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Picture compliments of: Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. Ladyfish
In the family of Elopidae - closely related to tarpon.  Lady fish are found inshore in most tropical and semitropical water in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean
and Sea of Cortez.  We have caught them in Belize, Texas, Florida and Mexico.  They are strong fighters on #5-#6 weight fly gear.  Ladyfish are very acrobatic and may jump as many as 10 times when hooked.  Ladyfish are very aggressive biters.  When the are around, they are easily caught.  This can be a pleasant change from other difficult saltwater species.  Mark Bachmann with Florida Ladyfish.  Fish averaged 18" - 24".

Florida Ladyfish

Patt Barnes releases a Texas Ladyfish.  Fish averaged 20" - 30".

Ordinarily Ladyfish like small streamer patterns stripped fast.  We have caught them in water as little as a foot deep and with sinking lines as much as 20 feet deep.  Ladyfish usually travel in small schools of a dozen fish or less,  but in Florida we fished an area that seemed to contain several hundred.  Fish were hooked on nearly every cast.   Most Ladyfish are 2-3 pounds.  The world record is 5 pounds 14 ounces.    To Top

Texas Ladyfish

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***  The Sandy Blue Tube Fly                                                                               To Top

Hook:  TMC 105, #4
Tube:  1 1/2" soft plastic
Body:  none
Thread:  blue 210 denier flat waxed
Rear Hackle:  black marabou plume wound as hackle
Flash:  rainbow flashabou, varied lengths
Middle Hackle:  black marabou wound as hackle
Front Hackle:  kingfisher blue schlappen 
This has been a very successful steelhead fly from Oregon to British Columbia.  Thread the leader through the tube from the front of the fly.  Tie on the hook with an improve clinch knot.  Jam the eye of the hook into the rear of the tube.  I started using this configuration so that a large fly could be fished without the chance of injury to small steelhead that larger gap hooks were causing.  It was soon evident that the small hooks actually landed a higher percentage of fish that the larger ones.  This fly is extremely light weight and has a lot of movement in the water which seems very attractive to the fish.  This light weight also makes for ease of casting, but the silhouette remains large in the water and can be easily seen.  Other colors can be tied in this configuration.  More about this in the future.


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Winter Trout Fishing Ideas
Crooked River:  Fishes very well through the winter.  Has great dry fly fishing.
Metolius RiverBull Trout:  Board with catching too many wither steelhead.  Try tossing big streamers for Bull Trout.  They are big strong fish.  Use your steelhead gear.
Roslyn Lake:  Many lakes in Oregon are open year round. Roslyn Lake remains ice free most of the winter.
Deschutes River: The only part of the Deschutes from Bend to the mouth that closes during the winter is the part adjacent to the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.  You can expect great winter hatches.  To Top
If you would like to read a  detailed Deschutes River Fishing Report, click here.

*  Sandy River Fishery Information Bank

Daily Fishing Report
Watershed Over-view
Sandy River Book
Biology Etc. 
Watershed Council Web Site
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