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Clouser Traveler Vise
Basic Bonefish Fly

In Memory of Lenox Dick
Simms Guide Boots
Andre Scholz
Chinook Contest
Abel 12W

The Clouser Traveler Vise
Bob Clouser is one of the most celebrated names in fly fishing and we are proud to offer a series of vises specially designed for tying his famed Clouser Minnow. The inline design can also facilitate the tying of any long streamer patterns, such as steelhead and salmon flies tied on Waddington Shanks. This unique design helps with the proper placement of material, both above and below the hook shank, which is critical for achieving the proper silhouettes and profiles these patterns require. This vise really pays for itself when tying any fly with a wing that rises toward the point of an inverted hook, such as most bonefish flies. With the exception of the rotary (rotating) shaft, the Clouser Series offers the same features as the Traveler Series. Pedestal base comes with pockets to hold eyes, beads, hooks, etc. Cannot be used with cam-lever jaws.

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T2100 Renzetti Clouser Traveler Vise, Vise Head Only $129.95 SALE ENDED
T2103 Renzetti Clouser Traveler Vise, Pedestal Model $174.95 SALE ENDED
T2102 Renzetti Clouser Traveler Vise, C-Clamp Model $169.95 SALE ENDED

Pattern: Basic Bonefish Fly
Hook: #2, #4, #6 Daiichi X452
Eyes: Nickel Dazl-Eyes, 1/8"
Tying Cement: Zap-A-Gap
Thread: Uni 3/0, Pink UNI3D289
Tail: Pearl Krystal Flash
Body: Pearl Core Braid, Pink PCB289
Wing: Tan Calf Tail with Pearl Flashabou
Head Cement: Anglers Corner Water Base Head Cement

The pattern at left is a generic bonefish fly. With a craft fur wing it becomes a Gatcha.  With hackle tip wings, it becomes a Crazy Charley. The Basic Bonefish Fly is a proven pattern in many parts of the world. The colors and materials may be changed, but pinkish-tannish flies are proven in most locations.

If you are using a Clouser Traveler (or similar in-line jaw vise), place the hook in the vise so the jaws are in the middle of the bend. This position will enable you to easily place materials on both the top and bottom of the hook as the jaws are rotated.

Attach the thread about 3/16" behind the eye of the hook.  Wrap the thread so that two small balls are formed about 1/16" apart.  These will form the foundation for attaching the Dazl-Eyes.

Put a small drop of Zap-A-Gap between the balls of thread.

Place the Dazl_Eyes between the balls of thread and figure-eight wrap them tight.

Tie in 6-8 strands of Pear Krystal Flash behind the eyes and wrap to the rear of the hook with thread.

Secure the Krystal Flash and trim to one hook length.

Butt a strand of Pearl Core Braid aganst the eyes and secure it to the hook with tying thread.  Wrap the thread forward to in front of the eyes before wrapping on the body of Pearl Core Braid.

Wrap on the Pearl Core Braid and figure-eight wrap it around the base of the eyes.  Tie it off in front of the eyes. 

Trim off the tag end of the Pearl Core Braid and rotate the vise head so that the hook is up side down.

With the hook in the up side down position, tie in the calf tail wing so that it hides the hook point.  This will act as a sail, which with the weight of the eyes will make the fly fall to the bottom with the hook pointed up, making the hook comparatively snag free. 

Several strands of Pearl Flashabou may be added as an option.  Tie off the head of the fly and coat with head cement.  The fly is now ready to fish.

In Memory of Lenox Dick

A treasured friend, Lenox Dick passed away peacefully-and apparently at his own wish after a  short hospital stay several weeks ago.  Len's notable list of accomplishments included being a founding member of the Fly Fishers Club of Oregon, author of many fly fishing articles & the book The art & Science of Fly Fishing.  He was perhaps the oldest person to row his drift boat through White Horse Rapids when he was 86 years old. At 91,he was still scrambling up and down the steep banks of the Deschutes on his stretch above Maupin.  The fly fishing community will miss him.

Simms Guide Boot, Studded
Redesigned for 2008. Leather makes our Guide Boots burly; a molded midsole makes them light. Our Guide Boots are tough AND comfortable.

