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Prom Dress Flies
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Prom Dress Flies
Blue  Copper  Fuchsia  Purple 
The Prom Dress Series of flies tied by Scott Howell has been around, but under cover, for several years. We first made them available in December, 2009. Mark landed a steelhead from the Sandy river with a blue Prom Dress in the first hour of our initial test. Then they appeared in the widely acclaimed DVD Skagit Master II in January, 2011. What is going on now could be termed: "The Prom Dress Revolution" with many anglers buying them from us, and just as many tying their own. There is also quite a bit of innovation and new patterns emerging from steelhead anglers and guides such as the blue and copper version by Travis Johnson featured in the video below. The Prom Dress is here to stay and like the "Intruder" before it, is destined to be come a classic fly category.

Prom Dress, Blue
As a sport, fly fishing is the scientific  exploration of the aquatic world with tools, which deliver information about game fish that no other equipment can render. Often this information is collected and the fish is released with a minimum amount of wear & tear. It survives to possibly be re-examined by someone else.  Even the most experienced anglers are often reluctant to try to explain why anadromous salmonids will strike any fly while in fresh water. Nothing bright blue lives in the water with these fish. Maybe that's the key. 

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PD-BLUE  Prom Dress Fly, Blue 3 for $10.50 SALE ENDED

 Prom Dress, Copper
It's pretty safe to say that nothing in a bright metallic copper color lives in the rivers with your intended quarry either. Yet, copper colored wobblers are known to be deadly at times, especially in tannin colored water.

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PD-COPPER  Prom Dress Fly, Copper   3 for $10.50  SALE ENDED

Prom Dress, Fuchsia
What do they take this thing for, a cloud of blood, a pulsing squid, or something in their territory that makes them very angry?  Fact is we have been told by a couple of fly fishers that are in the know, that this is the sleeper color.

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PD-FUSCHIA  Prom Dress Fly, Fuchsia    3 for $10.50   SALE ENDED

Prom Dress, Purple 
When the light levels go dim, there are a great many things under water that turn purple. Maybe that is why purple is a such a successful theme in flies, because the color is so familiar.

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PD_PURPLE  Prom Dress Fly, Purple  3 for $10.50  SALE ENDED

This is the original Hedron Flashabou in the big long packages, not some shortened up watered down copy-cat Flashabou sold at discount because it wasn't good enough to be sold any other way (you know, the stuff that beginners use). This is the stranded Mylar flash invented by Larry Dalberg.  It started a fly tying revolution, setting industry standards for every metallic flash product! It will not rust in saltwater and maintains almost neutral buoyancy. It is still the best flat strand Mylar available. It has many uses for wings, wrapped bodies, shell-backs, can be spun in a loop and used as body material of hackle. Flashabou is the most prominent material used in Scott Howell's revolutionary Prom Dress flies featured in the Skagit Master II DVD. Prom Dress flies can be tied in many colors besides the the ones listed above.
FLASHABOU features marabou action for flies and lures. Super strong fiber won't
matte as it swims and flows through the water, beckoning fish. Each package contains hundreds of strands-10" length.


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6901 Flashabou, Silver Picture $4.75 SALE ENDED
6902 Flashabou, Gold Picture $4.75 SALE ENDED
6905 Flashabou, Pearl Picture $4.75 SALE ENDED
6906 Flashabou, Copper Picture $4.75 SALE ENDED
6910 Flashabou, Dark Blue Picture $4.75 SALE ENDED
6912 Flashabou, Black Picture $4.75 SALE ENDED
6913 Flashabou, Purple Picture $4.75 SALE ENDED
6915 Flashabou, Light Blue Picture $4.75 SALE ENDED
6923 Flashabou, Bull Frog Picture $4.75 SALE ENDED
6924 Flashabou, Rainbow Picture $4.75 SALE ENDED
6962 Flashabou, Pearl Chartreuse Picture $5.45 SALE ENDED
6967 Flashabou, Pearl Orange Picture $5.45 SALE ENDED
6991 Flashabou, Holographic Silver Picture $5.45 SALE ENDED
6992 Flashabou, Holographic Gold Picture $5.45 SALE ENDED
6993 Flashabou, Holographic Blue Picture $5.45 SALE ENDED
6994 Flashabou, Holographic Green Picture $5.45 SALE ENDED
6998 Flashabou, Holographic Rainbow Picture $5.45 SALE ENDED
1605 Saltwater Flashabou, Pearl Picture $5.45 SALE ENDED

