that this is a very waterproof, wind proof, durable, practical garment.
Item Description Size Price To Top
OGG10811720 Simms G4 Pro Jacket Small $449.95 SALE OVER

OGG10811730 Simms G4 Pro Jacket Medium $449.95 SALE OVER

OGG10811740 Simms G4 Pro Jacket Large $449.95 SALE OVER

OGG10811750 Simms G4 Pro Jacket X-Large $449.95 SALE OVER

OGG10811760 Simms G4 Pro Jacket XX-Large $449.95 SALE OVER


No Purple Heart

When I set the hook the big bonefish ripped twenty feet of dry fly line through my grip that burnt a scorching groove into my index finger. The charred skin smelled like someone had thrown a feather pillow into a fire. Not surprising, no one in the boat offered sympathy. Line burns like this get more common as your line gets dirty. A clean and well lubricated fly line creates less friction in your hands as well as your guides. Clean your fly line often. Once every couple of days when fishing fresh water, and every day when fishing saltwater.

AgentX® Line Dressing
The AgentX Line Dressing is specifically formulated to enhance the performance of all modern fly lines. Treated lines will cast farther, remain clean longer and float higher than untreated lines. RIO’s proprietary AgentX formulation features lubricants used in the new AgentX lines that will keep the line slick and clean longer than competitors’ dressings. Easy to apply with a soft cloth. Allow 30 minutes or so to dry before buffing off.
One oz bottle. This kit comes with four Wonder Clothes. Wonder Cloths are specifically designed to scrub and clean fly lines.

Item Description Size Price To Top
26075 Rio AgentX Line Dressing Kit With Wonder Cloth 1 oz. $8.95 SALE OVER -->SALE ENDED

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