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Steelhead Fly Fishing Secrets

A man holdinng a large steelhead


Catching Steelhead …top ten secrets to success…
...if you asked the masters, this is what they would tell you.

A fish with a fly in its mouth

Aqua Flies Mini Intruder

Based on the popular Rhea Intruder, this miniature version is tied on a 25mm shank with small brass eyes and real rhea.

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A fish with a fly in its mouth

SA Floating Monocore Shooting Line

If you want the perfect shooting line for Skagit or Scandi spey heads, look no further than the SA Floating Monocore Shooting Line! It has minimal friction that delivers high speed and exceptional distance casts.

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Zephr Economy Fly Tying Vice

Daiichi X-Point All Purpose Hook

O'Saughnessy Bend, straight eye, forged, X-Point, bright saltwater resistant finish. Popular saltwater hook. Also popular for tube flies, shad flies and regular steelhead/salmon flies.

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The Fly Fishing Shop's huge selection of fly tying material and tools

OPST Dubbing Spinner

Anyone who ties steelhead or salmon flies absolutely needs one of these on their bench at all times! I know, I know, there are other dubbing spinners on the market, what makes this one so special?

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