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Welcome to the largest online dealer of Outcast Boats and Accessories!
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Outcast Personal Adventure Crafts Fish Cat Pontoon Boats
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Personal Adventure CraftTwenty one Exciting Models for 2009!
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Always wear your life jacket in water like this...

Inflatable pontoon boats, commonly called cata-rafts, cat-boats or simply cats, are more popular than ever.  They give an angler or group of anglers freedom, adaptability and mobility that are unobtainable with rafts or hard boats.  With the right size of cat-boat an angler can be fishing a lake in the morning and a pond in the afternoon.  The next day you might fish an estuary in the morning and a fast flowing river in the afternoon.  With the same craft you might also float a long stretch of river and camp out

along it for a couple of nights.  You can be alone or with a group of buddies who also have cats.  For the average weight person a 9-foot cat such as the new PAC 900 FS is the perfect size to do it all.  The PAC 900 Strapless is cleaner looking.  For the budget minded a Fish Cat 9 will provide the same amount of floatation and the Discovery 9 offers the advantages of welded seams on the pontoons. A PAC 9000 offers the advantages of four pontoons and low profile. For anglers who only intend to fish on still water or slow moving water, boats in the seven to eight foot long category are usually large enough.  Boats such as the PAC 800, Fish Cat Streamer, Fish Cat Cougar, Discovery Oncilla and Discovery-8 fit the task. If you need a water craft for lakes you can only get to by hiking, a Discovery Trekker might be the perfect unit.  If running rougher water is your game, but you still enjoy being alone and you weigh less than 250-pounds, a ten foot boat such as a PAC 1000 or Fish Cat 10 will do the trick.  If you are bigger, want to run bigger water or want to carry more gear, a PAC 1100 is the ultimate one person water craft.  If you want to take a buddy get the PAC 1200.  If you want to take two buddies or are a guide a PAC 1300 or PAC 1400 is worth serious consideration.  Or if you want to float the gnarliest rivers in the Pacific Northwest with an extra margin for comfort & safety you might consider the baddest cat of all; the Outcast Steelheader-18; and ongoing project with the Fly Fishing Shop in Welches Oregon.

Fly Fishing Lakes

Outcast Float Tubes

Draws less water than any boat in its class !!!

"IR" stands for 'improved rocker' for improved performance. "FS" stands for improved pontoons made from Ferrari PVC Fabric

Fish Cat Streamer XL IR

PAC 800 FS

Fish Cat 9 IR

PAC 900 FS

Fish Cat Cougar

Fish Cat Cougar

PAC 9000

Fish Cat 10 IR

PAC 1000 FS

Fish Cat 13
PAC 1100 FS

Discovery Trekker
PAC 1200

Discovery 8IR
Power Drifter

Discovery 9IR
PAC 1300

Discovery 9IR
Stainless Steel


PAC 1400

Discovery 10IR

PAC 1600

Proven white water guide boat !!!

PAC 1800
Outcast is a division of AIRE, a company that builds some of the worlds finest extreme whitewater craft. Every Outcast fishing craft combines light weight with extreme durability. Each Outcast PAC pontoon boat has a 10-year warranty on all welded seams and construction.  All Discovery & Fish Cat pontoon boats have a
5-year warranty.

Outcast again sets the standard in 2009 with it's super safe, practical, comfortable, durable still-water fly fishing crafts. There are six models because there are different sizes of people, different sizes of wallets and different sizes of water.

LCS stands for "Line Control System"   Outcast Prowler Outcast Prowler 
50" x 64"
Weight Capacity:
325 lb.
Carry Weight: 16 lb.
  Outcast Super Fat Cat Super Fat Cat
Size: 45" x 64"
Weight Capacity: 300 lb.
Carry Weight: 12 lb
  Outcast Fat Cat  Fat Cat
Size: 45" x 64"
Weight Capacity: 300 lb.
Carry Weight: 12 lb.
  Outcast Fish Cat Fish Cat Series
Size: 44" x 54"
Weight Capacity: 250 lb.
Carry Weight: 14 lb.


Shipping to most countries in Europe is quick and easy.  With the Euro & Pound Sterling at an all time high against the U.S. dollar, European customers save money shopping with us.  Email for shipping costs: flyfish@flyfishUSA.com   Outcast Trinity Trinity Back Packer
Size: 41" x 54"
Weight Capacity: 325 lb.
Carry Weight: 6 lb.
  Force Fins
 Outcast Fins  $34.95
Float Tube Accessories

Float tubes offer independence.  Float tubing is armchair relaxing. Float tubing is stealthy, sneaky-ninja fishing. Float tubing is deep, deep water wading. Float tubing is serenity. Float tubing is awesome.

