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Everything About Intruders’, Part 1

Ten Mile Dawn: Ron Bonacker

A Brief History of The Intruder Fly and the Intruder Chassis

In today's modern steelheading world there's one fly or category of fly that's on the front of every angler and tiers mind; the intruder.

The Power of Olive

Trout Spey Investigation

March 17, Saturday, 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. at The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon


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Royal Wulff Ambush Lines

Gloves For Fly Fishing

There are many reasons anglers use gloves while fly fishing. Protection being the number one reason.

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Epoxy Mono Crab-Shrimp Eyes

Buff Multifunctional Headwear

There are a lot of Buff copycats out there. I've worn a few. None compare. Save your money. Just buy Buff.

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Bead Head Caddis Larva

Mark's Scedule is filling up!

Lots of folks spend big bucks and go to Alaska for Chinooks. True Alaska Chinooks are often bigger, but Oregon Chinooks bite flies just as well and you don't have to worry about bears or skeeters while you are fishing.

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