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Rio Spey Swivel
Sage Approach Rods
Ross CLA
Win a Winston BIIISX 890
Josh's AntiRevolution Spey Swivel Now Offered By: Rio
"Offering a new level of inner peace for all Spey fishers." Some days of casting with a Spey outfit are easier than others. Days when you get a lot of tangles in your shooting line are never easy. Casts which produce balls of knitting jammed up against your first stripping guide impair your concentration and pretty quick other faucets of your casts suffer as well.
Most Spey casts involve circular motions with the rod, which have a habit of twisting the line. Some types casts may put a full revolution of twist in your line each cast. As you work down stream through a piece of water, possibly fifty or more revolutions in your line may result. Pretty quick your shooting line is so twisted that executing a cast without tangles becomes nearly impossible.
There are several methods used for un-twisting a Spey line. Undoubtedly you have your method. Some while back, Josh Linn decided to eliminate the problem altogether. After a lot of trial and adaptation, Josh perfected a way of installing a small barrel swivel between the shooting head and the shooting line. This eliminates line twist and make tangles in a shooting line virtually a thing of the past.
My prediction is that the AntiRevolution Spey Swivel will be the most copied Spey innovation of the next 10-years, because if you don't have one in each Spey line, you will have tangles. No one wants more tangles. The AntiRevolution Spey Swivel is the best answer for reducing tangles caused by line twist.
You can make own. We have all of the proven parts, and will teach you how.
Each new Spey Shooting Head / Shooting Line Combo purchased during the next 30-days will include a Josh's AntiRevolution Swivel installed at no extra charge.
Josh's AntiRevolution Spey Swivels are all hand assembled. Each swivel is thoroughly inspected. Each loop system is made in our store and is tested to withstand 30-pounds of pull-pressure. No claim is made beyond that.
Fishing tackle succumbs to wear and tear and user errors. It is up to the user to inspect his/her tackle continually during each fishing cycle. Every one of our guides and fishing employees has tested this swivel system extensively under actual steelhead fishing conditions, and their feed-back and input has been very helpful and greatly appreciated. It is easy when you live in Oregon.
You just go to your community rivers and test stuff on fresh steelhead. Simple as that!
Rio Spey Swivels
Evidently the folks at Rio thought Josh's swivel was so good they decided to offer it in their catalog of great products. This all happened with Josh's permission and our blessing. They chose to produce their Spey Swivels using bright orange braised mono (very distinctive). The craftsmanship is perfect.

Rio Spey Swivel

Item Description Color Price To Top
26009 Rio Spey Swivels Orange 3 for $29.95 Sale Ended

Sage Approach NEW for 2013!

The Approach Series offers maximum performance at incredible value!
Excellent line feel and control in a medium fast action
Calling our all-new Approach series rods "entry level" just doesn't do them justice. Utilizing a higher modulus graphite than any of our previous entry-level rods, the Approach has a medium-fast action that provides excellent line feel and control. Beginning casters can easily grow with this rod without ever feeling they've outgrown it. And like all Sage rods, the Approach is made right here on Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA.
  • Medium-fast action
  • Oyster Shell shaft color
  • Black primary thread wraps with silver trim wraps
  • Ceramic stripper guide
  • Hard chrome snake guides and tip-top
  • Reverse half-wells grip on freshwater weights
  • All aluminum reel seat with full-wells grip and cork fighting butt on all saltwater models
  • Silver gray rod tube with divided liner
  • Outfits come with an 1800 reel, RIO Gold Fly line, and a CORDURA® rod case with reel pouch

370-4 Approach

Length: 7' Line: #3 Pieces: 4

370-4 Approach

The perfect rod for fishing many spring creeks and even large rivers when fishing with tiny fighters.
Rod weight: 3 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Price To Top
370-4 Approach 3 Fast $295 Sale Ended

