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Lady GaGa Intruder      Featured Video: Travis ties up Lady GaGa .
Blue & White               Purple & Pink
Lady GaGa Intruder, Blue and White
Using the scientific approach late one night at the tying bench, keen tournament caster and steelhead guide Travis Johnson was imbibing copious amounts of fine Scotch, when he sneezed into a pile of loose marabou and the Lady GaGa Series was born...divine intervention or blind luck? Any steelhead guide can use the help of both.
While guiding steelhead trips on many different rivers of the Pacific Northwest, Travis has developed some definite ideas about how steelhead see. The blue & white Lady GaGa has proven to be very effective in clear, cold water conditions.
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37-0770-TB Lady GaGa Intruder, Blue and White 3.5 inches 3 for $10.50 SALE ENDED

Blue and White Lady GaGa accounts for another winter steelhead. Photo by: Darcy Bacha.
Lady GaGa Intruder, Purple and Pink
This is the high water version of the Lady GaGa, incorporating both fluorescent pink and copper flash into the mix of materials. Travis has noticed that copper flash is productive, especially when the water is off-color. Lady GaGa flies are tied on Pro FlexiTubes. Travis prefers to use Gamakatsu Drop Shot Hooks in size-1 as a trailer hook.  Another popular hook is the Daiichi X452 in size-2. This style of hook is pulled up inside the built in hook-holder.
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37-0780-TB Lady GaGa Intruder, Purple and Pink 3.5 inches 3 for $10.50 SALE ENDED

This summer steelhead fell for a Purple and Pink Lady GaGa. Photo by:  Travis Johnson.

Travis Johnson with another steelhead that fell for Lady GaGa.

Waders: your barrier against cold and wet!

Another day of warm and dry winter steelhead fishing? Photo by: Mark Bachmann.
Simms G4 Pro Wader
G4 Pro



Free Custom Wader Bag
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with each pair of  G4 Pro or G3 Simms Waders!

Redington Sonic Pro Zip Front Waders
Sonic Pro Zip Front

Redington Sonic Pro Waders
Sonic Pro Wader

 Redington Palix River Waders
Palix River

Redington Willow River - Women's Waders
Redington Willow River - Women's
REG. $149

The selection of waders is of prime importance to the fly fishing angler. Your wading apparel determines your performance and safety. It is hard to cast accurately if your coordination is degraded from being wet and cold, and you're not very stealthy if you are shivering. Unlike many anglers who fish rivers of the west from a drift boat, the staff at The Fly Fishing Shop wade-fishes some of the most demanding rivers in the world. That is because many of the best rivers in Oregon are regulated to provide sanctuary water for wild fish and fishing from a boat is prohibited. This gives us the perfect laboratory for testing wading equipment. Because of our marketing ability and our buying power, we are receiving promotional waders from different companies nearly constantly. We've field-tested most of the brands on the market today. Some were junk, others okay, but none compared to the models listed above for value and performance. Yes, there is no denying that all waders eventually will leak. Everything wears out from prolonged use. It is how many days it took for the first structural failure, and how the company backed their product when it happened that counts. If you are a professional guide, you soon learn who to trust for the gear you use. The fact that more professional fly fishing guides wear Simms waders than any other brand says all you have to know. The Redington waders listed here provide a great price point for casual anglers, and many die-hard anglers and professional fishing guides wear them too or carry a pair for back-ups. Within the last year Redington Sonic Pro waders have gained immense popularity. At The Fly Fishing Shop you can try on both Simms and Redington waders or talk to someone who has worn both for extended periods in the water. Call: 1-800-266-3971 because we know!

Maxima Ultra Green
Maxima Ultra Green is the most popular tippet material for anadromous fish. It is nearly invisible in most river and lake water. It has excellent knot strength and abrasion resistance. Maxima Ultragreen is also very popular for fishing nymphs or dry flies for trout. We always have new, fresh stock and the lowest prices.

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Ultra Green
2 lb. .005 27 yd. $3.15 SALE ENDED
Ultra Green
4 lb. .007 27 yd. $3.15 SALE ENDED
Ultra Green
5 lb. .008 27 yd. $3.15 SALE ENDED
Ultra Green
6 lb. .009 27 yd. $3.15 SALE ENDED
Ultra Green
8 lb. .010 27 yd. $3.15 SALE ENDED
Ultra Green
10 lb. .012 27 yd. $4.05 SALE ENDED
Ultra Green
12 lb. .013 27 yd. $4.05 SALE ENDED
Ultra Green
15 lb. .015 27 yd. $4.05 SALE ENDED
Ultra Green
20 lb. .017 27 yd. $4.05 SALE ENDED
Ultra Green
25 lb. .020 27 yd. $4.90 SALE ENDED

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