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Sage Casting Analyzer
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John Jones, Pete Gadd, Josh Linn & Tom Blessining using the Analyzer. The Sage Casting Analyzer.

The Sage Fly Casting Analyzer is the first of its kind in the Fly Tackle industry. Now you can have a quantitative analysis of your basic casting stroke. With this analysis and its proper interpretation, fly casters have the ability to see their cast on paper and in graph format and compare it to the experts in the field. With the information on each fly caster and the comparisons, each caster will be able to improve their casting quickly by identifying and working on their problem areas. Traditionally fly casting instructors relied on the naked eye to identify casting problems. Now fly casting instructors can pinpoint the problem areas quickly and correct mistakes.

The Sage Casting Analyzer took several years of  development at the University of Michigan with the help of the most knowledgeable rod designers and fly casters in the industry. The analyzer breaks down the basic casting stroke into 8 categories of the forward and back cast. The analyzer is available only at select Sage Rod Company dealers throughout the US (such as The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, OR).

We are one three dealers in Oregon with the New Sage Casting Analyzers. This easy to use piece of equipment will show the areas in which all casters need refinement in order to progress in both distance and accuracy.

This is how it works.  A Palm Pilot gathers information from a gyro attached to the fly rod. It allows for immediate review in the field, while an in-store kiosk, complete with a Mac G5 allows for viewing in a larger format.  An attached printer allows detailed reports. The analyzer measures six separate components critical to a proper fly cast: peak speed, casting arc, smoothness ratio, deceleration, stop and rod load. In addition, there are several sub-categories resulting from the core components: creep, drift and symmetry.

The Sage Analyzer gathers scientific data, with the assistance of the gyro that is attached to the reel-seat of a 9-foot, 5-weight Sage XP fly rod which is used to perform the casting tests. The gyro gathers information as the caster moves the fly rod during the casting motions and relays this information to a hand-held palm pilot, which in turn stores the data gathered during the test.

The test basically consists of the caster making ten false casts with a fixed amount of fly line (30', 40' or 50').  Your casting data is compared to data from previously loaded "expert" test results. You can keep this data for comparison to future tests and see your improvements on paper.

What is most interesting, is to read the data gathered from the same angler who takes successive tests with the Sage Casting Analyzer and uses this information to improve themselves over a period of several weeks.  Most often there is a marked improvement in casting skills as the student gains a better understanding of how a good cast is achieved. 

We have heard from the online talk sites that the "Analyzer" is nothing but a gimmick to sell Sage fly rods.  There was much discussion about adapting the equipment to other brands of rods.  This whole train of thought misses the point.  Changing rod actions to compensate for bad casting habits is one way of improving your presentation, but doesn't really improve your stroke.  What the Analyzer does is allow you to compare what goes on inside your body and mind to casters that are regarded as the best available.  Beyond that, the Analyzer is non-biased.  It doesn't care how much money you have set aside for a new fly rod.  It does is tell you how to get the best out of any rod that is available, including all of the rods you already own. 

Come to The Fly Fishing Shop and try the Analyzer for FREE !!!

Our Sage Casting Analyzer will be available for free tests of your casting skills
every week end.  Just ask any of our staff for help.

Photo by Jeff Runner

Steelhead continue to trickle into our local rivers in good fishable numbers.  The Sandy, Clackamas, Hood River and Washougal all have steelhead and are at a perfect level for fly fishing.  The water in all these rivers is still at winter temperatures.  Fish slow and deep.
The Fly Fishing Shop has by far, the widest selection of two-hand fly rods available in one place in the Pacific Northwest (maybe the World).

"We know!" 
Pete Gadd guides steelhead trips from The Fly Fishing Shop and puts outdoor gear to the ultimate test...
Each member of our staff all goes fly fishing nearly every week and many members guide fly fishing trips.  We all use the stuff we sell (repeatedly) under actual field conditions. This field testing can save you, the customer a lot of time and money.  We know what works.
Our experience tells us, you will find out whether your waders and rain jacket are any good while you're wading deep in a big rain swollen Pacific Northwest steelhead river, trying to keep up with something that is intent of relieving your reel of all that pretty orange backing.