386-4 Approach

Length: 8' 6" Line: #3 Pieces: 4

386-4 Approach

This is a great rod for fishing larger rivers where hatches of tiny insects mean tiny flies and light tippets.
Rod weight: 3 1/8 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Price To Top
386-4 Approach 3 Fast $295 Sale Ended

490-4 Approach

Length: 9' Line: #4 Pieces: 4

490-4 Approach

The Deschutes back-eddy killer. Great all round trout rod.
Rod weight: 3 3/16 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Price To Top
490-4 Approach 4 Fast $295 Sale Ended

586-4 Approach

Length: 8' 6" Line: #5 Pieces: 4

586-4 Approach

This is the most popular size trout rod for the Rocky Mountain States.
Rod weight: 3 3/16 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Price To Top
586-4 Approach 5 Fast $295 Sale Ended

590-4 Approach

Length: 9' Line: #5 Pieces: 4

590-4 Approach

This is your 30-06 trout gun for west of the Rockies.
Rod weight: 3 3/8 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Price To Top
590-4 Approach 5 Fast $295 Sale Ended

690-4 Approach

Length: 9' Line: #6 Pieces: 4

690-4 Approach

A popular size for larger trout. Most popular size for throwing bass bugs.
Rod weight: 3 9/16 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Price To Top
690-4 Approach 6 Fast $295 Sale Ended

790-4 Approach

Length: 9' Line: #7 Pieces: 4

790-4 Approach

Perfect size rod for large trout/bass, smaller steelhead and very popular size for Redfish.
Rod weight: 3 3/4 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Price To Top
790-4 Approach 7 Fast $295 Sale Ended

890-4 Approach

Length: 9' Line: #8 Pieces: 4

890-4 Approach

Perfect size rod for large trout/bass, smaller steelhead and very popular size for Redfish.
Rod weight: 3 15/16 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Price To Top
890-4 Approach 8 Fast $295 Sale Ended

990-4 Approach

Length: 9' Line: #9 Pieces: 4

990-4 Approach

Most popular size for striped bass and bonito.
Rod weight: 4 1/8 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Price To Top
990-4 Approach 9 Fast $295 Sale Ended

Ross CLA, nothing new - just totally proven!
Possibly the best value in a fly reel!
Made in USA, Machined From Bar Stock = $185-$315 !!!
CLA Info 1-3 CLA Info 4-7 Features Comparison Chart
CLA's ready for action on my boat.

It was when the non-reversible roller bearing in my fancy, expensive European reel froze beyond repair for the second time that the wisdom in the design of the American made Ross CLA reel series really hit home. CLA's have no roller bearings.  Instead they have self-lubricating bronze bushings; older technology, simpler, but more practical and superior in a wet environment. The fact that you can own 2 1/2 CLA's for the price of that fancy European reel is also appealing. Comments about the CLA in a conversation with Brian Silvey is what first made me take a closer look at these reels. Brian spends more days on the water in one year than many anglers spend in their whole lives. Brian tests gear for outfits like Simms, Sage, Winston & TFO, because if gear will stand up to Brian, it will likely last for anybody. So when Brian said he was having good luck with the Ross ClA's he was using for client reels, I bought two of them. They are now more than two full seasons old and although scarred up a little, they are both in perfect working order with no maintenance of any kind. I recently purchased a third CLA, and now own four extra spools. I use them on my best Spey rods and am not afraid to loan them to my most valuable clients. 

Mark Bachmann 09/28/08, using a Ross CLA-6 on the Deschutes River.

Tested by the best fly fishing guides!
The Ross CLA Reels have been fully tested by the best steelhead guides.

The CLA is an affordable hybrid large arbor fly reel that carries the name of one of Ross’ oldest and most popular series. However the CLA is a big departure from the original Cimarron design. It incorporates our newest generation drag mechanism that is extraordinarily smooth, heat resistant and provides incredible stopping power. The CLA matches the Cimarron in durability and affordable price, but offers a stronger drag, greater drag range and sensitivity, more pleasant incoming and outgoing sound, hybrid large arbor configuration, innovative conversion mechanism and other additional features that anglers have come to expect with modern fly reel design. Each reel in this series is designed with a specific diameter and width to maximize the properties of drag consistency and line retrieval. The CLA will set a new standard for what anglers come to expect from an American made, high-quality, reasonably priced fly reel.

