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2017 Sandy River Spey Clave

Sage reel guts

What is the Sandy River Spey Clave?

It's a gathering of anglers interested in two-hand fly rod fishing. It provides a format for the exchange of Spey casting and fishing information. It's a mostly free Spey casting college open to everyone. It's a show for your entertainment. It's a place to rub elbows with the best Spey casters and steelhead anglers in the world! It has been termed, "The Woodstock of Spey Casting Events!"

A trout with a fly in its mouth

A true Pacific Northwest Steelhead Magnet

Using the scientific approach late one night at the tying bench, keen tournament caster and steelhead guide Travis Johnson was imbibing copious amounts of fine Scotch, when he sneezed into a pile of loose marabou and the Lady GaGa Series was born.

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Bugs floating on water

Loop Classic Reels

There are very few classic American type fly reels available on the market today. Those that have survived are mostly built by small shops at huge prices. The Loop Classic is both more affordable and more reliable than any of the competitors.

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Fluoroflex Plus Tippet

Dual Head LED Pro Light

In our opinion this is the single best fly tying light available. The heads are small and unobtrusive. The lights are cool and comfortable to be around. This light system is durable and transportable, and it looks good on your tying table.

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The Fly Fishing Shop's huge selection of fly tying material and tools

Tube Fly Parts

Tube flies are accepted world wide and each geographic area and culture exerts its influence on how tubes are made and how they are employed. All sizes of flies are tied on tubes. Currently, tube fly sizes range from tiny trout flies to huge billfish flies.

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