New for 2006, the Simms Rivertek Wading Jacket is Extreme Wet Weather rated.  This high-tech jacket is incredibly light and loaded with innovative features.
Simms Rivertek Wading Jacket
  • New for 2006, this Extreme Wet Weather rated, high-tech jacket is incredibly light and loaded with innovative features3-layer Gore-Tex® fabric technology

  • 100% rip-stop nylon face fabric with faille weave in yoke and shoulders for additional durability

  • Watertight, breathable stretch cuff

  • Adjustable storm hood featuring Gore-Tex® PacLite® fabric for closer adjustment around head and easier storage

  • Brushed polyester collar lining with DWR treatment stows hood

  • YKK center-front nylon tooth zipper with storm flap for durable, waterproof protection

  • Four low-profile, water resistant pockets store fly boxes and Maxima spools

  • Accessories include forceps tab, retractor docking station, retractors, Simms Super

  • Imported
    Color: Navy  (Steller's Jay Blue) very stealthy.


Item Description Size Price To Top
ORJ1060620 Simms Rivertek Wading Jacket, Navy S $379.95

ORJ1060630 Simms Rivertek Wading Jacket, Navy M $379.95

ORJ1060640 Simms Rivertek Wading Jacket, Navy L $379.95

ORJ1060650 Simms Rivertek Wading Jacket, Navy XL $379.95

ORJ1060660 Simms Rivertek Wading Jacket, Navy XXL $379.95


Newest Tarpon Flies
Tarpon will begin their annual migration along the Florida Coast very soon.  There are probably tarpon starting to appear in the back country along the Florida Keys right now.  It is time to take stock of your tarpon hunting equipment and ammunition.  Lines wear out.  Hooks get rusty.  Do you have enough leaders?  Have you hired your guide?

Palolo Worm, Tarpon Fly Tarpon Screamer, Orange-Black
Tarpon Destroyer, Orange-Yellow Tarpon Screamer, Purple-Black
Tarpon Destroyer, Purple-Black  

Mark Bachmann with a Florida tarpon

Like the patterns used for other game fish, tarpon flies are constantly evolving as anglers search for the "magic bullet".  Some flies, like the Palolo Worm, are tied to match a hatch.  Others mimic bait fish or shrimp.  Others might "spark the internal instincts".  Whatever the pattern, tarpon are big strong fish and tarpon flies need to be tied on very strong hooks. The flies listed below are tied on Gamakatsu SC15-2H hooks for total reliability. 

Cade Burgdorf, owner of the Outcast Fly Shop in Homosassa Florida invented these new flies and this is what he says about them:  "Homosassa is home to the largest Tarpon in the state, many fly fishing records have been set here. Some of these fish are very old and return year after year, and I believe that they are a lot smarter than many people give them credit for. I believe that to be consistent you have to make flies that are different from year to year. Other then the Palolo worm I don't use the match the hatch mentality, I try to "spark the internal instincts" that I believe all BIG fish rely on, especially when fishing pressure is heavy. I spend a lot of my time trying to fool laid up fish cause you can spend a lot of time on the water doing nothing if you are waiting for feeding fish. I believe that when tarpon are feeding that the best fly is whatever you have tied on your leader at that time. They are often non-selective feeders. The real trick is to encourage strikes from inactive fish and then you have a real good fly.  It takes lots of experience to know what will work."

