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Klickitat River
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Klickitat River Fly Fishing Trips Are Back For 2005 !!!


The Klickitat River in Southern Washington heads on Mt. Adams and enters the eastern end of the Columbia River Gorge from the north. Because of its glacial origin this river offers a split season.  A race of very early summer steelhead enter the river June/July.  As the weather warms in Mid-July the glaciers on Mt. Adams turn the river milky and it can stay that way off and on into September.  In mid-September the air and water once again begin to cool. Now the fish runs begin in earnest and the river is just the right size and 

condition to fish with a fly rod. A mixture of Klickitat River Native Steelhead, Skamania Steelhead and Columbia River Stray Steelhead turn this river into one of the best kept secrets in the region.  There are also giant Chinooks. Great fishing continues to the end of the season: November 31. 

Here we can offer guided trips that will appeal to the purist fly fisher, nature seeker and numbers seeker.  The Klickitat is similar in size to the Sandy River, but it is in a canyon that might be described as being more like the lower Deschutes.  Steeply terraced basalt walls are sparsely covered with conifer forest. Because of annual water flows and Washington State fishing regulations, trips are limited to the period from September 20 to November 30.  Small parties are best.  Spaces are limited.  Spey rods provide the best action.  Our guide is highly skilled with a spey rod and can provide plenty of (quiet) coaching.

 The "Klick" requires only moderate length casts, but  a #9 rod is most comfortable. Some fish are large and often large flies produce the most strikes. The fish run is a mixture of wild and hatchery stocks.  The Klickitat is easier to wade than either the Sandy or the Deschutes.  However, you will want to bring adequate chest high waders and wear spiked sole shoes.  Be prepared for temperatures on the cooler side.  A  water proof wading jacket is good to have with you.

Hot lunch is provided and did we mention that our guide has worked in the culinary industry for years. Expect to be well fed.  Our store at Welches is within a practical driving distance from the fishing water on the Klickitat.  Or we can arrange motel accommodations in the town of Klickitat.  You will find that fly fishing the Klickitat for steelhead is a truly memorable experience.
Spaces are extremely limited - book early.

Klickitat River Equipment List.
The Fly Fishing Shop is closer to the Klickitat River than you may think.

We just duck down the back side of the Cascades and we are there.  
We know the river and we are best equipped to fish it.
Price: $395 - One day float trips (1 or 2 anglers per boat)
Float trip price includes hot lunch, munchies and soft drinks.
You must have a current Washington State Fishing License.
$100 non-refundable deposit is required.
You must provide your own fly fishing gear.

You and your vehicle may be required to help with the shuttle.
Please call for reservations.

We Offer Many Options To The Traveling Steelhead Angler
The Lower Columbia Basin offers a smorgasbord of steelhead fly fishing opportunities and we are strategically located to help you sample all of them.  For instance in October, November and December, you could catch steelhead from four different rivers in four days.  Actually it would be better to spend three days on each river during a two week trip.  No matter your length of stay, we have the experienced guides that fish each of these rivers and can arrange the logistics for your trip.  Multi-day/multi-river trips are available most months.  Just give us a call or email and we will help you plan.
River/Run Timing Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
John Day                        

Free Fly Tying Party
Jan. 22 - 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm Saturday Afternoon. 
Tying Rabbit Fur Flies For Steelhead
Learn to tie: Bunny Buggers, Articulated Leeches & String Leeches.

This program is for new tiers and experienced tiers alike.
Instructional demonstrations with big-screen TV,
and all tying materials & hooks are free.
A custom made fly tying room with perfect lighting
and special teaching aides are provided.
You get to keep all the flies you tie.  
Please bring your own tools & tying thread if you have them.
If you don't have them, we will provide them.
Refreshments will be served.  Bring snacks if you want to.

Everyone is welcome!

Ultimate Fly Tiers Station by Oasis-Giraffe-Dyna-King 
What if you had the power to design the ultimate portable fly tying station?  What would it look like?  We started with a Solid Oak Fly Tying Bench by Oasis.  It measures 17" x 20", a size that is easy to carry, yet will hold all of your tools and much of the materials you might want to travel with.  For lighting and magnification we chose the Giraffe ISO96 System with 30" bendable arms. The metal deck of this unit fits snuggly into the Oasis bench.  As the focal point we chose the new Dyna-King Barracuda Indexer Vise with a "C" Clamp and extension.  This places the vise head nearly in the center of the bench Where it is most convenient and accessible to the light and magnifying glass.  A Dyna-King Trim Bag will help keep the fly tying mess to a minimum.


