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 G. Loomis VersaSpey Rods The MOV video is large-format and will take time to load. The WMV will load faster.  More video info...
12' 6" - 5/6 13' - 6/7 13' - 7/8 13' 6" - 8/9 13' 6" - 9/10  QuickTime = Large SizeWindows Media Player = smaller size
Josh Linn testing a G. Loomis VersaSpey rod...
G. Loomis used a blend of fiber technology and moderately priced components (as functional as the high-priced stuff) to create a new range of two-handed salmon/steelhead rods. They are called VersaSpey, so named because of their "versatility. There are five models. Each model is perfectly proportioned in length, weight and handle size. They have dual line ratings, and each model will cast a fairly wide range line weights. However, if you are using the popular Scandi or Skagit heads, the line grain weights written on each rod will in most cases prove to be the best choice. These rods are designed for throwing shooting-heads. Shooting-heads are very popular in our camps, our guided trips and our region.
VersaSpeys have the best finish we've seen on any G. Loomis rods. The claret color is very appealing. All the components are very high quality. The lack of ginger-bread combined with the functional simplicity in the cosmetics is very refreshing. The handle sizes and shapes are comfortable and they promote fingertip control when casting, which results in precise presentations. The prices of VersaSpeys are also very appealing, costing as much as $200 less than expected for equipment of this quality...a good move to offset a down-economy
Josh Linn, Marcy Stone and Cullen Whisenhunt put a lot of time on the water with these rods.
** Josh Linn was playing with his new Canon EOS 7D when he took this little video clip of Marcy Stone casting the new G. Loomis FR1567/8-4 VersaSpey Rod, using a Nautilus-12 Reel, Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Head connected to Varivas Airs Shooting Line and 13' of T-11 for the sinking tip. The large winter steelhead fly is tied on a 35mm Waddington Shank. The backdrop to the casting sequence illustrates where we live and work and play...the many steelhead rivers of the mighty Pacific Northwest. Marcy's first cast is relaxed, serviceable and fishable on a calm day, but lacks the line speed for accurate presentations if there was very much wind. On the next cast Marcy compacts her stroke by pulling harder with her bottom hand and she stops the rod more abruptly. With less energy drain on her body and better technique, her loop narrows and her line speed nearly doubles, resulting in a presentation that drops the fly within inches of the opposite bank. Then the line dies completely with no bounce-back or tip oscillation. The line settles to the water and the fly is immediately under tension and fishing perfectly. By comparing the similarities, and also the differences between the two casts, you will learn some truths about casting. The MOV (QuickTime) is wide screen HD and will fill the screen of most monitors. There is only about 30-seconds of video. Down-load time at 100.0 Mbps is about 1-minute. After the movie is cashed in your computer it can be viewed again nearly instantly. It's biggest value is being able to compare the two casts repeatedly as a learning devise. For some reason this movie seems to load faster and look better in the newest FireFox browser than in MS Explorer. In either browser the picture definition is quite different than most of the video we see on the internet. This video has much more detail.
The WMV (Windows Media Player) version has been compressed, and digital information has been removed to make the video load much faster. But, because of this manipulation, this video is much lower quality and it is harder to see the fly line. Please let us know what you think.  1-800-266-3971.

FR1505/6-4 VersaSpey

Length: 12' 6"    Line:  5/6 - 400 gr.    Pieces: 4

The new FR1505/6-4 VersaSpey is ideally suited for such rivers as the Rogue, Grand Ronde and early season steelhead fishing on the Deschutes.  It is also very effective as a trout rod for fishing soft hackles, leeches or high-stick nymph fishing.
Scani Line Choices: Rio AFS: 340gr    Airflo Scandi Compact: 360gr
Skagit Line Choices: Rio Skagit Flight: 450gr     Airflo Skagit Compact: 450gr
Rod weight: 7.0 Ounces

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
11811-01 VersaSpey 5/6 Med-Fast 1011 $550 SALE ENDED

