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Lady Gaga's
RIO Grip Shooter
Wading Staffs
EP Brushes

Lady GaGa Intruder, Blue and White
Using the scientific approach late one night at the tying bench, keen tournament caster and steelhead guide Travis Johnson was imbibing copious amounts of fine Scotch, when he sneezed into a pile of loose marabou and the Lady GaGa Series was born...divine intervention or blind luck? Any steelhead guide can use the help of both.
While guiding steelhead trips on many different rivers of the Pacific Northwest, Travis has developed some definite ideas about how steelhead see. The blue & white Lady GaGa has proven to be very effective in clear, cold water conditions.
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37-0770-TB Lady GaGa Intruder, Blue and White 3.5 inches 3 for $10.50 Sale Ended

Blue and White Lady GaGa accounts for another winter steelhead. Photo by: Darcy Bacha.
Lady GaGa Intruder, Purple and Pink
This is the high water version of the Lady GaGa, incorporating both fluorescent pink and copper flash into the mix of materials. Travis has noticed that copper flash is productive, especially when the water is off-color. Lady GaGa flies are tied on Pro FlexiTubes. Lady GaGa flies come with #4 Octopus hooks. Many hooks fit these flies. Travis prefers to use Gamakatsu Drop Shot Hooks in size-1 as a trailer hook.  Another popular hook is the Daiichi X452 in size-2. This style of hook is pulled up inside the built in hook-holder.
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37-0780-TB Lady GaGa Intruder, Purple and Pink 3.5 inches 3 for $10.50 Sale Ended

This summer steelhead fell for a Purple and Pink Lady GaGa. Photo by:  Travis Johnson

Travis Johnson with another steelhead that fell for Lady GaGa.

RIO GripShooter

A super hard, slick finish oval-shaped nylon shooting line with a bright orange handling line coated onto it for a better grip while casting. The main line is SlickShooter which has an extremely low coefficient of friction for long distance casts. These lines are "looped" for easy changing of shooting heads.

Length: 100 feet

Item Description Size Price To Top
6-19040 RIO GripShooter, Blue 25 pound-test $29.95 Sale Ended
6-19041 RIO GripShooter, Orange 35 pound-test $29.95 Sale Ended
6-19042 RIO GripShooter, Red 44 pound-test $29.95 Sale Ended
6-19043 RIO GripShooter, Yellow 50 pound-test $29.95 Sale Ended

Dan Bailey's Simms Super FolStaf
Sometimes it's nice to have something to lean on...

Super Folstaf

  • Cork handle - Folstaf® wading staff floats!
  • Long nylon lanyard with wooden keeper bead attaches to your wading belt.
  • Folstaf® leather belt-holster included.
  • Folstaf® is constructed with the highest grade aircraft aluminum:
    • 3/4" tubing for heavy water,
      12.5-14.5 oz.
  • Heavy duty shock cord:
  • Double shock cord for 3/4" Folstaf® wading staffs.
  • Durable black anodized finish on all Folstaf® models.
  • Carbide tip for safe, secure grip.
  • Folds to only 9 inches, yet extends quickly.
  • Folstaf® wading staff is designed and engineered to snap together the second you need it.
Item Description Size Price To Top
3351-52 Super Folstaf Wading Staff, Regular 50" $120.00 Sale Ended
  3351-20 Super Folstaf Wading Staff, Long 59" $124.00 Sale Ended

Dan Bailey's Shock Corded Wading Staff
Remove it from your belt sheath and it automatically assembles itself! Comes with sheath and cord tether with harness snap. Rugged and dependable.
Item Description Size Price To Top
3143-10 Dan Bailey's Shock Corded Wading Staff 49" $83.95 Sale Ended
3143-11 Dan Bailey's Shock Corded Wading Staff 57" $83.95 Sale Ended

Simms Folding Wading Staff

There when you need it, for additional stability when making a river crossing.
  • Innovative, durable wading staff
  • 52 or 56 inches in length
  • Staff breaks down to fit in a convenient neoprene sheath
  • Coated steel cable secures sections
  • Includes wading staff retractor
Simms Wading Staff
Item Description Size Price To Top
AWS3001 Simms Wading Staff 52" $149.95 Sale Ended
AWS3002 Simms Wading Staff 56" $149.95 Sale Ended

EP Anadromous Brush


Don’t be deceived by the name. The EP Anadromus Brush not only makes fantastic Salmon and Steelhead flies but also will create outstanding saltwater flies in larger sizes. Just to give you an idea, if you would like to tie a classic Sea Ducer you can palmer it with this brush instead of using hackle. And you can tie flies large enough to attract sharks, barracudas, pike and muskies. Salmon and steelhead love this stuff. You will see the difference. 6 Brushes per pack. 10” long
Item Description Color Price To Top
EPJ1 EP Anadromous Brushes, Sky Blue   $8.50 Sale Ended
EPJ4 EP Anadromous Brushes, Purple $8.50 Sale Ended
EPJ7 EP Anadromous Brushes, Black   $8.50 Sale Ended
EPJ9 EP Anadromous Brushes, Fluorescent Orange   $8.50 Sale Ended
EPJ340 EP Anadromous Brushes, Shrimp Pink   $8.50 Sale Ended

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