* Oasis-8 Giraffe Bench.
     Value $159.00

* Giraffe ISO96-EXT Lighting
    with 2X magnifier. 
     Value $189.95

* Dyna-King Barracuda Indexer
 with "C" Clamp and
     Extension.  Value $379.99
* Dyna-King 3" Deep Trim Bag
   Value $29.00

Combined value: $757.94

Christmas Special Price: $749.95

Item Description Price To Top
ULTIMATE-FTS Ultimate Fly Tying Station Featuring - Oasis Giraffe Bench, Giraffe ISO96 Lighting and Magnification, Dyna-King Barracuda Indexer Vise with C-Clamp and Extension and Dyna-King Trim Bag $749.95 -->SALE ENDED

Giraffe Bench
 17" x 20"  This Solid Oak Fly Tying Bench by Oasis is designed with numerous storage options.  Designed especially for the Giraffe ISO96 Series Lighting and Magnification Unit. Features: 46 holes of various sizes for tools and bottles, 26 brass rods store 60 spools of thread, 9 Storage jars with white tops to hold commonly used hooks, beads, or eyes, Large work surface area between arms, Solid felt bottom, Large magnet sheet stores hooks, razor blades, flies, Enclosed on all four sides to keep small items in.
Item Description Price To Top
OASIS-8 Oasis Giraffe Bench $159.00 -->SALE ENDED

Giraffe Lighting is the best we've found for fly tying.

Better vision means better flies tied.  Better flies mean a better shot at a trophy fish. Enjoy many hours of tying without eyestrain or frustration. Leading tiers say that this is simply the best lighting and magnifying system available, bar none. 
The Giraffe™ is available with a full spectrum Chromalux™ bulb which closely simulates natural daylight allowing you to tie flies under the conditions in which they will be used.  The large rimless magnifier with its superior depth of field may reduce eyestrain by as much as 90%. You can set it with confidence... it will not drift or sag.

The large rimless magnifier with its superior depth of field may reduce eyestrain by as much as 90%. You can set it with confidence... it will not drift or sag.  
Available with 4X or 10X spot magnifier.


Item Description Price To Top
ISO96-EXT Giraffe Lamp and rimless 2X magnifier on STEEL DECK, gray color, Extended 30” arms (does not include bulb) $189.95 -->SALE ENDED
Mag 4 2X magnifier with 4X spot magnifier option for ISO96-EXT no extra charge
as an option 
Mag 10 2X magnifier with 10X spot magnifier option for ISO96-EXT no extra charge
as an option 
R-20 Chromalux™ full spectrum mini spot light 60 watts bulb, 120 volt $17.95 -->SALE ENDED

If you could build the ultimate fly tying station, what would it look like?

Includes Oasis Giraffe Bench and Giraffe Lighting and Magnification System ISO96 (gray).
Does not include vise or fly tying tools.


Item Description Price To Top
OASIS-9 Oasis Giraffe Bench and Giraffe Lighting and Magnification System ISO96 (gray), complete set includes Chromalux™ full spectrum mini spot light 60 watt bulb $345.95 -->SALE ENDED

Dyna-King Barracuda Vise     Ultimate Fly Tying Station

DYNA-KING INDEXER VISE. The Barracuda vise is a favorite with rotary tyers around the world. Dyna-King has crafted this quality vise with the finest precision construction of stainless steel. Available with pedestal or clamp base. The vise is complete with a light-weight bobbin hanger, a rotary tying video, and has a standard jaw that will accommodate hooks ranging from 24 to 10/0. A full rotary vise at a very competitive price.
Buy Now!
For 2004 the famous Barracuda Vise comes with a new indexing indexing feature to aid in the tying of epoxy flies.  The unique system enables the vice to rotate freely and/or stay stationary at four points located on the axis of rotation.  It will allow epoxy to dry evenly without adjustments to the rotational drag.  
Full Rotary
Smooth Rotation
Tool Steel Jaws
Hardened cam
Rotational lock
Rotational Drag Adjustment
Forcing Cone Adjusts Tension

Dyna-King Vise Head
With Standard Jaws Installed
Dyna-King orders received Monday through Friday prior to 2:00pm PST are 
shipped same day.
Item Description Price To Top
DYNABAR-C Dyna-King Barracuda C-Clamp Vise
with New Indexing Feature, Bobbin hanger, Centering Gauge & Video
$345.00 -->SALE ENDED

