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Saltwater Fly Fishing
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Simon Gawesworth PhD
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Saltwater Fly Fishing
Many species of dynamic, athletic game-fish live in saltwater. At this moment, much of that saltwater is over 75-degrees. Salt water fishing in Southern Mexico and Central America can be very good during the winter when air temperatures are near perfect for humans. Both the Atlantic and Pacific sides of this sub-continent provide hundreds of miles of opportunities for fly fishing.
Most of the fish that inhabit water that is less than 30-feet deep or in the top 30-feet of deep water, will eat flies that imitate their prey. Saltwater as a definition for this article equals: oceans, seas, straights, passes, bocas, bays, barras, coves, cuts, kelp, sargasso paddies, mangroves, turtle grass, sandy beaches, pounding breakers, sheer basalt walls & 20-foot swells.  All of these diverse habitats contain beautiful strong fish (many times in large numbers). They offer incredible adventure. Saltwater is the frontier of fly fishing, and will remain the frontier for years to come, because there is so much of it on our planet, and most of it is challenging. We often think that all saltwater is deep and that most of its fish are out of reach of fly fishers. Our explorations disclose that in fact many fish inhabit a band of water where sunlight penetration mixes with concentrated nutrients and breeds all kinds of grow larger fly-eating fish! These fish come in many shapes and sizes that have been honed for thousands of generations to cope with survival in the many and varied habitats. Most are very strong!
Patty Barnes, 2009, misses the women's world record by 3-ounces... Mark Bachmann, 2004, Florida Keys
Mark Bachmann, 1987, one of five Permit landed that day... Patty Barnes, 2008, South Andros, Bahamas, bonefish...
Patty Barnes, 2006, Loreto, Mx, roosterfish... Mark Bachamnn, 2006, world record yellowtail...
Hooking some of these strong saltwater fish can be near life changing. If you are ever fortunate enough to experience the entire hour-long fight of a Black Marlin from a full shut-down boat in the dead silence of 2,000-deep water, you will know why you bought the trip...especially if you get to share that experience with your best fishing buddy.
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Black Marlin, Loreto, Mexico
Black Marlin with remora attached & Blue Back fly in its mouth. Photo: Troy Bachmann.
Video shot by: Patty Barnes. Video editing by: Jeff Runner.

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Saltwater Fly Fishing Information
Bait, Loreto, Mexico

Sailfish, Barra De Navidad, Mexico

Bonefish, South Andros Bahamas Sailfish, Manzanillo, Mexico
Bonefish, Nassau, Bahamas Sailfish, Zihuatanejo, Mexico
Bonefish, San Pedro, Belize Rooster Fish, Loreto, Mexico
Dorado, Loreto, Mexico Tarpon, Campeche, Mexico
Jack Crevelle, Loreto, Mexico Tarpon, Florida Keys
Marlin, Loreto, Mexico Tarpon, General Discussion
Marlin, Loreto, Mexico Yellowtail, Loreto, Mexico
Permit, Belize   2  
Saltwater Fly Fishing Trips

The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon offers hosted saltwater fly fishing trips to Loreto, MX that are economically priced and of extremely high value. The other three links are to lodges we have fished and will go back to.

Loreto Mexico
Andros South
Tarpon Town
Turneffe Flats
Saltwater Fly Fishing Flies

Saltwater, do you wish you were here?

Saltwater is the last frontier in fly fishing.  There are places in the brine that have never seen a fly and many species of fish that have never been caught with flies.  The oceans are so large and deep there will always be saltwater frontiers.  The fly selection below is ever expanding
to help you cope with your latest frontier.  Saltwater Fly Fishing Trips
Baja Baitfish Mangroves and Mangrove Flies
 Barracuda Flies Mark's Glow Shrimp
Bend Back Flies Permit Flies and Permit fishing.
Bonefish Flies and bonefishing. Rattle Fish Flies
Billfish Flies   Redfish Flies
NEW! Bunny Deceiver Saltwater Poppers
Deep Eyed Minnows  Sardina Fly
Deceiver Flies Sea Habit Flies
Dorado Flies  Swimminers
Epoxy Head Bait Fish Trey Combs Tandem Hook Rigs
 NEW! Flats Flies Directory  NEW! Tarpon Fly Directory
Fly Tail Shrimp Tarpon Fly Selection
Glass Minnow Saltwater Flies World Record Series by Bill & Kate Howe
NEW! Hammerhead Jerkbait Zonkers 
 Keeled Baitfish  
At The Fly Fishing Shop we sell Flies made with the finest hooks and materials available.  
We know that you need the best to be your best.  
No expense has been spared to bring to you the finest saltwater flies available.
These are patterns on the cutting edge!
Best of all, when you check quality vs. price, the best value is here.
Saltwater Fly Fishing, Fly Tying
Blood-Shot Minnow


Saltwater Fly Fishing Rods
Listed below are rods we have used on saltwater fly fishing trips with extreme satisfaction.
C.F. Burkheimer

TFO Blue Water

G. Loomis CrossCurrent TFO TiCr
Sage Xi2 Thomas & Thomas Horizon II
Sage Z-AXIS Winston BIIX
  Winston BIIMX
Saltwater Fly Fishing Reels
These reels have passed the saltwater test many times.