  • Water-resistant Nubuck leather offers no-shrink durability

  • Sturdy thermoplastic midsole assures lightweight footbed protection

  • TekTuff™ provides superior ankle suppport and protection

  • High abrasion-resistant Schoeller® mesh panels offer CleanStream™ design for easier rinsing of invasive species

  • Non-corrosive hardware

  • Contoured speed lacing and durable nylon laces

  • 7/16th high-density, stitched felt soles and carbide-tipped studs offer great durability and extra traction

  • Available in stores February 2008

Item Description Size Price To Top
SGC1082010 Simms Guide Boot, Studded 10 $179.95 SALE ENDED
SGC1082011 Simms Guide Boot, Studded 11 $179.95 SALE ENDED
SGC1082012 Simms Guide Boot, Studded 12 $179.95 SALE ENDED
SGC1082013 Simms Guide Boot, Studded 13 $179.95 SALE ENDED
SGC1082014 Simms Guide Boot, Studded 14 $179.95 SALE ENDED

Andre Scholz to Appear at The Sandy River Spey Clave
2:00pm - 2:30pm, Saturday, May 17.
Andre Scholz with an Atlantic Salmon

The R.L. Winston Rod Company is proud to announce the addition of Andre Scholz as a special member of the Winston Pro Staff.  Andre, 28, resides in Bochum, Germany, near Düsseldorf and Cologne.  He has made a name for himself in Germany and Scandinavia as a Two Handed Casting Instructor.  His exceptionally smooth, almost effortless casting and detailed knowledge of the sport have brought scores of students to his European casting clinics.

Winston rod designer, Sam Drukman, and Andre met at the 2004 FFR Show in Denver. Sam was immediately impressed with Andre’s masterful technique.  Since then Andre has worked closely with Sam in designing the newest Boron IIx Spey models such as the 15' 9/10 model to be given as a prize in the Chinook contest offered below.  

Sandy River Spey Clave Spring Chinook Contest 2008
Win A Winston BIIX Spey Rod: Value $835
Winston 15' #9/10 BIIX Salmon Rod.

Sometimes local Spring Chinooks will eat flies...

Are Spring Chinooks easy to catch with flies...probably not.  Do many anglers fish for them with flies...not many.  Have any been caught with flies...yes.  Over the past four years there have been enough verified catches to know that if they are targeted, Chinooks can be had in reasonable numbers.  And they are dynamite fish on a spey rod.  So here's the deal.  The angler who catches the first verifiable Spring Chinook with a fly rod from either the Sandy or Clackamas Rivers from May 15-18 will win a Winston BIIX 15' 9/10 Spey Rod !!!!  And...

He or she will win a lot of prestige !!!
The 2008 Sandy River Spey Clave is timed perfectly for Chinooks.  A chance to win a brand new $835 fly rod should provide insentive to spend a little time on the water.  The contest is open to anyone.
Here are the rules:

Native Fish Society Director, Bill Bakke with a hatchery Spring Chinook that ate his fly.

All wild fish must be treated gently and released unharmed.  Hatchery Chinooks can be retained. Entry fish must be caught with a fly and fly fishing gear. The catch must be totally verifiable.  The catch must be witnessed by another angler.  For that reason, it will be best to fish in pairs or groups.  Each fish must be measured for length and girth.  Size matters only for the record.  The first Chinook landed, wins the rod. Each entry must be accompanied with a digital picture, which must contain the angler, the fish, the gear the fish was caught with and a background providing verification of location.  The person taking the winning picture wins a Fishpond Vacuum Flask.  Every angler submitting an entry, wins a fly line of their choice; any of the more than 300 lines offered on
The rod and vacuum flask will be awarded on May 18, 4:00pm.
Credits will be issued for the fly lines at the same time.
The winning picture/pictures to be published in the next "Insider" Newsletter.

Abel Super 12W Reel

This large full-frame reel was built with the spey fisher in mind. The full frame configuration eliminates the possibility of fine diameter shooting line slipping between the frame and the rim of the spool as can sometimes happen with half frame reels.

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