Rio DeepSea Fly Lines

On a trip to Loreto, Mexico fishing the Sea of Cortez for Doroado and Striped Marlin we tested the new Rio DeepSea Fly Lines and were so impressed that we just had to add them to our inventory. After using lines made by 3 other competing companies the DeepSea was more tangle free and easier to cast than any of the other models. The extended intermediate belly makes for smoother  turn-over.  The very slick intermediate running line combined with the fast sinking, density compensated heads make for

extremely predictable presentations to depths of 30'.  We fished at these depths to the tops of under water sea mounts for snappers, cabrea and large needlefish.  During several periods the tide was running very fast so that it was more like drifting over basalt ledges in a giant river.  The average depth to the tops of the ledges was about 15'-20'. There were many fish along the grooved tops of the ledges, but there were more and bigger ones from 20'-30' deep in the canyons between the ledges. We hammered the fish on numerous passes as we would run up-tide and then shut down the motor and drift back, casting and stripping as we went.  During this trip the Ocean was being stirred up by a series of cold fronts and an accompanying on shore blow.  There were no sargasso mats, nor the small aggressive dorado that usually school under them.  However, there were scattered populations of some honkin' big adult dorado mixed with a few Striped Marlin and some very large Pacific Bonito.  All of the fish had been put down below the surface because of the rough weather.  I took a couple of days to figure out that most of the fish were below 30'.  There were only two possibilities for success; get your fly down to them or drag something large enough behind the boat to bring the fish up to you.  What eventually worked the best, was a combination of both approaches.  We trolled 12"-14" bulky, glittery flies which brought up marlin and large dorado, then cast to other fish that followed those fish to the surface.  We used the DeepSea lines for both presentations and it handled very well.  When a fish was hooked trolling, the engine was shut off.  Often in a few minutes, a dorado or two would show up looking for some action.  These fish ran from 20-40 pounds with 30-35 pounders most common. The guide would chum them with live sardines to keep them within casting range. They would often circle the boat at around 5'-15' deep and only pick of sardines that had been injured.   They would sometimes come to the surface for the bait, but would more often wait until it sunk to their level.  The conclusion was obvious; if we allowed our flies to sink as if they too were injured, we go a lot more strikes.  I took my best dorado of the trip this way.  Patty was playing a big cow dorado of about 30 pounds.  A much larger bull followed her in, but was very picky about the chum and ignored several of my best presentations.  I saw him take an injured sardine and decided to let my fly sink.  I twitched the 300 grain DeepSea line several times to make the fly struggle for life.  The big bull couldn't resist and soon after being hooked, jumped twice higher than my head and fought so hard that I broke the extension butt off my trusty old Sage 1090-3 RPLX rod before I finally handed him an hour later.  From then on I used my Winston #12 BL5 combined with my Abel Super 11, combined with a DeepSea 400 Grain line and was much more comfortable.  There are many bluewater encounters that scaling down the size of your tackle only makes it more sporting for the fish. MB
DeepSea Fly Line
A super fast sinking fly line with a hard, smooth coating on a monofilament braided core, and a durable, intermediate body/running line. It has been designed for offshore as well as inshore waters under warm or tropical conditions. The thick, intermediate body/back taper is made to turn over the heavy, density compensated front taper. Designed by Trey Combs and Jim Vincent for sailfish, marlin, tuna, dorado and wahoo as well as inshore species such as trevally, striped bass, bluefish, and roosterfish. For saltwater or freshwater fishing in warm water, this is the finest casting sink tip line available in the world.
Available in 200 – 700 grains. Each size is color-coded.
Item Description Size Price To Top
20540 Rio DeepSea Fly Line,
Color: Gray
200 grain $59.95 -->SALE ENDED
20541 Rio DeepSea Fly Line,
Color: Blue
300 grain $59.95 -->SALE ENDED
20542 Rio DeepSea Fly Line,
Color: Tan
400 grain $59.95 -->SALE ENDED
20543 Rio DeepSea Fly Line,
Color: Green
500 grain $59.95 -->SALE ENDED
20544 Rio DeepSea Fly Line,
Color: Clear
600 grain $59.95 -->SALE ENDED
20545 Rio DeepSea Fly Line,
Color: Dark Gray
700 grain $59.95 -->SALE ENDED

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