Want to explore some new water with your new float tube?
  Check out: Local Fishing Lakes.

Outcast files updated 11/07/08

Lonely Fisherman
Sophisticated, educated, well mannered fisherman needs a partner to share camp and expenses on a three day camp trip with jet boat on lower Deschutes May 15-18, 2007.  Your cost: $1,087.50.
 Contact: Mark Bachmann 1-800-266-3971

NEW! Sage
Skagit River Softshell Jacket
Four-way stretch, waterproof, breathable jacket with fully taped seams. Also features water-tight cuffs, fully adjustable hood and expandable fly box pocket with handwarmers. YKK waterproof zippers and all-around waterproof performance make this ideal for wading and other angling applications.  This jacket will appeal to all cold weather fly rodders, but especially to anglers using two-hand rods.  There's no dangly stuff to wrap your fly line or get in your way, yet there is tons of storage.  The fabric used in the construction of this garment moves with you rather than restricting you. Dark Charcoal 

Skagit River Softshell Jacket

Item Description Size Price To Top
SKAGIT-S Sage Skagit River Softshell Jacket S $299

SKAGIT-m age Skagit River Softshell Jacket M $299

SKAGIT-L age Skagit River Softshell Jacket L $299

SKAGIT-XL age Skagit River Softshell Jacket XL $299


Have you put it on the calendar & booked your motel/hotel room for:
The Greatest Spey Rod Party On Earth?
The Sandy River Spey Clave, May 5-6, at Oxbow Park on the Sandy River
See these guys May 6, 10:30-11:00am
Scott O'Donnell & Mike McCune
"Our presentation this year has evolved into a comprehensive study of the D-loop for the major portion, then a few tips on getting more distance and finally some fishing pointers."

Mike McCune is a member of the Sage Pro Staff...

Scott O'Donnell and Mike McCune have educated and entertained us at each Sandy River Spey Clave since 2004. Their presentations are always leading-edge because these two guys spend a lot of time on-the-water; fishing.  As professional guides, their annual circuit takes them from the Oregon Coast, to Alaska, to the Grand Rhonde and back to the coast again.  They are with a different set of clients every week...year round.  They see a lot of different acts and they see a lot of different casting

mistakes.  Scott & Mike constantly work
to help improve the casting skills of their clients.  This demands that they are constantly analyzing how every cast is made and how to improve upon it.  Their understanding of Spey casting is constantly evolving and each of their presentations at the Clave has been different.  Their tackle is the configured to work the best under the fishing conditions they encounter on the rivers they fish.  Both of these gentlemen had a huge impact on the development of Rio's

Scott O'Donnell is a member of the Sage Pro Staff...

Skagit Lines and were chosen to present Skagit Casting Techniques on Rios' new 3 DVD block buster, Rio's Modern Spey Casting.  When I asked Scott for some promo pictures of  him and Mike with big fish, he relied, "How about little fish.  Little fish are cool too".   This presents a refreshing insight, since there are plenty of pictures of these guys with very large fish.

A transplant to the Pacific Northwest, via the U.S. Navy, Scott O'Donnell settled on the banks of the historically rich, North Fork Stillaguamish River, in Northwestern Washington State. It was there, in 1987, he was first introduced to the spey rod and has been in the thick of the spey casting
revolution ever since. His contributions to spey rod and line design, spey fishing techniques, and his exceptional abilities as a casting instructor has made him one of the most sought after steelhead guides in the West. He is also highly influential member of the Sage and Rio Products Pro Staffs. Scott currently resides in Seaside, Oregon.

Mike McCune is a full time fly fishing guide and lives on the Oregon Coast. Born and raised in Northern California, Mike is a life-long Steelhead "junkie" and has fished and guided extensively throughout their native range. A devotee of two-handed methods, Mike is also member of Sage fly rods advisory team Rio products pro staff.

Scott and Mike are a great team and put on a show that is bound to educate and entertain you
and your mom.

SAGE Z-AXIS More Z-SERIOUS  (continued from Insider 01/28/07).
Toby Ives trying out the 7136-4 Z-Axis...