Sage 6000

Billy Pate Tibor
Saltwater Fly Fishing Lines
These lines are specifically designed for saltwater fly fishing.
Mastery Saltwater Selection

Royal Wulff Bermuda Triangle

Rio Bonefish Royal Wulff Bermuda Triangle
Rio DeepSea Sage Equator Taper II
Saltwater Fly Fishing Leaders
 All of this stuff has been well tested. Certain products have extra testimony.
Climax Bonefish/Permit Leaders

Rio Fluorocarbon  Leader  Tippet

Climax Barracuda/Shark Leaders

Rio Billfish & Tarpon

Frog Hair Fluorocarbon Tippet Rio Toothy Critter Leader
Frog Hair Knotless Tarpon Leaders RIOMax Plus Tippet Material
Mastery Fluorocarbon Leaders Toothy Critter Bite Tippet
Saltwater Fly Fishing Clothing
Simms Shirts

Simms Guide Zip-Off Pants

  Simms Stretch Jeans

 Back By Popular Demand and Supersized!
Summer Steelhead PhD Class
Simon Gawesworth on The Deschutes River, photo: Mark Bachmann

Spend 5 days/4 nights on the Deschutes River with: 
Mark Bachmann, Josh Linn, Ron Walp and Simon Gawesworth.
September 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 2009
The popular PhD School has been stretched an extra two fishing sessions. It features four guides, two big jet boats, and the best camp on the river. Mid-September is prime time for Deschutes River steelhead fishing. This school intends that you will graduate with extensive proprietary knowledge of steelhead fly fishing and spey rod casting.

We will camp on prime water and we will have boat access to miles 
of steelhead runs that will present a divers array of angling opportunities.
Classes will be held mid-day.  You will fish with a guide each morning and evening.
Brunch and dinner will be served at times to give you the best fishing periods.
This will give you the best advantage for hooking as many steelhead 
as possible during your stay with us.
Nothing teaches you more about fishing than being where 
fish are being hooked and landed.

You will learn all aspects of spey rod fishing with both floating and sinking-tip lines. 
Learn how to locate steelhead water and how to approach it. 
Watch an expert guide as he fishes and discloses the secrets
 and proven methods that put fish on the beach.  
Get a lot of hands on help (4-guides for 6-students) so that you too can be productive.
Save yourself years of experimenting on your own.
You will be pampered!
You will stay in a very comfortable tent camp on the water.
A Camp Person will be available at all times to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
All cooking and eating will be done in a spacious screen-house.
Comfortable sleeping cots and pads are supplied in double occupancy tents. 
All food & non-alcoholic beverages are included.

Bring your own sleeping bag, clothing, toiletries,
waders, rain gear, rods, reels, flies & tackle.

Price includes your Deschutes Boaters Pass.
Price does not include your Oregon Fishing License, which may be purchased onluine.
Meet at Mack's Canyon Camp Ground at:
Noon 9/16 arrive back at Mack's Canyon a Noon 9/20.
Date: September 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 2009
6 students only !
First come, first served.       

Price: $2,495 per person.  Non-Refundable Deposit: $1,000 Balance Due: $1495 by 07/01/09
Item Description Deposit To Top
PHD-CLASS-091609 4-day PHD steelhead class with Mark Bachmann, Josh Linn, Ron Walp and Simon Gawesworth, September 16, 17, 18, 19, 20  $1,000 Sale Over -->SALE ENDED

Nothing Says Flyfishing in British Columbia like Bob Marley
By: Bob Byles
In some ways this is a cautionary tale, describing the issues that can arise when you let grown[?] men wander off together to places of isolation where liquor is available.
For years, every July, a few of us gather at a small lodge [Tsylos Park Lodge] on the banks of the Chilko River in BC to inconvenience the large and numerous Rainbow and Bull Trout that call the mountainous edge of the Chilcotin plateau home.
  It is a remote place without the annoying connection with the industrial world that we are trying to escape.  For almost as many years I have tied a cross between a Madame X and a Rogue Stone to mimic the very large Stone Flies that usually “hatch” during the warm months of summer.  This fly went for a while unnamed, mostly because I am sure that at least 20 other tiers have created the same thing at some time somewhere.  But early on, this fly came to be known to the Chilko July Posse as “Elvis”.  This because of it’s durability [he never dies] and the peculiar “do” that results from the hairs of the bullet head breaking down from the sharp little teeth of native trout.  This is a picture of poor Elvis after three or four days of trout abuse.

Elvis is king 

Oddly, the more disheveled it becomes, the more the trout seem to like it, which leads to the question of why I don’t tie it disheveled to begin with….. but that is another story. The success of Elvis lead to many derivatives…. Lisa Marie and Priscilla in particular. One of the local guides, sick to death of the whole Presley family, and the old coots who seemed so fond of them, decided one evening to express his dismay in foam and wool.  This was aided, I’m sure, by the drams of Talisker he had previously imbibed trying, no doubt, to drown the prattle of the surrounding geezers.  The result was Bob Marley.


You have, I’m sure, observed the three layer foam body in the colors of Jamaica, the Mohair dreadlock flat wing, and the somewhat suggestive indicator.  There is also a small chartreuse tag-tail signifying….. well…. nothing.  He proudly presented each of us with an example, muttered something unflattering about “aged” rockers,  and stumbled off to bed. Of the assembled group, only I actually tried to entice a fish with this concoction, and I would be proud to say that I hooked a prodigious trout using it….. but I didn’t.  It floated in a promising way for a few minutes, until the mohair soaked up enough water to cause the thing to flop over on its side for the duration of the experiment.   In fact, although none of the local trout actually attempted to bite Bob, it did produce two of the most spectacular refusals I have ever seen.  It is in memory of those two frightened Rainbows, and the years of therapy that will probably be required to get them to rise again, that Bob Marley stays in a place of honor on my hat.
Several lessons can be derived from this series of events.  First, unlike bass, trout won’t eat anything thrown at them.  Second, old age and treachery will, in fact, prevail.  Third, and most important, Elvis is still the King.

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