FR1566/7-4 VersaSpey

Length: 13'    Line:  6/7 - 450 gr.    Pieces: 4

Ideal for a multitude of summer steelhead rivers, small salmon and big trout. This rod will be a favorite stick on the Deschutes and Bulkey and a host of other rivers, both east and west of the Cascades. Be sure to pack one of these along on that trip for Tierra Del Fuego Browns and Alaskan Rainbows. This rod is a great performer with both floating and sinking tip lines.
Scani Line Choices: Rio AFS: 400gr    Airflo Scandi Compact: 420gr
Skagit Line Choices: Rio Skagit Flight: 425gr     Airflo Skagit Compact: 420gr
Rod weight: 7.8 Ounces

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
11812-01 VersaSpey 6/7 Med-Fast 1011 $595 SALE ENDED

FR1567/8-4 VersaSpey Length: 13'    Line:  7/8 - 500 gr.    Pieces: 4
The all around steelhead stick for average Pacific Northwest fishing conditions. Will throw the full range of lines and flies to cover all but the most extreme situations. You could be comfortable with this rod on the Deschutes in September and the Sandy in February. A great choice for salmon an sea run trout that average 6-15 pounds.
Scani Line Choices: Rio AFS: 460gr    Airflo Scandi Compact: 420gr
Skagit Line Choices: Rio Skagit Flight: 525gr     Airflo Skagit Compact: 510gr
Rod weight: 8.0 Ounces
Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
11813-01 VersaSpey 7/8 Med-Fast 1012 $595 SALE ENDED

FR1628/9-4 VersaSpey Length: 13' 6"    Line:  8/9 - 550 gr.    Pieces: 4
This is the steelhead rod for larger rivers such as the Skagit or Clear Water where longer casts are necessary or where larger flies are the rule. This is an ideal rod for Pacific Northwest Spring Chinooks or any salmon or sea run trout that average 8-20 pounds.
Scani Line Choices: Rio AFS: 520gr    Airflo Scandi Compact: 540gr
Skagit Line Choices: Rio Skagit Flight: 575gr     Airflo Skagit Compact: 570gr
Rod weight: 8.3 Ounces
Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
11814-01 VersaSpey 8/9 Med-Fast 1012 $625 SALE ENDED

FR1629/10-4 VersaSpey Length: 13' 6"    Line:  9/10 - 650 gr.    Pieces: 4

This is a big water, big fish rod that is compact and powerful. Use this rod for Alaskan Kings and Skeena steelhead or anywhere big water, big fish, big flies or big winds call for big power.
Skagit Line Choices: Rio Skagit Flight: 650gr     Airflo Skagit Compact: 660gr
Rod weight: 8.4 Ounces

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
11815-01 VersaSpey 9/10 Med-Fast 1012 $625 SALE ENDED

Josh tails a steelhead caught with a G. Loomis VersaSpey rod...
Josh Linn testing the new G. Loomis FR1628/9-4 VersaSpey Rod...

Rio Six Pack Flight Kit
Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Heads Provide The Highest Degree Of Performance !!!  Dr. Steve White 01/12/10. Guide: Mark Bachmann
Dr. Steve White 01/12/10. Guide: Mark Bachmann
Rio Six Pack Flight Kit
This Kit contains (6) Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Heads in a Mangrove Head Wallet - 450, 475, 500, 525, 550, 575, plus a .030 PowerFlex Core Shooting Line. These sizes fit most 6/7/8/9 weight rods. This Kit allows you to "Dial-In" your favorite Steelhead/Salmon Rods and customize them to your casting style. Haven't developed a style yet? Might we suggest one of our Spey Casting Schools. Or maybe you need Individual Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Heads. (Remember he/she who leaves the most fine Spey Tackle to the Family Estate wins!)
Item Description Price To Top
6PKFLT-KIT Rio Six Pack Flight Kit, 6 Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Heads, plus a .030 PowerFlex Core Shooting Line, in a Mangrove Shooting Head Wallet - 450, 475, 500, 525, 550, 575-grain heads included $295.95 SALE ENDED
Paul Fortino & David Symes 01/14/10. Guide: Mark Bachmann
Paul Fortino & David Symes 01/14/10. Guide: Mark Bachmann

Simms Gore-tex Extreme Hat

When the weather turns real nasty wet & cold, you know the kind I mean, like a frog strangler rain with ice & snow in it, you need the Simms Gore-tex Extreme Hat to help keep you warm and dry.
I don't always wear mine, even in the winter, but it is always with me, in my dry bag, just in case the atmospheric conditions turn bad.
Several times this hat has made the difference between total comfort and real misery.

