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Small Winter Nymphs
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Winter Trout Stream
There you are on a cold January day, standing on the bank of your favorite trout stream trying to decide what nymph pattern to tie on. On one side of your fly box are nice big, fat, juicy stonefly nymphs. On the other side are those neat little size 16 and 18 mayfly nymphs. What to choose? It can be awfully hard to pass up those juicy looking stonefly nymphs for one of those little mayflies.I mean when you're really hungry doesn't a Big Mac get your attention more than a mini spinach salad?But don't let looks fool you.In the winter, as is true most of the year, the small food items in a stream drastically outnumber the big food items.  And trout often focus their feeding on those small mayflies that are very abundant.


Below is a list of the top five most abundant food items from trout stomachs sampled in a Rocky Mountain stream.  Stomach samples were collected every month for a year.  The streams had a rich insect community that included many large food items like golden stones and salmonflies in addition to the small mayflies and caddisflies.Note that the largest of the top five insects was a pale morning dun mayfly, which typically is matched with a size 16 (maybe a 14 at most) size hook, and the other insects are even smaller. And in the winter small nymphs outnumber large nymphs by an even greater margin.

Five Most Available and Common Insects in Trout Stomachs:

1.    Blue-winged Olive (Size 16-20)

2.    Blackfly(Size 18-24)

3.    Tiny Blue-winged Olive(Size 20-24)

4.    Midges (Size 16-28)

5.    Pale Morning Dun (Size 14-18 )

Don't be afraid to pick that size 16 mayfly nymph when you're debating what nymph to use this winter. I have found over the years that I typically catch most of my trout on nymphs sized 14 and smaller. Make sure you use enough weight on your leader to get the smaller nymphs near the bottom of the stream. I believe this is one of the main reasons anglers fail to be successful when using small nymphs.  You can also fish two nymphs together (where it's legal): one large and one small. This can help sink the small nymph, plus you will see which fly the fish prefer.
Nymph Fishing, a workshop with Rick Hafele and Dave Hughes.
Rick Hafele, author of Nymph Fishing Rivers and Streams
Dave Hughes, author of Nymphs for Streams & Stillwaters
Date: February 20, 2010
Time:  10am to 4pm with a lunch break from roughly 12:00 to 1:00
Location: The Fly Fishing Shop
Price (pre-registered): $50     (at the door): $60
Space is limited; pre-registration is recommended.  More Information

January 31 Fly Tiers' Round Table

A round Table in The Fly Fishing Shop Calss Room with a projected image on the wall.
Clinics are done in our class room with a projected image at one end of the room
and a big screen TV on the other. Get there early to get a seat!
George Cook
Free Steelhead Clinic
January 31, 10:00 am to Noon, Sunday Morning.
"Understanding Spey Lines and Their Seasonal Applications,
a presentation by one of the regions most respected Spey Masters, Mr. George Cook"
This program started at the Metal Head Christmas Party, last December.
The room was packed, and after more than an hour time ran out with more questions to be answered. Come to this program and your Spey Line Questions will be answered.
Hoh Bo Spey
 Charles St. Pierre Innovative northwest steelhead, salmon, and angler Charles St. Pierre has created several unique series of steelhead/salmon flies using a blend of natural and synthetic fly tying materials that combines a large silhouette with amazing lifelike action. Charles is much sought after as a spey casting instructor, and a member of the Sage pro staff. He is a regular celebrity instructor at the popular Alaska West Lodge. Charles is also one of the most successful fly designers for the Solitude Fly Company.
Free Fly Tying Party
January 31, 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Sunday Afternoon.
"Demonstrations by One Of the West's Most Renowned Steelhead Fly Tiers,
Mr. Charles St. Pierre"
This program centers on flies that work in rivers of the Northern Pacific Rim.
This program is best suited for experienced tiers.
Instructional demonstrations with big-screen TV
 in a custom made fly tying room with perfect lighting
and special teaching aides are provided for free.
 Please bring your own tools & materials,
or purchase them from our well-stocked inventory.
Refreshments will be served.  Bring snacks if you want to.
Everyone is welcome!
At: The Fly Fishing Shop, Welches, OR     503-622-4607

 Back By Popular Demand
Summer Steelhead PhD
Simon Gawesworth on The Deschutes River, photo: Mark Bachmann

Spend 4-days & 3-nights on the Deschutes River with: 
Mark Bachmann, Josh Linn and Simon Gawesworth.
September noon 19, 20, 21, noon 22, 2010
The popular PhD School features three guides, two big jet boats, and the best camp on the river. Mid-September is prime time for Deschutes River steelhead fishing. This school intends that you will graduate with extensive proprietary knowledge of steelhead fly fishing and Spey rod casting.

We will camp on prime water and we will have boat access to miles 
of steelhead runs that will present a divers array of angling opportunities.
Classes will be held mid-day.  You will fish with a guide each morning and evening.
Brunch and dinner will be served at times to give you the best fishing periods.
This will give you the best advantage for hooking as many steelhead 
as possible during your stay with us.
Nothing teaches you more about fishing than being where 
fish are being hooked and landed.

