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February 19, 2013
Mark Bachmann to speak at: Clackamas Flyfishers
High Rock Pub, Clackamas, OR -Members and Guests!
"Warm & Salty"
Our Favorite Adventures In Fly Fish Warm Saltwater

Over the last five months this presentation has changed and evolved. On examination of their warm saltwater fly fishing adventures spanning the last thirty years, Mark and Patty found that they had fished twelve destinations and logged thirty seven species of game fish. That is way too much information for a 45-minute presentation. So we have scaled everything down to our favorite two destinations and the four species of fish that we have collected the most video of over the last 24-months. There are two shallow water species: Tarpon and Bonefish, and two blue-water species: Marlin and Dorado. The destinations are Belize and the Sea of Cortex. Please join us for an evening in Oregon in February filled with warm tropical sunshine.

Echo Dec Hogan II Rods

**Free Airflo Skagit Compact Shooting Head included with each rod.**

12’6” #6

12’ 9” #6.5

13’0” #7 13’3” #8
DHII? DHII?? Your first thought might be Why? But rest assured, the soul of the original medium-fast action DH series was not lost. The advancements in casting techniques and modern fly lines just inspired Dec & Tim to update and redesign this popular lineup. Dubbed the DH II, they provide a slightly crisper action, enhanced tip recovery, wider grain window, and a scary-wicked color scheme. More distance with ease sums up our whole thought process with the DH II series. Bonus: Only since the evolution of modern Spey lines has it been possible to build a true tweener rod, thus the 6.5 line designation. The gap between 6- and 7-weight two-handed rods has always left anglers searching for either a bigger six or smaller seven. Search no more, the 6.5 will definitely become the lower 48 meat-and-potatoes Summer Steelhead stick.
Dec Hogan

Each rod in this family has been tuned, dialed and tweaked to perfection; Dec worked hard to ensure that each rod has the perfect balance of power and action. Nothing says "Ahhhhhhhh" like casting a well made spey rod, and the new Dec Hogan series of Echo two handed rods is here to elicit much moaning. Each rod features a full flex, classical spey action designed for throwing Skagit heads and standard length spey lines. The trimmin's include a graphite pearlescent finish, carbon-fiber reel seat, and composite cork tips on the handle.


Length: 12' 6" Line: 6 Pieces: 4

The Echo 12’6” #6 is the perfect all-around summer steelhead rod. It can handle a broad range of flies and sink tips. The #6 will land Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon with ease.
Free Airflo Skagit Compact Shooting Head 450-grain included with this rod.
Recommended Line Weights
Price To Top
DHII 6126 6, 450 grain Skagit $389.95 Sale Ended


Length: 12' 9" Line: 6.5 Pieces: 4

As rod and line designs have improved during the past 20-years, two-hand steelhead rods have been getting progressively lighter in weight. Dec Hogan has been instrumental in setting the tone with one innovation after another, especially in the Skagit casting scene. The Echo DHII 12’9” #6.5 may become the trend setter of this era.  It can handle a broad range of flies and sink tips. The #6.5 will land average Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon from average size rivers.
Free Airflo Skagit Compact Shooting Head 480-grain included with this rod.
Recommended Line Weights
Price To Top
DHII 6.5129 6.5, 480 grain Skagit $389.95 Sale Ended


Length: 13' Line: 7 Pieces: 4

The Echo 13’0” #7 was designed as a heavy summer steelhead rod or a light winter rod. It handles larger flies and medium size tips with ease. It's great for steelhead, Atlantic Salmon, and Coho.
Free Airflo Skagit Compact Shooting Head 540-grain included with this rod.
Recommended Line Weights
Price To Top
DHII 7130 #7, 540 grain Skagit $389.95 Sale Ended


Length: 13' 3" Line: 8 Pieces: 4

The Echo 13’3” #8 is the workhorse of the Dec Hogan Echo rod line-up. It's the perfect rod for winter fishing or larger rivers; it throws large intruders and heavy sink tips with ease, and it throws them far. The #8 works great for all manner of salmon and steelhead in medium to large rivers.
Free Airflo Skagit Compact Shooting Head 6000-grain included with this rod.
Recommended Line Weights
Price To Top
DHII 8133 #8, 600 grains Skagit $389.95 Sale Ended

More Excellence !!!
Dec Hogan Joins The Fly Fishing Shop Instructor Staff

Dec Hogan has often been referred to as “a guide’s guide” and “a steelheader’s steelheader.” Why? Because he knows his stuff inside and out. The boon to that is he’s as passionate and adept about teaching and sharing information as he is doing it. Hogan lived the dream guiding steelhead fly anglers year ‘round on many of The Pacific Northwest’s premier rivers from 1989 through 2003. Now Dec is realizing his other dream occupation and is a fulltime Firefighter/EMT in Layton, Utah. A retirement pension, health insurance, and job security ain’t such a bad thing either. Hogan’s schedule at the firehouse allows him ample time to continue instructing and entertaining the fly fishing masses and designing rods for Echo, and fly lines for Airflo. He has written, and continues to write for, many of North America’s fly fishing publications, is an accomplished photographer and is one of the world’s foremost sought after spey casting instructors. Dec has starred in both spey casting and fly tying instructional DVD’s as well as authoring the highly acclaimed must-have book, A Passion for Steelhead. Wild River Press.