Mangrove Outfitters "Knuckle Heads" Reel Handle Cushion
A direct drive fly fishing reel gives you the most complete contact with your fish. If the fish you have hooked is large and athletic, it can pull many yards of line from your reel in a short period of time. If your fingers come in contact with a reel handle that is turning at high speed, the impact can be very painful. The Knuckle Head Reel Handle Cushion softens the blow of reel handle impact. We found them very comfortable in every respect. It was also noted that the larger diameter of these cushions eliminated hand cramping for anglers who suffer with arthritic finger joints. Knuckle Heads are comfortable when fishing during winter months, especially when you are fishing with gloves on. Try them. You will like them.

Knuckle Head Reel Handle Cushions simply slip over your stock reel handle and stay put. Because they are machined from lightweight polymer foam, Knuckle Heads don't effect reel spool balance. The bright color enables easy rod/reel identification.
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094621 Mangrove Outfitters Knuckle Heads Reel Handle Cushions Small 2 for $4.95 SALE ENDED
094638 Mangrove Outfitters, Knuckle Heads, Reel Handle Cushions Large 2 for $4.95 SALE ENDED

Spey Casting Finishing Schools

Spey Casting Finishing Schools - learn how to fish the tough spots...
Improve your Spey Casting techniques and learn how to deal with the tough spots.
This class is for the angler that wants to take his/her casting to the next level!
These are "Finishing Schools" for intermediate and accomplished Spey casters.
Spend a day with expert casters Josh Linn and Travis Johnson and focus on expanding the fundamentals and mechanics of Spey rod casting.
The steps in this class will be toward any subject you feel that you need more information or practice in order to bring your casting up a notch or two.  Whether you need help casting a Skagit or Scandi line farther, controlling a sink tip, or learning how to handle a mid or long belly line, let us save you the energy, time, and frustration.
These classes are offered during the summer and fall seasons, and each is a full 8 hour day of learning.  The first part of the day will include a classroom style tutorial and PowerPoint presentation, after which the real nitty gritty begins—on the water!
While on the river, the class will have a regimented style at first and, towards the end, provide an in-depth question and answer segment, along with  hands-on problem solving situations for real life applications.
With this open style forum, an angler can really bring to the table what they want out of the class, receiving the one-on-one attention that makes this class worth the $175.00 cost (per student).
Lunch and beverages will be provided.  Bring your favorite setup and we will also have a lot of rods for you to try.
Spey Casting Finishing School limited to six students per class. 
Private lessons are also available. $50 per hour, 4 hour ($200) minimum. Please call for an appointment.
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SPEY-CL-062411 Spey Casting Finishing School,
June 24,2011
SPEY-CL-072211 Spey Casting Finishing School,
July 22,2011
SPEY-CL-082611 Spey Casting Finishing School,
August 26,2011

After The Flood

January 18, 2011: In an area that had been channelized after the 1964 flood, the Sandy River re-establishes its true braided channel nature. There is now over three times the river surface and bottom area available to fish and the habitat is much improved.

January 20, 2011: Salmon River reveals that it has redistributed logs and gravel that were placed for a man made fishery habitat improvement side-channel project that was built in August of 2010. This project took ten years to plan and engineer.
Zig Zag River
February 24, 2011: The Zig Zag River has assumed its natural braided channel regime and rests under a blanket of snow with its fish habitat much improved.

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