Friday we had our second Winter Steelhead School of the year.  The morning air temperature was 28-degrees the water temperature 36-degrees.  It is about a half mile drift from the put -in to the beach where we start our class. By this time we had run three splashy rapids and the entire pontoons on my Steelheader-18 were covered with a quarter inch of ice. Ron, Josh & Brian gave the students a comprehensive casting lesson that covered all of the basics and a lot more.  It was up to me to do the Elementary Sinking-tip-line fishing demonstration.  For the

 heck of it, I chose a rod that I had never cast before that morning (a guy's got to have challenges). The rod was a brand new Sage 7136-4 Z-AXIS. It was rigged with a Ross CLA-5, Rio 450-grain Skagit Shooting head, a 5' Cheater, 15' 9-weight type-8, Guide Line Shooter and a red fly tied on a large silver Loop Bottle Tube. George Cook had prescribed the line which gave me confidence.  I got in about six practice casts while Ron was explaining the timing on a single handed spey cast to the seven students.  It was enough to let me know the outfit had some endearing qualities.  When my turn came, pin-point 75-foot casts were easy and easily repeatable, even though there was a lot of ice in my guides.  Most casts line came tight and straight, and it was easy to show how to cover the water. Adjustments had to be made in timing for the drag of ice in my guides, but that was fairly easily accomplished. That afternoon while the air was above freezing, student Toby Ives and I checked out this same rod. There seem to be two distinct types of spey casters out there; those that want to prove how smart they are by doing the impossible, the those that want an outfit that is super easy to cast with, so we can concentrate on fishing.  Toby and I seem to be from the latter persuasion.  Casting the 7136-4 outfit was easy for both of us.  I don't think that the folks at Sage intended this hunk of high-tech graphite to be huckin' tips and tube flies for winter steelhead, but it is definitely "winter steelhead" capable.  This rod will get a lot of attention from my crew during the next several months.  We will keep you informed.

Scott O'Donnell

I asked Scott O’Donnell what he thought of  Sage's new Z-AXIS spey rods. Here is what he wrote:   "The first time I cast a new Z-Axis rod it was a 6126-4 with a Rio 450gr Skagit Line. Within a few casts I knew I had finally found the perfect rod for that line. That was funny to me. I had always been trying to find the perfect line for a rod, not the other way around. Until then I guess I always felt that the Skagit 450 was

just a teensy bit too light or a tad too heavy for most of the rods I’ve put it on (albeit the best choice for many of them). Since then the 6126-4 has become my favorite rod. With an ever increasing number of anglers finding out about the advantages of spey casting on smaller rivers and streams I have little doubt that my sentiments will be contagious.
            The Z-Axis rods are regarded as fast action, but I prefer to think of them as crisp. They’re efficient, super light weight and possess a smooth progressive action that makes my heart sing (yes, I am that far gone). The 6126-4 actually weighs more than a half ounce less than the 6126-3 in spite of the extra ferrule. Just as I was thinking, with all the good rods on the market, that spey rod technology was starting to peak, Sage has raised the bar again."

           Scott O’Donnell

8110-4 Z-AXIS

Length: 11'     Line: 8     Pieces: 4

A true anadromous performer, the 8110-4 is ideal for Alaska rainbows, Steelhead and Silvers alike.  Couple this as a true “double threat” switch rod covering such diverse environments as Oregon’s Rogue one day and the Umpqua the next.  The TDF crowd has its sea run brown rod, along with a wide range summer run and Alaska cross over stick.  Sink Tip Use:  15’ (option… cut back to 13’) in 109 grain type 3, 6 densities.  15’ (option…cut back to 13’) in 150 grain type 8. T-14 in 9’ and 11’ lengths.  Reel Match: Ross Momentum 5, Tibor Everglade, Sage 3500D 

Line Matches:
Rio Outbound WF-10-F; Really solid-All around spey both single hand and traditional spey.  “Wicked” overhead single hand.
Rio Skagit 350 w/ 15’ tip; Pretty nice all round all purpose spey, great line speed, slight “suspect” on load.  Super smooth overhead
Rio WindCutter 10/11/12 Body only + 15’ sink tip; Top 2 best all around spey.  Both single hand and traditional spey.  Nice overhead w/ shooting head style loop (open) and terminal line speed
Rio Skagit 400 + 15’ tip; For sure the line for all forms of spey (single hand and traditional).  Good Overhead.
Rio Steelhead/Atlantic Salmon WF-9-F; Superb, smooth overhead line.  Really nice with single hand single spey.  The trout choice.  Think of it as the MidSpey for switch rods.