Price: $1,895 per person. Non-Refundable Deposit: $1,000 Balance Due: $895 by July 1, 2013
Meet at Mack's Canyon Camp Ground at:
Noon, September 15, 16, 17, 18 noon, back at Mack's Canyon

First come, first served.

Do to the logistical nature and the demand on these schools,
deposits are transferable to replacement students, but not refundable.

Item Description Price To Top
SPEY-SCH-091518-13 4-day Deschutes steelhead school with Mark Bachmann, Josh Linn, Ron Walp and Dec Hogan Deposit
Non-Refundable, 3-spots open
Sale Ended

The Down And Dirty Collection
Do the swing guys really hate nymph fishermen, or are they just jealous because we catch so many steelhead? Both swing and nymph methods have a dedicated army of fanatic followers. And each method has advantages when fishing certain water conditions and approaching certain water types. The swing guys have all of the advantages when fishing broad expanses of water. The nymph guys have the advantage when fishing narrower, well defined slots. No doubt the angler who uses both swing and nymph methods will catch even more steelhead. Why not carry two rods and do both?

Agent Onyx

Agent Orange

Bloody Mary

Copper Swan

Double Agent

Drag'N Fly

Egg Sherbet

Jumbo John, Brown

Jumbo John, Chartreuse

Lingerie Egg

Oct'phat Ass


Double Orange Bead Peacock Stone
Rusty Bucket
Rusty Bucket


Steelhead Fly Fishing: Is A Learning Experience

It can be called, "Steelhead Fly Fishing" or "Fly Fishing For Steelhead". This sport leads to a deeper understanding of the natural world that we and steelhead live in. Steelhead are magical creatures; unique among fishes. They have much to teach us. For that reason alone, fly fishing for steelhead is worth the pursuit. You know they are beautiful. You've seen all of those fresh steelhead pictures on our web site. There are pictures from all times of the year and from many different rivers. All those beautiful steelhead were caught
with flies. You know that, and now you want to catch some steelhead with flies yourself. But, you've heard from other anglers that catching steelhead with flies is very difficult. You've heard right. A very small percentage of the fly-angling public catches steelhead with flies. Yet, some of those anglers catch lots of steelhead per season. They do it with the right tackle and the right acquired skills. Our steelhead schools are designed to give you those skills in the quickest, most efficient, most fun, most cost effective manner possible. It's easy: First learn to cast. Then learn to present the fly. Then learn to hunt. Then learn to land steelhead.
Full Suite of Winter Spey Casting/Fishing Schools
Deschutes River Summer Steelhead Spey Schools 2013
Spey Fishing Mega Schools Featuring Simon Gawesworth & Dec Hogan
Our Steelhead Class Instructors & Guides An instructor is the person who teaches a school to prepare you for a certain task. A guide is a person who takes you to a certain place. Our guides are also instructors. However, any guided fly fishing trip will be more productive if you have already acquired the skills to deliver the fly to the fish. Attending a series of steelhead fly fishing schools before going on a guided trip can pay real dividends.
Mark Bachmann Mark Bachmann Josh Linn Josh Linn Travis Johnson
Travis Johnson
Marcy Stone
Marcy Stone
Simon Gawesworth Simon Gawesworth George Cook
George Cook

Dec Hogan
Dec Hogan

Hawkeye Hawkins
Hawkeye Hawkins
LEARNING TO CAST Learning to cast well is the most essential part of learning to catch steelhead. We use both single-hand and two-hand fly rods. The two-hand fly rod, has become the most popular instrument for presenting flies to steelhead and salmon. This is especially true when larger rivers are being fished. Spey rods allow any angler to cover more water, more efficiently. A Spey rod enables an angler to present his or her flies at longer ranges, even where there is little room for a back-cast . This is because the back cast is not aerolized. Rather a change-of-direction roll cast is performed. This is called a Spey cast. There are many types of Spey casts. Some are hundreds of years old. Others have recently evolved. You can learn all of them from us. We offer the best instruction in a comprehensive, yet affordable package.

Fish long & prosper,
Mark, Patty & Crew

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