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2017 Sandy River Spey Clave

Sage reel guts

Sandy River Spey Clave, Mark, Hawkeye & Al Buhr

Lesson #1: The most basic information - How does a single-hand or two-hand fly rod work for you? The best athletes in any sport have the best fundamentals. This program is about essential casting fundamentals.
Lesson #2: Examining the "Big Five" Skagit Casts, how and why they are used while fishing. This class will utilize drills so that these casts are ingrained to the point that they become natural while fishing.
Lesson #3: How do fly rod actions and fly line tapers affect your casting?

A trout with a fly in its mouth

How To Fish With Egg Flies

Eggs from spawning fish make up a substantial percentage of the seasonal biological drift in most streams. Eggs may be liberated into the natural flow of the stream either by errant currents during the spawning process or by catastrophes such as floods. In areas where fish are spawning, eggs are often more prevalent than aquatic insects in a foraging trout's diet.

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Bugs floating on water

Instructors' Choice Spey Outfit

The Instructors' Spey Outfit is so named because is is the perfect outfit with which to learn. We know because this outfit has been used as part of our "Instruction Equipment' for the last seven years.

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Fluoroflex Plus Tippet

The Voice of Spey

2017, Volume 1
8 ½” x 11” format, beautiful 4-color, The Broad River - A poem by: A.P. Hoag, Karl & Me - About Karl Mauser - by Trey Combs, Alaskan Steelhead - a photo essay, The Craft of Spey Fishing - Conservation Corner, Syd Glasso: The Canadian Connection, The Life Cycle: of a Michigan Steelhead, and much, much more

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The Fly Fishing Shop's huge selection of fly tying material and tools

Korkers K5 Bomber Wading Shoes

Several members of the high profile fishing staff at The Fly Fishing Shop wear Korkers K5 Bomber wading shoes. One such angler is Tony Barnes (pictured above), who fishes for steelhead several days each week. Tony does a lot of hiking, and we are pretty sure that if the Korkers K5 Bomber wading shoes perform for Tony, they will hold up for other aggressive type anglers as well.

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