Rod weight: 4 1/4 Ounces

Line Wt
Action Handle Price To Top
8110-4 Z-AXIS 8 Fast C $675

Spey Rods

6126-4 Z-AXIS

Length: 12' 6"     Line: 6     Pieces: 4

The lightest of the Euro spey rods is ideal for a multitude of steelhead, light salmon and big trout duty.  Deschutes and Bulkey Steelhead, Tierra Del Fuego Browns and outsized Alaskan Rainbows are all ideal targets for this “small but mighty” performer.  Sink Tip Use: 15’ 109 grain tips in type 3 and 6.  Type 8 in 150 grains.  T-14 in 9’ and 11’ lengths.  Reel Match: Sage 3500D, Ross Momentum 5, Ross CLA 5, Tibor Everglade

Line Match:
Rio WindCutter 9/10/11 body only with 15’ tip:  Good, ok, doesn’t jump out at ya.
Rio WindCutter 6/7/8:  Solid all around performer.  Better on Z Axis version than old 6126-3 version.
Rio WindCutter 10/11/12 body only with 15’ sink tip:  Another-it’ll work choice.
Rio Skagit 350 + 15’ Sink tip for a really developed spey caster.  This is a sweet line with “Hidden Speed”.
Rio Skagit 400 + 15’ tip:  Slightly (very slight) better load than Rio Skagit 350.
Rio Skagit 500 Floating Line:  The load emphasis floating line choice.
Rod weight: 6 3/8 Ounces

Line Wt
Action Handle Price To Top
6126-4 Z-AXIS 6 Fast D $720


7136-4 Z-AXIS

Length: 13' 6"     Line: 7     Pieces: 4

A perfect summer run rod that can see duty for big Alaskan rainbows and TDF Sea Run Browns as well.  Grande Rhonde, Deschutes, Rogue, Umpqua swinging or nymphing, this is the ideal Oregon rod.  Sink Tip Use: 15’ 129 grain in type 3, 6 and 150 grain in type 8.  T-14 in 9’, 11’ and 13’ lengths.  Reel Match: Tibor Riptide, Ross Momentum 6, Sage 3500D.

Line Match:
Rio WindCutter 7/8/9:  Sweet, the all around choice for pure floating and sink tip work.  Test with 15’ tip.
Rio WindCutter 11/12/13 body only: No cheater w/ 15’ tip.  Unfortunately Rio doesn’t make this line anymore-  good “catapult load & turn”.
Rio Skagit 500 Floating Line:  Works good- particularly for the better casters.
Rio Skagit 450 with 5’ Cheater + 15’ tip:  The line speed “performance” choice.
Rio Skagit 500 with 5’ Cheater + 15’ tip: A little heavy and sluggish.  Load aspect may work well for some.
Rod weight:  7 1/8 Ounces

Line Wt
Action Handle Price To Top
7136-4 Z-AXIS 7 Fast D $750


9143-4 Z-AXIS

Length: 14' 3"     Line: 9     Pieces: 4

The ideal winter steelhead, King Salmon combo rod has arrived (for those traveling to the Kola Peninsula this is your stick).   The Clackamas to the Skagit, the Kispoix to the Kanketok, this is the rod to “get-er-done”.  Sink Tip Use: 15’ 166 grain type 3, 6 and 8.  T-14 in 11’ 13’ and 15’ lengths.  Reel Match: Tibor Riptide, Sage 3600D, Ross Momentum 6, Ross CLA 6.

Line Match:
Rio WindCutter 9/10/11:  If you’re in the WindCutter Club-this is your line.
Rio Skagit 600 with 5’ Cheater + 15’ tip.  Spot on, nuff said.
Rio Skagit 550 with custom 7.5’ cheater (from 10’ cut to 7.5’): pretty nice.
Rod weight: 8 7/8 Ounces

Line Wt
Action Handle Price To Top
9143-4 Z-AXIS 9 Fast E $795


10150-4 Z-AXIS

Length: 15'     Line: 10     Pieces: 4

A focused specialty rod.  B.C.’s Thompson River, B.C. & Alaskan Kings, Norwegian and Kola Atlantic Salmon.  Sink Tip Use: 15’ 190 grain type 3, 6 and 8.  T-14 in 13’ and 15’ lengths.  Reel Match: Tibor Gulfstream, Ross Momentum 7, Sage 3600D. 

Line Match:
Rio Skagit 750 with 5’ Cheater + 15’ tip: Spot on-Hold on! 

Can try a custom 7.5’ Cheater if you like.
Rod weight: 9 7/16 Ounces

Line Wt
Action Handle Price To Top
10150-4 Z-AXIS 10 Fast E $825


10160-4 Z-AXIS

Length: 16'     Line: 10     Pieces: 4

The lightweight and core attributes of G 5 Technology make this the most useable long rod in history.  Usage and match ups are the same as 10150-4 with the addition of a 10’ Cheater.

Line Match:
Rio Skagit 750 with 5’ cheater + 15’ tip.  Big time bomb shot casts.
10’ Cheater probably plays here.  7.5’ custom cut Cheater should be great.
Rod weight:  9 15/16 Ounces

Line Wt
Action Handle Price To Top
10160-4 Z-AXIS 10 Fast E $850


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Fish long & prosper,
Mark Bachmann, Patty Barnes

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