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The Custom Logo Five Dollar Fly Box - Exclusively From The Fly Fishing Shop
Ultra High Tech and very sophisticated, this box is super strong, super streamlined and super lightweight. It fits large and small trout flies, summer steelhead flies, bonefish flies and many bass flies. It fits in a shirt pocket and is very easy to open and close. We added our logo so your fishing buddies know that you're in the groove.  Most boxes of comparable quality cost ten bucks or more. We sell these at the bargain price of $4.95, but we call it the "Five Dollar Box", because it is easier to say.
You will also get this box free with each $50 purchase of flies...that's any flies we have listed in:, offer ends April 1, 2012.
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5DOLLARBOX Five Dollar Custom Logo Fly Box 5"x3"x1" $4.95 Sale Ended

Fly Fishing Worms
San Juan Worm, Red San Juan Worm, Brown San Juan Worm, Shell Pink
San Juan Worm, Hot Pink Get Down Worm, Red

Worms occur in dense populations in many silty stream and lake beds. Worms also occur in the bottoms of fast moving gravel bed rivers. During times of floods, catastrophic drift can expose many worms to waiting trout. During these high water periods a San Juan Worm drifted along the bottom can be deadly. On local rivers "the worm" is a very productive fly during winter months or any time the river rises due to flash floods.  Aquatic worms come in a variety of colors ranging from tan to red.  Often a fake worm fly that is brighter colored than real ones will
produce more strikes, especially when the water is turbid.  Be sure to have several colors of worms in your fly box. Stomach autopsies on hatchery steelhead have revealed that they also eat worms, even during the coldest winter months.

San Juan Worm, Red
Some aquatic worms are reddish.  We have never seen any worms as bright as these flies, but don't let that fool you.  There have been lots of trout caught on this pattern.
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14708 San Juan Worm, Red 10 3 for $3.95 Sale Ended
14709 San Juan Worm, Red 12 3 for $3.95 Sale Ended

San Juan Worm, Worm Brown
Many Aquatic worms are tan to brown in color.  This pattern seems to work best in streams and lake that have very clear water.
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14719 San Juan Worm, Worm Brown 12 3 for $3.95 Sale Ended

San Juan Worm, Hot Pink
We spent a lot of time screening the Deschutes River, looking at the aquatic invertebrates that live there.  The majority of worm that live in the substrate are pinkish.  The first time we fished this pattern during spring run-off the trout gave it two thumbs up
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14892 San Juan Worm, Hot Pink 12 3 for $3.95 Sale Ended

San Juan Worm, Shell Pink
Some worms are very light colored. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the color of the substrate they are living in. Lighter colored worms are often better when fishing in clear water.
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14886 San Juan Worm, Shell Pink 12 3 for $3.95 Sale Ended

Get Down Worm, Red
Worm action in many streams happens during times of extreme run-off. Getting your fly down to where the fish are can be a problem. Use the Get Down Worm to...get down. This is a great dropper fly with weight to get unweighted worms or other small nymphs down to the depth where fish are holding. Or it is a great prospecting fly when fished by itself.
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19657 Get Down Worm, Red 6 3 for $5.85 Sale Ended

Strike Indicators
WestWater Thingamabobbers Poly Cord Material
Frog Hair Indicators Fish Detective Indicators
Fish Pimp Indicators Palsa Pinch-On Indicators
Poly Vee Indicators  

Thingamabobber Strike Indicators
These indicators are soft and squishy, but very durable. They are easy to see, are extremely sensitive, float higher than cork or yarn and are easier to cast. Its design was inspired by western guides who use small balloons as strike indicators for their buoyancy and sensitivity. All sizes will appeal to trout anglers. the large size is perfect for steelhead fishing. Assorted colors in each pack.
Sizes Available: Small (1/2"),  Medium (3/4"),  Large (1")
Sizes Small and Medium come with Jam Stop.
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014056 Thingamabobber Strike Indicators, With Jam Stop Small 5 for $5.50 Sale Ended
014032 Thingamabobber Strike Indicators, With Jam Stop Medium 5 for $5.50 Sale Ended
014049 Thingamabobber Strike Indicators Large 4 for $5.50 Sale Ended

Frog Hair Ultimate Strike Indicators
Frog Hair Strike Indicators incorporate a quick and easy line threading system that allows for fast, strategic and secure adjustments on all knotless leaders. As the fisherman moves up or down the stream, he or she will encounter the need to adjust the depth at which the fly rides. With the Frog Hair Strike Indicator, the fisherman simply grabs the indicator and slides it into the desired position, lets go, and continues fishing. Because the indicator adjustment utilizes friction grip technology, there are no rubber bands to twist, no toothpicks to tangle on and no sticky residue left on your line. The Ultimate Strike Indicator system also can be set-up as a "Slider".  Set one rubber stop at the depth you want to fish.  Then set the other near your split shot.  Let the strike indicator slide on your leader between the two
stops.  This set-up can really aid casting as the bulky strike indicator is near the flies when the cast is made and then it slides up the leader as the weighted flies sink to the bottom.  This system is most helpful when heavy nymphs and larger indicators are used.  Because the rubber stops are held in place by friction, they can be moved and reconfigured instantly and often.

