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Sage 6000 Series Reels
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Sage 6000 Series Reels
6080 Reel 6010 Reel 6012 Reel SCS Drag Sage Fly Reels

When only the best will do, and you've been around enough to know what the best is.

Sage 6010 Reel , gold
360-degree view 
The flagship of the Sage Reel lineup is what we believe to be the pinnacle of contemporary fly reel design. Built around an exclusive sealed multi-graphite disk drag unit, 6000 Series reels resist salt, grit and dunkings to deliver buttery-smooth performance under tough conditions. Big fish and high drag settings? No problem. Just twist the numbered, one-revolution drag knob, strip out line, then return to the exact setting you’ve tested for consistent, reliable resistance levels. Every time. This reel Series offers incremental improvements over the famous Sage 3000 Series, which was definitely proven to be durable under all fishing situations from fresh water through big game fishing. What the new 6000 Series offers is a much improved spool latch system and easier change right
 to left hand drive. These reels are built sports car smooth and tank tough. A perfect reel design to fit every need. I have fished a Sage 6010 reel for two years. The performance has been flawless.
Heart of The Beast
Sage is well known for creating the world’s finest fly rods. In 2001 they began work on reels designed to match that level of perfection. These reels would be built around an innovative new drag technology called the “Sealed Carbon System” or SCS. This extremely lightweight, easy to use and maintenance free drag system came about through decades of worldwide fly fishing experience fused with innovative aerospace engineering and cutting edge materials. SCS is a fully sealed system using precision-engineered carbon and stainless steel
components to create silky smooth resistance while efficiently dissipating heat. It does all this with a minimum of weight, allowing fishermen more line feel and the ability to make more casts without fatigue. Perhaps best of all, this sealed system is impervious to water, sand and grit, requiring no maintenance beyond simple rinsing. Sage SCS is used in the fully encapsulated "Cassette"
(9-washer) drag used in all Sage 6000 Series reels. While its advantages are easy enough to appreciate over the glass case in a fly shop, they become completely game changing while fishing, helping anglers fish longer, cast better, and ultimately bring more fish to hand.
Why Carbon Fiber?
Carbon can withstand high pressure and temperature, which is what makes it so popular in aerospace and racing applications. High compression strength (maximum stress a material can withstand before deforming) is perfect for a reel drag material, because it allows you to create a very small drag package. With Carbon even a small drag can handle serious pressure and offer exceptionally smooth braking performance - even in those situations when you need to throw the hammer down and control that hard charging fish of a lifetime. Carbon is also a superior material for withstanding and dissipating extreme heat. The kind of heat that is generated from the friction between braking materials. Think of race cars using brakes to bleed off speed on the track. Now think of fisherman trying to bleed off the speed of a hard charging downstream running fish. Different game, but the same need for light predictable performance. In fact, the properties of Carbon are the reason Sage can offer their one revolution drag knob, which provides the ability to quickly and accurately apply various drag loads. This allows the fisherman to more effectively respond to dynamic fishing environments. Lastly, Carbon’s stability and Sage's sealed drag assemblies allow you to have a consistent performing drag package whether you are steelheading on the Bulkley with iced up guides, or hooking up to that acrobatic Tarpon in the heat of Belize. Same reliable and predictable drag - any time any place.

Sage 6080 Reel     360-degree view 

Sage 6000 Reel Front View Sage 6080 Reel Rear Veiw.
This is the 7-8-9 size reel to fit all fresh and saltwater applications for big trout, steelhead, stripers, permit and bonefish. Also fits 5110-4 and 5126-4 Z-AXIS Switch and Spey rods.
Model Line Backing Weight Diameter Choose Winding Direction
6080 WF8F 200 yd #20 7 3/8 oz. 4"
Item Description Price To Top
6080R-PTR Sage 6080 Reel, Pewter Color $600 SALE ENDED
6080S-PTR Sage 6080 Spool, Pewter Color $275 SALE ENDED
6080R-CG Sage 6080 Reel, Champagne Gold Color $600 SALE ENDED
6080S-CG Sage 6080 Spool, Champagne Gold Color $275 SALE ENDED

Sage 6010 Reel    

Sage 6000 Reel Front View Sage 6010 Reel Angled Veiw
This is the 9-10-11 size reel to fit all fly fishing applications for 6-7 weight Spey, stripers, permit, tarpon and dorado.
Model Line Backing Weight Diameter Choose Winding Direction
6010 WF10F 200 yd #30 8 3/4 oz. 4.3"
Item Description Price To Top
6010R-PTR Sage 6010 Reel, Pewter Color $650 SALE ENDED
6010S-PTR Sage 6010 Spool, Pewter Color $295 SALE ENDED
6010R-CG Sage 6010 Reel, Champagne Gold Color $650 SALE ENDED
6010S-CG Sage 6010 Spool, Champagne Gold Color $295 SALE ENDED

Sage 6012 Reel

Sage 6000 Reel Front View Sage 6012 Reel Angled Veiw
This is the 11-12-13 size reel to fit all fly fishing applications for 8-10 weight Spey, permit, dorado, tarpon and bill fish.
Model Line Backing Weight Diameter Choose Winding Direction
6012 WF12F 300 yd #30 9 5/8 oz. 4.7"
Item Description Price To Top
6012R-PTR Sage 6012 Reel, Pewter Color $700 SALE ENDED
6012S-PTR Sage 6012 Spool, Pewter Color $315 SALE ENDED
6012R-CG Sage 6012 Reel, Champagne Gold Color $700 SALE ENDED
6012S-CG Sage 6012 Spool, Champagne Gold Color $315 SALE ENDED