This new hat provides hardcore anglers with waterproof, breathable protection.

  • 3-layer Gore-Tex fabric offers 100% waterproof, breathable protection
  • Fleece-lined interior provides insulation for cold weather
  • Ear flaps may be worn up over cap or secured under chin to provide protection in extreme conditions
    Color: Loden

Item Description Size Price To Top
HGE1062300 Simms Gore-tex Extreme Hat, Loden one size fits most $49.95 SALE ENDED

The Fly Fishing Film Tour
The Fly Fishing Film Tour will be coming to Portland for one night, Feb 12, 2010. It has sold out in recent years, so it is advisable to buy your tickets in advance if you'd like to go. You may access info about the film, and view a bunch of very good short fly fishing videos at the site  I can't tell, but I assume some, if not all of these clips will be in the feature film. One that I viewed looked as though it was from a semi-local river….check them out and see if you recognize one. Go to the site, and then click on Videos.
Location:  McMenamins Bagdad Theater, 3702 Hawthorne Blvd, Portland
Cost: $14

Metal Detector Steelhead Flies
Blue and Black Chartreuse and Black RRed and Orange
Marty Sheppard is one of the most talented and personable guides that works our local rivers.  Last season, he filled our counter book with client pictures during the toughest winter in the last ten years.  Low, extremely clear water, and sparse numbers of fish, made for unbelievably tough conditions.  Yet, Marty was able to get his clients into winter steelhead nearly every trip.  He said his secret, was the flies that he developed with his good friend Josh Linn, the Metal Detector series.  br> SSpecial materials make these flies glow from the inside out and give them a lot of enticing action.  The goal of the Metal Detector series was to develop a big fly without all the materials that soak up water and make casting such a chore. Bucktail makes  up much of the bulk of these flies and it does not absorb water to weigh it down during the cast. Bucktail is somewhat buoyant and has ton of action because it does not clump together while it fishes. The polar chenille body makes these flies translucent and once again it has very little water absorption, The collar is marabou and everyone knows Steelhead love the taste of marabou! Metal Detectors are stinger flies.  A short shank, red Gamakatsu hook is trailed in the rear of the fly on a special cable attachment.  There are few short strikes on Metal Detectors. 

Metal Detector Fly, Blue and Black
These colors are proven for winter steelhead under any overcast weather conditions and is especially effective for late winter fish. This color combination is a consistent producer with good to fair water clarity and is also a good choice when the river is off color. 

Item Description Size Price To Top
06573-02 Metal Detector Fly, Blue and Black 2 3 For $8.85 SALE ENDED

Metal Detector Fly, Chartreuse and Black
SSpring Chinook love the color chartreuse and this fly was tied to fish for the returning Salmon. At the end of the season it did its job on the "springers", but the surprising result was how very effective it was on the fresh run of spring Steelhead! A must have color for April through June.

Item/font> Description Size Price To Top
06574-02 Metal Detector Fly, Chartreuse and Black 2 3 For $8.85 SALE ENDED

Metal Detector Fly, Red and Orange
This fly is proven in hooking steelhead in all weather conditions with good water clarity.  Red & orange is extremely effective in bright sunlight. As with all "metal detectors" the polar chenille body makes all of these flies glow from the inside out, and with this one, it is electric!

Item Description Size Price To Top
06575-02 Metal Detector Fly, Red and Orange 2 3 For $8.85 SALE ENDED

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