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Equip Yourself For Nymph Fishing Success

Sage reel guts

By Rick Hafele (With updates by: Mark Bachmann)

If this sounds like a sales pitch for spending more money on fishing gear, you’re absolutely right. Sure, you can use just about any rod and line combination for fishing nymphs, but – and I do mean but – just like there is no perfect boat for all situations, or car that fits every need, or spouse (oops, I better not go there!). Well, you get the picture: different equipment will work better for some things than others. So if you want to set yourself up to really fish nymphs effectively read on.

A trout with a fly in its mouth

How To Gain and Redeem Rewards Points

Well, if you are like most people, you probably use rewards points in a bunch of different places like your grocery store, Costco, gas stations, etc... My wife uses rewards for just about everywhere she shops! Good news, you can now earn and use rewards points on

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Bugs floating on water

Echo Shadow II Nymph Rods

Designed by Tim Rajeff and Team USA's Pete Erickson, these powerful, moderate- to faster-action "long-light" European-style nymphing rods deliver critical feel and line control with an added bonus: They'll actually cast a dry fly with very good accuracy, so you are prepared without changing rods when a hatch comes off. .

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Fluoroflex Plus Tippet

Northwest Winter Nymph Kit

These are the flies you will need to succeed when nymphing in the Pacific Northwest during the winter months. 18 flies in all, contained in a single compartment, snap lid, reusable plastic box.

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The Fly Fishing Shop's huge selection of fly tying material and tools

Air-Lock Strike Indicators

Quit sacrificing your tapered leaders to the "bobber gods". The Air-Lock Strike Indicator is ultra buoyant, super visible, durable, easy to adjust, and won't render the butt section of your leader a kinky mess.

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