Drop Shot, Nickel Silver Black
The sticky sharpness of Gamakatsu® hooks is the result of a patented mechanical needle-honing process developed to make the sharpest hooks possible. A unique tempering process and high-carbon steel construction ensures superior strength and durability. The reliability of this hook design is well known in the fishing world.  Pro bass fisherman have been using it for years.  Split Shot

 Drop/Shot hooks were designed as Texas style worm hooks. Steelhead guides in the Northwest have been using them for years as well. All of Scott Howells flies in the latest Skagit Master II DVD were being trailed with one of these. I have been using the split shot drop shot hook for 2 years now and believe whole heartedly that you will bring more fish to the beach each season using these hooks.  They are great in tubes and great as stingers in you favorite Intruder pattern.
This a deadly steelhead/salmon hook when used in conjunction with stinger flies an tube flies.  Travis Johnson.
Kyle Johnson on the John Day River, photo by Travis Johnson
Item Description Size Price To Top
50410-25 Gamakatsu Drop Shot Hooks, 25-pack, Nickel Silver Black 1 $14.95 SALE ENDED
50409-25 Gamakatsu Drop Shot Hooks, 25-pack, Nickel Silver Black 2 $14.95 SALE ENDED
50408-25 Gamakatsu Drop Shot Hooks, 25-pack, Nickel Silver Black 4 $14.95 SALE ENDED

Spey Blood Quill Marabou, 5", 1/4 oz.
Rob Sims lands a winter steelhead with a marabou tube fly...
Nearly every feather has over 3" of fine stemmed Spey Hackle. This kind of marabou works best for large Alaskabous, Marabou Speys and Marabou Tube Flies.  Fine stemmed marabou can be wound on the tube or hook like a hackle.  Most plumes have a stem long enough for about 6-8 wraps on a hook or four wraps around a tube. This is the premium material for large winter steelhead flies.
Item Description Color Price To Top
200-004S Spey Blood Quill Marabou, Chartreuse   $3.50 SALE ENDED
200-016S Spey Blood Quill Marabou, Purple   $3.50 SALE ENDED
200-030S Spey Blood Quill Marabou, Orange   $3.50 SALE ENDED
200-031S Spey Blood Quill Marabou, Red   $3.50 SALE ENDED
200-036S Spey Blood Quill Marabou, Black   $3.50 SALE ENDED
200-040S Spey Blood Quill Marabou, Apricot   $3.50 SALE ENDED
200-047S Spey Blood Quill Marabou, Silver Doctor Blue   $3.50 SALE ENDED
200-060S Spey Blood Quill Marabou, Hot Pink   $3.50 SALE ENDED
This buck steelhead ate a 5" long marabou fly tied on a Waddington shank...

Big steelhead flies such as the one pictured above require special marabou. The Spey Blood Quills are the finest material we have seen for these kinds of flies.

Share The Passion, Bring A Friend
Northwest Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo March 11 & 12, 2011
The NW Expo has been heralded as the “largest fly tying event west of the Mississippi". Come to the Expo and be part of the crowd of fly fishers building their fly fishing knowledge and seeing old friends.  At the Expo you will have the opportunity to:
  • View 72 Fly Tyer Stations
  • Explore 50 Exhibitors
  • Observe Casting Demonstrations 
  • Choose from 90 Classes on tying, casting,  & fishing
  • Listen in at the Destination Theatre  
  • Participate in Raffles & Silent Auctions daily
  • Attend the Banquet & Oral Auction
Linn County Expo Center, Albany, Oregon

Mark Bachmann To Speak at Clackamas Fly Fishers Club
Tuesday, February 15, 7:00pm - High Rocks Pub, Clackamas, Oregon
Mark Bachmann is the guest speaker at Clackamas Fly Fishers Club
"Winter Steelhead On The Fly"
This 1-hour mixed media PowerPoint presentation will empower you with the knowledge of how to catch winter steelhead from our local "large rivers" with two-hand fly rods. Our local rivers are World Class, but they demand World Class Fly Fishing Skills. This program lays the foundation for acquiring the skills you will need to be continually successful. In one hour you will see many, many fly-caught winter steelhead in vivid detail. Steelhead biology & behavior, as well as tackle and techniques will be explored. Bring your fly fishing friends.

Oxbow Park Loses Ground
Oxbow Park on the Sandy River is built on a bed of pyroclastic material that originated from Mt. Hood between 1760 and 1810. At one time the whole river valley was filled to this level. Successive floods have eroded and flushed most of this material to the sea. The 2011 flood took  part of Group Area "A". The trail we walked to the boat ramp for casting demonstrations in 2008 is clearly visible under the new warning sign. It ends in a twenty foot drop.  Part of our lawn casting area is gone.
The trail to the Spey Bar is still intact and the gravel bar and casting area on the river is enhanced. Spey Clave 2011 will go on as if the flood never happened. See you there!

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