Micro (3/8" x 3/16"),       Small (11/16" x 3/8"), 
Medium (7/8" x 9/16"),    Large (1" x 11/16")
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91130 Frog Hair Ultimate Indicators Micro 3 for $6.95 Sale Ended
91131 Frog Hair Ultimate Indicators Small 3 for $6.95 Sale Ended
91132 Frog Hair Ultimate Indicators Medium 3 for $6.95 Sale Ended
91133 Frog Hair Ultimate Indicators Large 3 for $6.95 Sale Ended

Fish Pimp® Strike Indicators
  • 30% lighter than other foam indicators
  • Float high and are easy to see and cast
  • Aerodynamically shaped on both ends, which reduces wind resistance when casting
  • Easy to apply and remove, and are reusable
  • Each tube package contains 6 Fish Pimp® strike indicators
  • Remember: "Every Nymph Needs A Pimp!"®


Item Description Price To Top
FPBorg Fish Pimp Strike Indicators, Orange 6 for $5.95 Sale Ended
AVE13 Fish Pimp Strike Indicators, White 6 for $5.95 Sale Ended

Poly Vee Strike Indicators
These poly yarn indicators are easy to se and easy to attach to your leader. Simply double your leader and insert it through the loop on the bottom of the Poly Vee. Loop the leader over the Poly Vee and pull tight. When you want to change depths loosen your leader and move the Poly Vee. (3) Per package.
Poly Vees are naturally buoyant, but will float even higher when treated with fly floatant. We highly recommend Water Shed for this purpose.

Item Description Price To Top
SJRR-Y Poly Vee Strike Indicators - 3 per pkg - Yellow $3.10 Sale Ended
SJRR-O Poly Vee Strike Indicators - 3 per pkg - Orange $3.10 Sale Ended
SJRR-W Poly Vee Strike Indicators - 3 per pkg - White $3.10 Sale Ended

Poly Cord Strike Indicator Material
Easy to use, just snip of about 1" and attach to leader with a slip knot or can be used to make Poly Vee type strike indicators. When frayed this poly cord repels water and traps air.
Poly Cord is naturally buoyant, but will float even higher when treated with fly floatant. We highly recommend Water Shedfor this purpose.  12" long.

Item Description Price To Top
PO24O Poly Cord Strike Indicator Material, Orange $1.50 Sale Ended
PO24W Poly Cord Strike Indicator Material, White $150 Sale Ended
PO24Y Poly Cord Strike Indicator Material, Yellow $1.50 Sale Ended

Fish Detective Reusable Strike Indicators
These popular, durable, easy to use hard foam strike indicators are aerodynamic to cast and easy to see. Slip your leader in the slot. Stretch the rubber tubing and twist. Slide your Fish Detective to where you want it. Stretch the rubber and twist again. Your Fish Detective is now secure. To remove, reverse this process. Two convenient sizes.
Small = 3/8", Medium = 1/2", Large = 5/8" diameters.

Item Description Size Price To Top
286 Fish Detective Hard foam Strike Indicators, Red Small 6 for $5.65 Sale Ended
288 Fish Detective Hard foam Strike Indicators, Red Medium 6 for $5.65 Sale Ended
289 Fish Detective Hard foam Strike Indicators, Red Large 6 for $5.65 Sale Ended
285 Fish Detective Hard foam Strike Indicators, Yellow Small 6 for $5.65 Sale Ended
287 Fish Detective Hard foam Strike Indicators, Yellow Medium 6 for $5.65 Sale Ended
290 Fish Detective Hard foam Strike Indicators, Yellow Large 6 for $5.65 Sale Ended

Palsa Pinch-On Foam Strike Indicators

These compact, lightweight peal and stick strike indicators are quick, easy and cheap. They are not reusable however. Be sure to pack out your used ones. 

(24) Per package

Item Description Price To Top
30002 Palsa Pinch-On Foam Strike Indicators - 24 - Fluorescent Red $3.20 Sale Ended
30001 Palsa Pinch-On Foam Strike Indicators - 24 - Fluorescent Orange $3.20 Sale Ended

Loreto, Mexico Bluewater Fly Fishing 2012 - Time to book!

