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Jack Crevalle
Jack Crevalle are high speed predatory fish that are used to eating on the run.   They feed on many kinds of salt water organisms such as shrimp and crabs but seem to prefer small schooly bait fish such as sardines and anchovies. They are commonly called
Crevalle (pronounce Cra-vallee) along the Gulf Coast and Caribbean and are called Toro along the coast of Mexico.  No matter what they are called, they pull hard and are exciting fly rod fish.   Jacks run in schools.  Often the first indication that Crevalle are around is a noisy surface disturbance when they are attacking bait fish.  School size can run from a half dozen to over a hundred jacks.  These schools usually contain one age group.  A School will often follow a hooked fish to the boat where several can be 

caught as long as one hooked fish remains in the water.   Crevalle are found in many kinds of habitat from open flats to mangrove  edges and bridge piers.  Average size Jack Crevalle are  3-5 pounds and are great fun on #6-#8 weight gear.  However in some places, such as the coast of Belize, 15-30 ponders are common and #10 weight gear is called for.  Crevalle will hit many different kinds of poppers and streamers as long as they are moving fast.  The larger the fish the faster the retrieve.  World record is 57 pounds.                            To Top

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(photo compliments of ODFW staff)

For the last two seasons there has been a manually operated fish trap at Marmot Dam on the Sandy River.  Fish are counted and sorted here.  Wild fish are allowed to pass up stream and hatchery fish are not. Pictured at left is a wild winter steelhead caught at the Marmot 

Dam Fish Trap and released into the upper river this December.   Bob Hooton & Jim Muck from ODFW will be special guests for the January 14 "Round Table".  If you have questions about fish management on the Sandy River, be at this "Round Table".  Also you may see the results of the Marmot Dam fish count by clicking here.  Looks like we got 115 wild summer steelhead this season, 
an improvement over last year.  Our fishery may be on the mend.     To Top

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