You will learn all aspects of Spey rod fishing with both floating and sinking-tip lines. 
Learn how to locate steelhead water and how to approach it. 
Watch an expert guide as he fishes and discloses the secrets
 and proven methods that put fish on the beach.  
Get a lot of hands on help (3-guides for 8-students) so that you too can be productive.
Save yourself years of experimenting on your own.
You will be pampered!
You will stay in a very comfortable tent camp on the water.
A Camp Person will be available at all times to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
All cooking and eating will be done in a spacious screen-house.
Comfortable sleeping cots and pads are supplied in double occupancy tents. 
All food & non-alcoholic beverages are included.

Bring your own sleeping bag, clothing, toiletries,
waders, rain gear, rods, reels, flies & tackle.

Price includes your Deschutes Boaters Pass.
Price does not include your Oregon Fishing License, which may be purchased onluine.
Meet at Mack's Canyon Camp Ground at:
Noon 9/19 arrive back at Mack's Canyon a Noon 9/22.
Date: September noon 19, 20, 21, noon 22, 2010
8 students only !
First come, first served.       

Price: $1295 per person.  Non-Refundable Deposit: $295 Balance Due: $1000 by 07/01/09
Item Description Deposit To Top
PHD-CLASS-091910 4-day, 3-night PHD steelhead class with Mark Bachmann, Josh Linn and Simon Gawesworth, September noon 19, 20, 21, noon 22, 2010 Deposit $295 SALE ENDED

Outcast Boats
Personal Adventure Craft! 
Eighteen Exciting Models for 2010!

Fly Fishing Lakes

Outcast Float Tubes
outcast-logo-2.jpg (3508 bytes)

Draws less water than any boat in its class !!!

New Lower Prices For 2010!
"IR" stands for 'improved rocker' for improved performance. "FS" stands for improved pontoons made from Ferrari PVC Fabric

Fish Cat Streamer XL IR
$599 Price Down $51

PAC 800 FS
$1,250 Price Down $49

Fish Cat 9 IR
730 Price Down $50

PAC 900 FS
Price Down $49

Fish Cat Panther

Fish Cat Panther
$950 Price Down $49

PAC 9000
Price Down $100

Fish Cat 10 IR
New for 2010

PAC 1000 FS
$1,450 Price Down $5
Fish Cat 13
PAC 1100 FS
$1,550 Price Down $5

Discovery 9IR
 $899 Price Down $51
PAC 1200
Price Down $100


  Power Drifter

PAC 1600
PAC 1300
PAC 1800

PAC 1400

Steelheader-18' K-Pumps are best...
Outcast is a division of AIRE, a company that builds some of the worlds finest extreme whitewater craft. Every Outcast fishing craft combines light weight with extreme durability. Each Outcast PAC pontoon boat has a 10-year warranty on all welded seams and construction.  All Discovery & Fish Cat pontoon boats have a
5-year warranty.

The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon Is On The Map
That is the National Geographic Geotourism Map of The Central Cascades
The owners of this renowned shop have been dedicated to the principles and actions of sustainable fisheries since before the concepts “green” and “sustainability” became mainstream.  The location contains classrooms for education presentations, and the shop promotes catch-and-release fly fishing experiences only. The owners are long-term advocates of sustainable rivers, streams and fisheries.

Simms WindStopper Softshell Hoody
Mark Bachmann wearing the Simms Windstopper Softshell Hoody
This is an incredible garment for those of us who play outside in the cold. The blend of high-tech fabrics has been engineered, to be lightweight and non-binding, yet warm, and extremely comfortable. The hood keeps the wind out of your ears and off the back of your neck without infringing on your peripheral vision. Because this coat is mid-length and not completely waterproof, it is best when worn as the outside layer under your waders. The slick, stretch fabric moves with your body under your waders, and gives you extra freedom of movement and more mobility than wearing fuzzy fleece in the same position. The Simms WindStopper Softshell Hoody is a very comfortable top layer for lounging around camp, or the lodge on cool evenings. The entire jacket and hood fit easily inside a G4 Pro Guide Jacket for and extra layer of warmth during cold winter days. The style of this jacket is perfect for going to the office, a bar or restaurant, or going on vacation. Pockets and zippers are well located. It has no annoying features. Should last for years. Will not easily go out of fashion...a very practical garment, and a good investment. Get yours now while they are available. MB

Like two layers in one - windproof and water-resistant. The Simms WINDSTOPPER® Hooded Softshell Jacket performs on the water and out on the town.

  • This softshell blocks wind and rain while offering the pliable comfort and warmth
    of mid-weight fleece

  • Soft yet rugged stretch nylon shell with
    soft and very warm microcheck interior

  • High, fleece-lined collar for additional protection from the elements

  • Large zippered chest pockets

  • Zippered, polyester mesh-lined hand warmer pockets

  • Adjustable cuffs

  • Adjustable shock cord hem

Simms WindStopper Softshell Hoody
Item Description Size Price To Top
048597 Windstopper Softshell Hoody, Color Coal Medium $219.95 SALE ENDED
048603 Windstopper Softshell Hoody, Color Coal Large $219.95 SALE ENDED
048610 Windstopper Softshell Hoody, Color Coal X-Large $219.95 SALE ENDED
048627 Windstopper Softshell Hoody, Color Coal XX-Large $219.95 SALE ENDED

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Fish long & prosper,
Mark & Patty

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