June 28 - July 5, Timing is for prime Dorado fishing! Pargo Video for Windows Pargo Video for Mac Pargo Video
Review the June trip report: 2011   (8) More Trip Reports Billfish Video for Windows Billfish Video for Mac Billfish Video
Book Now !   No Price Increase for 2012 !!!                 Dorado Video for Windows Dorado Video for Mac Dorado Video
 Mark Bachmann with a dorado, caught July 4, 2008...
Dorado average 5-30 pounds, but 40 pound dorado are common most years. 
Join Mark Bachmann and Patty Barnes for an adventure in bluewater fly fishing.  Loreto, Mexico has long been regarded as one of the best Dorado ports in the world. Striped Marlin and Pacific Sailfish compliment your fly fishing menu along with Pacific Bonito and highly prized Rooster Fish.  The scenery is spectacular, featuring a starkly rugged desert contrasting with dark blue water.  The weather will be hot and and your clothing will be skimpy.  Fishing periods start at daylight and end in the early afternoon, allowing for lots of leisure time around the pool or walks into town.  There is also plenty of time for what may be the best of all Mexican traditions, the siesta.  As with any trip of this nature, the "destination operation" has a great deal of influence on your enjoyment. 

Patty Barnes with a Roosterfish, caught June 26, 2009...
Roosterfish average 5-30 pound, but 50 pound roosters are available at times.

We have chosen the most practical accommodations and the most experienced fly fishing guides in the area.  You will be provided with a spacious air conditioned beach front "Villa Class" room at Hotel La Pinta.  Guides, boats and fishing logistics are provided by Baja Big Fish Company.  In this trip all of the bases have been covered and all of the tricky details are dealt with.  
Mark & Patty with skipjack tuna, June 28, 2009
Skipjack tuna average 5-15 pounds, but pull very hard for their size.
Items such as Mexican Fishing License, bait for chum, lunches, water in the boat, are covered in the package price.  You show up at the Loreto Airport with your fishing gear and luggage and a nice lady will be waiting with a couple of very large vans and and a crew to transport you to your hotel and your room.  Mark and Patty will be there to help you get settled in and show you around. That evening there will be a group meeting to orient you for the fishing that will occur the next morning.     Loreto Weather Report.

2009 group having dinner at La Pinta Desert Inn...
The 2009 group having a family style dinner out of doors at Hotel Pa Pinta Desert Inn.
As is our tradition, each member kept a fish for the chef to prepare.

To give you as much individual freedom as possible, ground based meals are not provided in the packages.  Hotel La Pinta has an excellent restaurant and bar on the property.  There is also a wide variety of other restaurants within easy walking distance.  Cab service is secure and inexpensive.  Shopping, sight seeing  and diving is available for the non-fisher.

Bruce & Laura Hampton with their guide Fidell landing a dorado, June 30, 2009...
Big, roomy 26' Super Panga boats with Bimini tops are provided.

What can you realistically expect for fishing?  Many of the fish in the Sea of Cortez are very large and can be challenging. If you bring only one outfit make it a #12 weight with 300 yards of backing.  Take the time to learn how to cast it with flies that range from 3" to 9" long.  If you haven't fished bluewater before, expect that there may be a learning curve.  Also expect that your guide will be coaching you during your entire trip.  Your guide shouldn't have to teach you how to cast.  He should spend his time teaching you how to make practical presentations.  The rewards can be incredibly large.  This is a big boy/big girl arena.  Hope you can join us.  This group is limited to 12 anglers. 

Trip report 2003.

Trip report 2004.

Trip report 2005

Trip Report 2006

2007   2008 2009 2010
Loreto Equipment List Up-to-date Fishing Report
La Pinta Desert Inn at Loreto, MX on the Sea Of Cortez...
Hotel La Pinta Desert Inn as seen from the Sea of Cortez offers large rooms and convenient access to the ocean. It is only a 50-yard walk to your boat each morning.
Dorado/Billfish/Rooster Fish Trip: June 28 - July 5, 2012
7-nights, 6-days fishing

Arrive: Thursday, June 28
Fish: June 29, 30, July 1, 2, 3, 4  = (6) days
Depart:  Thursday, July 5, 2012
Stay At: Hotel La Pinta Deluxe Rooms, 6 days 7 nights 
Includes: all ground transfers, bait for chum, licenses, lunches with beers and water in each boat.
Not included in the price are: on-shore meals, tips to guides, airfare, or items of a personal nature.
Fishing: days are 8-hours on the water.   Usual 6:30am - 2:30pm
Boats are large, modern 26' Super Pangas rigged for fly fishing.

Check your connection time in LAX. 
You will want a layover of at least 2-hours to clear customs and make connecting flights.

This trip is based on double occupancy in rooms and boats.  It is designed to accommodate fishing couples or fishing pairs.  This trip will only be booked for two people fishing together and rooming together.  Single anglers may apply, but will only be booked if a suitable fishing/room partner can be found.

Description Price To Top
Loreto, Mexico - Hosted Trip - June 28 - July 5, 2012 Trip: 7-nights, 6-days fishing deluxe package: Full price is $1850 per person, a deposit payment of $850 holds your dates, an additional final payment of $1000 is required by May 1, 2012. Deposits are not refundable after May 1, 2012. Deposit!
Sale Ended

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Fish long & prosper,
Mark & Patty