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Chilean Patagonia
The Winston BIII's

Temple Dog Fur
NEW from Pro Tube

Chilean Patagonia by Jon Covich

I just returned from two weeks in South America where luckily, the seasons are exactly the opposite of ours. So, leaving the cold and rain of Seattle, I flew far South to Chilean Patagonia where Summer was in full swing. Working with FlyWater Travel, my assignment was to visit Coihaique River Lodge, fish their waters, and take photos of the experience. Tough task, I know!

Coihaique River Lodge, Chilean Patagonia

Coihaique River Lodge, Chilean Patagonia

Gaston Urrejola and his brother Claudio own and run this modern lodge. Overlooking the Coihaique River and its valley, CRL is a modern facility capable of hosting 16 guests, although their typical occupancy is around 8. Besides the fact that their staff is incredibly attentive and accommodating, the fishing options are very diverse.

Inside Coihaique River Lodge, Chilean Patagonia
Inside the Coihaique River Lodge, Chilean Patagonia

Within 90 minutes drive anglers can fish the Coihaique, Simpson, Guillermo, Manihuailes, and Nirehauo Rivers. To add to these options, CRL also fishes a private mountain lake where I experienced one of the most amazing fishing days of my life, and several Spring Creeks. Obviously, all these options keep each day interesting. More importantly, however, having so many fishing destinations available allows the lodge to pick places best suited to their anglers, the weather, and what is fishing best.

Chilean Patagonia

Another important factor regarding Coihaique River Lodge is its ability to be accommodating and interesting for non-anglers. This is not some rustic fish camp, but a comfortable and beautiful lodge. Gaston and his staff can arrange general sight seeing trips, horse riding, bird watching and other activities for non-anglers.

Fish on Winston BIIISX 690

As a tackle rep, trips like this are a great testing ground for me to know and understand the products that I sell. I think it is always important, when going so far from home, to bring more than you need. I know that seems rather counter intuitive with airline weight restrictions and the ease of traveling with less. But, the truth is Patagonia is a long way from home. If you break a rod, if you don’t have the right rods, flies or lines, you are SOL so to speak. So, I  brought it all! Here are some of my findings and recommendations.


Winston Boron III's

Winston BIIISX with fish on

The BIIIX is Winston’s all around rod action. I of course brought several, including a 4 , 5 and 6 weights, all 9 feet long. I also brought several of WINSTON’s new, faster action, BIIISX rods. My general preference is to fish rods that are not overly fast. I like to feel the load of the rod and make smooth casts, and so assumed that the BIIIX would be my go to rod for this trip. It soon turned out that the BIIISX would take over almost all of the fishing.

Getting ready in Chilean Patagonia

Here are a couple things to consider for the fishing in much of Patagonia. I know you have all heard this, but it is true that the wind does tend to blow. And by blow, I mean it can really blow. The BIIISX handled that task extremely well. Secondly, the size of flies generally fished in this region is large. And that is a good thing, because they are generally large dry flies, and what could be more fun? The BIIISX turned over these large wind resistant bugs with ease. Lastly, a lot of this fishing is done from a boat, pounding the banks with large dries or streamers. The casting is quick, sometimes long, and needing accuracy. The BIIIX would do this, but not with the ease of the SX. I was impressed with how powerful this rod was, and more importantly, how it achieved the results I was wanting all the while feeling like a Winston.

Fat one caught with a Winston BIIISX 590

Here are my recommendations for must have rods in most of the Patagonia region in order of importance:

-          Winston 9’ 6 weight BIIISX ( 6 weight is the go to line weight)

-          Winston 9 ˝’ 6 weight BIIISX(great streamer, large nymph, and lake rod)

-          Winston 9’ 5 weight BIIIX (excellent for days on smaller rivers and wade fishing)

-          Winston 9’ 4 weight BIIIX ( for days on Spring Creeks, or when the wind stops blowing!)