Palolo Worm, Tarpon Fly
This fly represents the epitoke, which is the reproductive anterior section of the Palolo Worm. Palolo Worms live in burrows which they excavate into the limestone of old coral reefs.  During full moon periods in late May and early June, the epitoke of each worm separates from the main body of the worm and swims to

Palolo Worm, Tarpon Fly
the surface of the water.  There the epitokes mate enmass, drawing huge numbers of very selective tarpon to feed on them.  If you plan on fishing the "worm hatch" in the Florida Keys, this is a have to have fly.
Item Description Size Price To Top
06614-2/0 Palolo Worm, Tarpon Fly 2/0 $3.95


Tarpon Destroyer, Orange-Yellow


Tarpon Destroyer, Orange-Yellow
Item Description Size Price To Top
06617-3/0 Tarpon Destroyer, Orange-Yellow 3/0 $3.95


Tarpon Destroyer, Purple-Black


Item Description Size Price To Top
06618-3/0 Tarpon Destroyer, Purple-Black 3/0 $3.95


Tarpon Screamer, Orange-Black Tarpon Screamer, Orange-Black
Item Description Size Price To Top
06619-3/0 Tarpon Screamer, Orange-Black 3/0 $3.95


Tarpon Screamer, Purple-Black Tarpon Screamer, Purple-Black
Item Description Size Price To Top
06620-3/0 Tarpon Screamer, Purple-Black 3/0 $3.95


Andre Scholz to Appear at The Sandy River Spey Clave
2:00pm - 2:30pm, Saturday, May 13.
Andre Scholz with an Atlantic Salmon

The R.L. Winston Rod Company is proud to announce the addition of Andre Scholz as a special member of the Winston Pro Staff.  Andre, 27, resides in Bochum, Germany, near Düsseldorf and Cologne.  He has made a name for himself in Germany and Scandinavia as a Two Handed Casting Instructor.  His exceptionally smooth, almost effortless casting and detailed knowledge of the sport have brought scores of students to his European casting clinics.

Winston rod designer, Sam Drukman, and Andre met at the 2004 FFR Show in Denver. Sam was immediately impressed with Andre’s masterful technique.  Since then Andre has worked closely with Sam in designing new Boron IIx Spey models.  He is also representing Winston at various domestic and international fly fishing venues. We expect great things from Andre’s association with R.L. Winston Rod Co.

We might also mention that we go a sneak preview and field test of Winston's new BIIX 15' #10 two-hander.  Revolutionary is the term that comes to mind.  It throws a 9/10/11 WindCutter (the whole line) and weighs xxx.  It will blow your wader off !!! 
If you want to try this rod at the Sandy River Spey Clave, expect to wait in line.

Deschutes Redsides On The Bite
by: J. Morgan Jones

Mouth of the creek at Jones Canyon where the gravel bar has changed... "Karl on the Deschutes last week with a Winston BIIx (4wt), Rio Grand line, Bauer Reel and his pet fish "Lippy Louie."

Deschutes. Dateline...Tues the 28th. 
This was the first trip of the year for myself. Water was a bit high, (4,800 cfs) not bad.
With last winter's sustained flows of around 12,000 cfs, many of the "holes" Karl and I looked at had changed dramatically. Large portions of the shoreline has been stripped of small trees and brush. You will find large deadwood piles well out of the current water flow. In many places, the gravel on the bottom of the river has shifted around. When the bottom of the river is altered, the flows are also changed, and the fish will move to take best advantage of the new circumstances. If you are familiar with the river in the past you will be able to figure it out easily enough. but be aware that some of your favorite spots have changed. The "flushing" action of high flows cleans the river bed of old vegetation and sort of renews the river bed. New holding areas are created, more food will become available as light reaches new areas and the fish population will increase in proportion with the additional food supply.

Back to the river report.... water was off color and seemed to be clearing during the day. We expected slow fishing, but were dismayed to find that this was not the case. Fishing was better than expected. Small black stones and Egg patterns were working well when fished deep in the new holding areas. Traffic is way down. This is a great time to go fish the Deschutes.


George Cook with a winter steelhead.

Elementary Spey Casting School  2
with George Cook, Mark Bachmann & Brian Silvey.  This school was postponed to March 25 due to flood waters in January.  Due to cancellations, there are two spots open in the afternoon session. 
Get four hours of attention by three experienced Spey casting teachers for $75.  Class will be held at Oxbow Park on the Sandy River. First come, first served.
Click here to sign up.

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Fish long & prosper,
Mark Bachmann, Patty Barnes


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