LA 4-7 (Larger Components for Bigger Fish!)
The mechanical operation of the CLA is consistent throughout the series, but improvements have been made to the CLA sizes 4-7 to support their use when battling bigger fish. When comparing them to the smaller sized CLA reels, you will find that the 4-7 reels have a larger drag knob, handle and spool cap, but most importantly, they have a STRONGER DRAG SYSTEM. To ensure smooth performance with fast-running fish, these larger four sizes have also been equipped with oil impregnated bushings for spool rotation. The frame and spool have also been reinforced to eliminate flexing. With a wide range of sizes available, the CLA series is appropriate for any fishing application, including Spey.

Frame/Spool Material:
6061-T6 proprietary aluminum alloy.
Manufacturing Specifications: Fully machined, 1 piece frame, 1 piece spool with a Delrin pressed hub - manufactured on automated CNC machines.
Drag Material: Delrin 500AF with impregnated Teflon – space-age polymer that is durable, heat resistant, self lubricating and maintenance free.
Drag Mechanism: Delrin 500AF to anodized aluminum interface – push frame friction disc drag system.
Drag Engagement System: Dual redundancy radial pawl engagement.
Spool Rotation Mechanism: Delrin hub rotating on a stainless steel spindle, oil impregnated bronze bushings rotating on a stainless steel spindle (Sizes 4-7).

Number of Reels in Series: 8
Fly Rod Coverage: 2 wt. – 13 wt. and  Spey 6wt. – 12wt.
Fishing Application: Designed for use in all freshwater, warmwater and saltwater fishing environments.











Width (spool):



















4.2 oz.

4.4 oz.

4.7 oz.

5.4 oz.

7.6 oz.

8.1 oz.

9.0 oz.

9.7 oz.

Line Weight:

2-4 Wt.

3-5 Wt.

4-6 Wt.

5-7 Wt.

7-9 Wt.

8-10 Wt.

10-12 Wt.

11-13 Wt.










Spey Lines:









Reel Price:









Spool Price:









Ross CLA Reels & Spools in Black Color
Item Description Size Price To Top
ROSS CLA 1R Ross CLA Reel, Black 1 $185 Sale Ended
ROSS CLA 1S Ross CLA Spool, Black 1 $100 Sale Ended
ROSS CLA 1.5R Ross CLA Reel, Black 1.5 $195 Sale Ended
ROSS CLA 1.5S Ross CLA Spool, Black 1.5 $105 Sale Ended
ROSS CLA 2R Ross CLA Reel, Black 2 $200 Sale Ended
ROSS CLA 2S Ross CLA Spool, Black 2 $110 Sale Ended
ROSS CLA 3R Ross CLA Reel, Black 3 $210 Sale Ended
ROSS CLA 3S Ross CLA Spool, Black 3 $115 Sale Ended
ROSS CLA 4R Ross CLA Reel, Black 4 $250 Sale Ended
ROSS CLA 4S Ross CLA Spool, Black 4 $130 Sale Ended
ROSS CLA 5R Ross CLA Reel, Black 5 $275 Sale Ended
ROSS CLA 5S Ross CLA Spool, Black 5 $140 Sale Ended
ROSS CLA 6R Ross CLA Reel, Black 6 $295 Sale Ended
ROSS CLA 6S Ross CLA Spool, Black 6 $155 Sale Ended
ROSS CLA 7R Ross CLA Reel, Black 7 $315 Sale Ended
ROSS CLA 7S Ross CLA Spool, Black 7 $$165 Sale Ended

Fish long & prosper/b>,
Mark, Patty & Crew

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