Temple Dog Fur   20% OFF !!! Limited to stock on hand!
The name temple dog, and temple dog style flies, for most tiers means simplicity and quality. From the look of a finished fly in the water to the materials used to produce them, quality is at the forefront of it all. This was first recognized by Swedish tier Hakan Norling. So many materials can be used to produce these flies, but at the end of the day temple dog is simply the finest fur you can get. The long thin fibers produce unparalleled movement and the undeniable “swimming motion” that triggers a fish’s chase instinct again and again. Don’t let your fly box be full of substitutes, for temple dog, there is none!
Temple Dog Fly Tying fur
Orange Temple Dog Fly
Temple Dog Fur is typically three inches long including the finely tapered guard hairs. Temple Dog flies are often fairly large, averaging 2"-3" long. Many northwest winter steelhead anglers have adopted the Temple Dog style of fly tying because it produces flies that are productive, beautiful to look at, and extremely durable.
Item Description Color Price To Top
9000TD RE Temple Dog Fur, Large, Red Was $11.95
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9000TD SU Temple Dog Fur, Large, Sunburst Yellow Was $11.95
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9000TD OL Temple Dog Fur, Large, Olive Was $11.95
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Black & Blue Temple Dog Fly

Raw Tungsten Weights Ultra Sonic Discs Soft Heads for big eyes!
Pro Sportfisher (formally know as Pro Tube) is one of the world's most innovative manufacturers of fly tying parts. Pro Sportfisher headquarters is in Denmark, main factory is in Latvia. Their products are extremely popular with our customers worldwide.

Sundance from Pro Sportfisher on Vimeo.

Pro Raw Weights

The "Raw Weight" is weight in its purest form. 100% pure tungsten carbide is one of the heaviest substances on the planet, and we designed this donut shaped multipurpose weight to allow you to add the weight were you want it, in the amount you want it, with minimum volume. Rounded edges prevent delicate fibers to get damaged or break.

The RAW Weights comes in 5 sizes.

Item Description Size Price To Top
10202198 Pro Raw Weight, 10pk, XS $7.95 Sale Ended
10202298 Pro Raw Weight, 9pk,
6-grains each
S $7.95 Sale Ended
10202398 Pro Raw Weight, 8pk,
10-grains each
M $7.95 Sale Ended
10202498 Pro Raw Weight, 7pk,
14-grains each
L $7.95 Sale Ended
10202598 Pro Raw Weight,6pk, XL $7.95 Sale Ended

Pro Sportfisher Ultra Sonic Disc

The latest disc design and the worlds first brass disc with holes. After the huge success of the Pro soft sonic disc we were inspired to make a disc with holes in it, to add a little bit of weight to it, and the result is the Pro Ultra Sonic disc: 9 mm in diameter.

The Pro Ultra Sonic Disc shape is optimized to add the desired effect, but still very easy to lift out of the water due to the venting holes, while maintain the capability to create a vortex behind the disc, allowing soft modern materials to swim freely instead of collapsing in hard current.
Ultra Sonic Discs weigh 4-grains each.

Item Description Color Price To Top
10700213 Pro Sportfisher Ultra Sonic Disc, 9mm Purple Metallic $6.95 Sale Ended
10700299 Pro Sportfisher Ultra Sonic Disc Gold Metallic $6.95 Sale Ended
10700217 Pro Sportfisher Ultra Sonic Disc Blue Metallic $6.95 Sale Ended
10700219 Pro Sportfisher Ultra Sonic Disc Gunsmoke Metallic $6.95 Sale Ended
10700205 Pro Sportfisher Ultra Sonic Disc Red $6.95 Sale Ended
10700212 Pro Sportfisher Ultra Sonic Disc Fluorescent Pink $6.95 Sale Ended
10700204 Pro Sportfisher Ultra Sonic Disc Fluorescent Chartreuse $6.95 Sale Ended

Pro Sportfisher Softheads

No more sticky epoxy fingers and unnecessary heavy flies when creating flies with baitfish style heads. Pro Softheads fits on all tubes but will of course also fits your favorite hooks. Mount in on the head of the fly, and create a super base for adding stick-on-eyes on your fly. Ideal for baitfish-patterns, but many trout, salmon or steelhead flies will be perfectly matched and upgraded by the Pro Softhead.
Item Description Size Price To Top
10302001 Pro Sportfisher Softheads, Clear XS $6.95 Sale Ended
10302101 Pro Sportfisher Softheads, Clear S $6.95 Sale Ended
10302201 Pro Sportfisher Softheads, Clear M $6.95 Sale Ended
10302301 Pro Sportfisher Softheads, Clear L $6.95 Sale Ended


Fish long & prosper,
Mark, Patty & Crew

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