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Bonefish are called "ghosts of the flats" Bonefish
Albula vulpes occurs circum global in tropical waters and is one of the most sought after saltwater fly rod fish.  Bonefish have been termed "ghosts of the flats". They are indeed that. They spend much of their time 
in skinny water and are superbly adapted to it. Their biggest asset is their chameleon-like ability to change color with their surroundings.  They are also streamlined and very fast. Their hydrodynamic shape gives them the capability of sneaking around with a minimum of surface disturbance and their speed gives them the chance to change locations very quickly if threatened.  This speed makes them one of the worlds most sought after sport fish. Their preferred habitat makes them a premier fly rod fish.  Bonefish inhabit most of the  Angler with average size bonefish.
Bonefish's best survival asset is their chameleon-like ability to change color with their surroundings. world's tropical waters. The most popular bonefish destinations are Christmas Island, Florida Keyes, Bahamas, Belize and Yucatan.  Bonefish are capitalistic bottom feeders. Their main diet consists of mollusks and crustaceans. They will however, eat minnows and worms.  
Bonefish average 1 1/2 to 15 pounds throughout their range. Average size in shallow water is 2 to 5 pounds. A ten-pound bonefish is a trophy anywhere.  Eight-weight gear is most popular, but rods down to 6-weight size are also used.  A six pound bonefish on six weight gear is a real hoot.  A ten ponder with the same rod will usually clean your clock.  Most bonefish will take less than 100 yards of backing but it's better to have too much than too little.  Reels that carry 200 yards might be required for big fish (make sure it has a smooth drag).  Most bonefish flies are small and easy to cast.  Floating lines are used for shallow water flats fishing.  However, we once found a huge school holding on the bottom, 20 feet deep and a fast sinking T-200 Teeny Line produced a hook up every cast for several hours until we got bored.  Be prepared for anything. 
The world record all-tackle class Bonefish is 19-pounds, caught in Zululand, South Africa, 1962.  Largest fly caught fish of 15-pounds, 4-ounces was taken with 12-pound tippet in Florida Keys.  Record is tied with two fish of identical weight.  Each were taken in upper keys, 1997 & 1999.  Upper keys are reputed to have the most educated bonefish in the world.
Click here if you want to know more about bonefish and the flies that catch them.

Agent-X Technology from Rio
Agent-X floats high !!!
Two layers of coating for high floatation. Two layers of coating for high floatation.

AgentX™* is a manufacturing process in which two coatings are applied to the fly line simultaneously. As a result, both coatings fuse together in what RIO calls “Fusion Technology,” forming a seamless single coating that will never separate or break down. The advantages of Fusion Technology are vast.  The “under coating” not only seals the core and covers any potential blemishes in the braid; it also adds a super low density proprietary coating. The outer coating is perfectly centered around the core and allows for greater durability, less dirt pick up and longer casts. This fusing results in the smoothest, slickest, highest floating fly lines ever made. Ever. To accomplish this, RIO developed a radically new Super Floatation Technology™* that is five times lighter than the standard microspheres used in fly line manufacturing, but with much increased durability.  This creates a fly line that has a much higher buoyancy (around 0.70 specific gravity – other manufacturers normally achieve at best 0.85 to 0.90 specific gravity) and the extreme durability for which RIO fly lines are known.  AgentX is unquestionably the future of fly line manufacturing. The buoyancy as well as unbelievable smoothness, slickness and toughness that result from this fusion of coatings make the use of standard microspheres and “one coat” fly lines prehistoric.

Three Great Fly Lines With Agent-X Technology
Nymph Line Rio Grand Selective Trout

Report from the Florida Keys
Nice Cobia !!!
02/23/06. Sunshine and flat water. One of today's many catches pictured here. 
Cobia and pompano were caught at will.  Need some sunshine and hard pulls?
Capt. Chris Morrison
305 393 2353

Wulff Triangle Taper Fly Lines 20% OFF!!
We are dumping inventory to make room for the new J3 Coating lines.

Yea! That's what I'm talking about !!!

Trout Floating TT

Sinking TT Steelhead TT Spey TT

Saltwater TT

Professional rod tester...

Test Casting
Roger Shearer loves his 13' 2" 9-10 weight Loop Green Line Spey rod. He and Shakey Owens found themselves sharing the same steelhead run. The river was very low, cold and clear. Fishing was slow.  After they had both fished the whole length of the run without a bite, they were back at the top of the steelhead run and Roger was expounding the virtues of his rod.  Shakey asked to give it a try.  Well you can see what happened in the picture at left.  Looks like Shakey had to agree, it is a pretty good rod, in the right hands.

POO GOO Fly Floatant

Exclusive to RIO from Fly Fishing's Grand Kahuna & member of the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame, Andre Puyans. 1/2 ounce bottle of superbly viscous 100% pure silicone. Use as a fly floatant and for greasing all floating fly lines. Apply sparingly as floatant on your dry fly.  Apply to a fly line and leave it on or wipe it off.  I works either way as a lubricant, conditioner and cleaner.

This Includes Spey Lines !!!
Want to add 5'-10' feet to the length of your cast.
Put some POO GOO on a folded paper towel and pull your running  line through it about four times.
Your line will shoot further and won't tangle as much !!!
Great stuff.  But, we would have named it something else...
Item Model Price To Top
26030 Rio Poo Goo Dry Fly Floatant and Fly Line Dressing $4.95


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